Röhm Lubritool automatically lubricates HSK clamping systems


Clamping and gripping technology specialist Röhm Products of America has introduced a fast, intelligent, and fully automatic lubrication device for HSK spindle tool clamping systems. The new device is called Lubritool, and it minimizes costly and time-consuming manual lubrication maintenance work as well as prevents machine downtime.

Lubritool is available in HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 interfaces and includes a Lubriflux grease cartridge that provides 100 cycle applications. The device is stored in the machine’s tool magazine and upon command by the machine’s control is swapped into the spindle to provide the ideal amount of lubrication directly to the tool clamping system. After the lubrication process, which occurs in just a few seconds, Lubritool is placed back into the tool magazine where it remains until the next lubrication cycle.

HSK clamping sets should be serviced after approximately 75 hours of operation or 20,000 tool changes to ensure process reliability. The manual lubrication process usually requires the machine to be shut down, which interrupts workflow to the point where operators will extend the time between lubrications or neglect the process altogether. Deviations from the optimum lubrication protocols can result in machine performance deterioration and/or failure.

At EMO 2017, the Lubritool received the MM Award for innovation presented by the trade journal MaschinenMarkt.

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