REGO-FIX® Enhances Manufacturing Capabilities


REGO-FIX recently completed its 75,000 square-foot manufacturing facility expansion in Tenniken, Switzerland, increasing manufacturing capacity for its toolholder manufacturing facility and realizing significant cost savings from its environmentally conscious design.

The expansion project increased manufacturing floor space by 140 percent, allowing REGO-FIX to fully automate its processes, increase manufacturing capacity, enhance quality control, boost production to 6,500 different items and maintain an inventory of approximately 1.3 million parts. At the same time, REGO-FIX designed an environmentally friendly facility that incorporates advanced energy and natural resource-conserving features for energy and operating cost savings.

The new environmental design features are incorporated throughout the building – from roof to floor – and include a special air-exchange ventilator system, wood pellet heating, multiple progressive air conditioning units, a “green” roof, and the use of both natural and sensor-controlled lighting.

“Deciding to expand our manufacturing facilities over two years ago was a bold move, considering the state of the economy,” said Andreas S. Weber, president of REGO-FIX Tool Corp., Indianapolis. “In the end, however, our new buildings are energy efficient, have helped reduce company costs, and have increased REGO-FIX’s manufacturing capacity in preparation for the economic upswing.”

Specific design elements include an air-exchange ventilator system that exchanges the air within the new building seven times per hour, drawing out wasted heat from the manufacturing floor and recycling it for other uses. For example, during the cold months, recovered waste heat is used to warm incoming air that the system draws from outside the building. This heated air is then circulated to the manufacturing floor.

Additionally, circulated water in a closed system helps keep manufacturing floor air compressors cool during operation. In the cooling process, circulated water is heated and then stored in a 1,849-gallon tank. When needed, this heated water is used in a heating system built into the floors of the building’s office areas. This system is used alongside a reserve 390-kW system that burns wood pellets, by-products of the furniture and lumber industries, rather than fossil fuels.

When designing its new building, REGO-FIX opted for completely insulated walls and a unique roof with high insulating properties. The roof, referred to as a “green” or “planted” roof, is covered with soil and growing sod. The roof also collects rainwater and stores it in a 13,200-gallon tank. This water is later used for operations within the facility.

“Production operations currently run 24 hours a day, six days a week. With these improved efficiencies in production and with newly added warehouse space, REGO-FIX can continue to guarantee that product will be in stock and available for faster delivery worldwide,” said Weber. “With this expansion, REGO-FIX has secured a position as a leader in toolholding systems manufacturing and has permitted a company-wide commitment to innovation, engineering, and supported team efforts of its highly skilled employees.”

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