PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Third Wave Systems announces upcoming Gear Machining Release


Third Wave Systems recently announced that the highly anticipated release of the new AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0 will be coming soon. As part of the new AdvantEdge Gear Machining release, the first version will include cylindrical hobbing and allow the user to:

  • Simulate and analyze the cutting process and chip formation.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs through tool life and material-remove rate improvements.
  • Improve gear quality by identifying chip formation problems and the heat and stress added during machining.
  • Increase development ROI by reducing engineering effort and trial-and-error prototype testing.

The AdvantEdge Gear Machining is based on AdvantEdge v7.3 to ensure accurate, validated results, and it includes an improved user interface and process kinematics for generating the initial mesh. With this release, the user will be able to:

  • Define and generate an in-cut cylindrical gear geometry.
  • Truncate the gear to reduce simulation size.
  • Import a STEP tool as a solid body, inserts only, or inserts with cutter body.
  • Set standard materials for the gear (Pyrowear, AISI 9310, 4140, and 1020) and tool (Carbide, HSS).

Due to the large problem size for cylindrical hobbing, AdvantEdge Gear Machining will only be available to users with at least 16 cores. If you do not meet this requirement and would like a trial of the gear machining feature, contact the company’s sales department.