PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Sumitomo’s GND Grooving Toolholders Reduce Vibration


New GND Grooving Tool Holders from Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. are engineered to reduced chatter and eliminate vibration. Featuring high rigidity bodies and single-piece special steel construction, the GND produces less chatter and eliminates vibration.

GND tool holders also deliver steady performance for turning, profiling, facing and cut-off applications. Due to precision sintering technology, the GND tool inserts offer improved tolerance of ±0.0012” (±0.03mm) for all grooving widths from 0.079” to 0.250” (2.0 to 6.0 mm).

GND tool holders also provide special chipbreakers for various machining applications. Each of the six chipbreakers serves a specific purpose from turning to profiling to facing. The GND lineup features the following chipbreakers: MG, a general feed type for turning, ML, a low feed type for multi-purpose use, GG, a general feed type for grooving, GL, a low feed type for grooving, CG, a general feed type for cut-off, and RG a general feed type for profiling.

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