To measure is to know, and with superior Nikon optics and maximum resolution to 0.0005 mm (0.00002 in.) on both X- and Y-axes, the new H14L optical comparator helps users know precisely what they’re measuring.

With a high-contrast, coaxial through-the-lens surface illumination system, the H14L produces bright, crisp, photo-like surface reflection images from edge to edge. Nikon optics from 5X up to 100X provide unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability while a new, ultra-bright LED illumination system offers through-the-lens surface, oblique surface, and contour illumination options.

Work area dimensions are 300 mm (12 in.) X-axis manual movement with glide release, 150 mm (6 in.) Y-axis manual movement (rise/fall), and a 40 mm (1.5 in.) focus adjustment stroke in the Z axis. Vertical screen size is 360 mm (14 in.) of viewing area.

The new H14L also provides multiple digital and geometric function readouts for maximum measuring flexibility, along with a precise digital electronic protractor for precise angle measurements (optional chart overlays available). Rugged and durable with an extremely rigid steel housing, frame, and stage, a number of optional stage fixtures are available to accommodate specific sample requirements.

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