PRODUCT SHOWCASE: How Gear Shops Raise Productivity with CLC Machines


CLC knows gear manufacturers and what they need, and the company has been serving the gearing industry for decades. Now, because the machine builder has plenty of practical, hands-on experience, CLC puts an approach to machine tools into action. CLC's machine models for hobbing, shaping, and milling serve as a starting point, and each machine is hand-crafted specifically for a particular gear-cutting need.

CLC machines are not built on an assembly line; they are designed with specific applications in mind from conception through final runoff approval. In the end, this means a machine that delivers optimum productivity. For example, CNC is installing a gear-shaping machine with a unique onboard robotic loading system that is similar to a Koepfer loading and unloading system. This system will be perfect for the end users already familiar with Koepfer systems, and it will ensure they reach high productivity without a lot of training. Superfluous features were left off this machine, so customers' investments were not wasted.

All CLC machines are built from the highest quality components, such as direct-drive torque motors, Fanuc or Siemens control, and a generally robust approach to structural parts such as the base, columns, tailstocks, and such. This helps ensure top productivity.

Moreover, each CLC gear-cutting machine can be configured according to specific needs to ensure productivity. As mentioned, nearly each specification can be tweaked, but CLC also offers several standard options. These include removable tailstocks, tilting columns, multiple-work spindles, movable saddles, extendable bases, large work spindle bores for long shaft work, and more.