Machines Available from Bourn & Koch, Star SU


Star SU is offering a pre-owned Samputensili RI372 CNC external and internal gear grinder. The high precision machine was originally delivered to a U.S. customer in 2001 for producing high precision finish ground gears. The U.S. customer is replacing it with a new grinder from Star SU. Machine availability is November 2007. To request detailed specifications and a quotation please fill out at the Web site listed below. Be sure to mention the RI372 in the message box. This is a competitively priced, well maintained, pre-owned machine.

Bourn & Koch has a demonstrator Fellows MS450-125 CNC Gear Shaper, built in 2007, available for delivery in late December 2007 or January 2008. This mechanical stroking machine is equipped with a swivelling tailstock, CNC electronic guide for helical gears, elevating cutter slide, GE Fanuc 30iB touch screen CNC control, and many other features. To request a quote complete the Quick Quote request form, described below.

Quick Quotes are now available on the Star SU Web site. Customers can select machine models, browse standard and optional equipment, and submit a request for a customized quote for models listed on the site. The Quick Quote response is 24 to 48 hours, depending on the day of week the request is received. The Quick Quote page at [] is currently being populated with Quick Quote request forms throughout the balance of 2007.

For more information call (847-649-1450 or send e-mail to