KTR offers torsionally rigid, curved-tooth flange coupling for drives

BoWex FLE-PAC is a torsionally rigid curved-tooth flange coupling. (Courtesy: KTR Group)

With hydrostatic drives in construction and agricultural machines, I. C. engines and hydraulic pumps are directly coupled. Both units are connected by a flange coupling.

This connection has to meet a number of requirements — though primarily it has to transmit the power reliably enabling the machine to perform the pending operations as requested.

BoWex FLE-PAC is a torsionally rigid curved-tooth flange coupling. Its hub is made of steel and the flange toothing of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. This material combination provides the coupling with high dimensional stability even with temperatures up to 130°C allowing for a long and maintenance-free permanent operation thanks to optimized coefficients of friction in the tooth combination.

“Years of experience with applications at customer sites and extensive test series in the KTR test field in Rheine enabled us to determine potentials with this type allowing for an increase of torques of up to 25 percent,” said Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hücker, product manager for flange couplings in KTR. “Especially the low wear of contacts and the excellent dimensional accuracy of the coupling were decisive for the torque increase. The increased coupling torques definitely result in a bigger performance range with drives up to 800 kW. Thus, the customers will be in a position to use smaller coupling sizes in their machines in the future.” 

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