JUNKER Acquires Majority Share in Brazilian Grinding Machine Manufacturer


The JUNKER Group is growing. From now on, the Brazilian grinding machine manufacturer ZEMA is part of the corporate group. ZEMA was founded in 1953 and has more than 80 employees. It manufactures CNC grinding machines with conventional grinding wheels mainly for the Brazilian market — until now. With the takeover, the JUNKER Group expands its expertise as a complete supplier in the grinding sector: The customer is now provided with CBN grinding machines, corundum grinding machines and air filters from a single supplier.

JUNKER machines are primarily designed for grinding with CBN. To add to the portfolio, the JUNKER Group has now secured a qualified majority share (more than 75 percent) in ZEMA. That’s because the company has sophisticated solutions for grinding with corundum, e.g. for machining the flange and journal on crankshafts or transmission, turbocharger and cardan shafts. JUNKER CEO Rochus Mayer said he is very pleased about the majority shareholding in the long-standing Brazilian company.

“Now we can fulfill any customer needs, open up additional markets and supply combined production lines (CBN, corundum),” Mayer said.

ZEMA already supplies global players like Bosch, ThyssenKrupp, and Fiat in Brazil. The Brazilians now appear to have found the right partner to help them sell their grinding machine worldwide. After all, the JUNKER Group with headquarters in Nordrach, Germany, does have a worldwide sales and service network that is continually growing.