Greber offers wide range of live and dead centers


Greber AG, a Swiss company manufacturing high precision work-holding and work-driving tools, has established itself as a main supplier of dead and live centers.

Greber is a main supplier of the centers to many European and U.S. machine builders. It has the highest quality machining standards and many years of experience in assembling precision tools and work-holding components. Rotec Tools Ltd. Represents Greber in the North American market.

Greber’s expertise results in unsurpassed reliability and performance. (Courtesy: Greber)

When high precision is required, Greber’s expertise on these products results in unsurpassed reliability and performance. Greber offers an extensive range of live and dead centers to suit any application, from high-precision measuring machines to heavy-duty lathes. Greber specializes in all centers used for Studer grinding machines.

Series C:

  • Drop-forged shank made of hardened steel
  • Rotating point made of through-hardened, alloy steel
  • Four-point support for high axial and radial loads
  • Concentricity 0.005 mm or better
  • High speeds of 10,000 RPMs
  • Double labyrinth seal design
  • No maintenance up to 2,000 hours and longer service life due to lifetime lubrication of the roller bearings.

These live centers are designed for CNC machine tools and copying lathes with hydraulic tail-stocks as well as for machining workpieces with small center holes and precision machining at ultrahigh speeds.

High-precision workpieces require high-precision machine tools, sophisticated production processes and precise tools; this applies in particular to cylindrical grinding. The standard program of high-precision carbide dead centers includes all the standard and most commonly used shapes. Customized products are required for special machining processes or for process optimizations. With customer input, Greber engineers can develop the best workholding solutions for their components.