Gleason Announces Power Skiving Solutions


Gleason Corporation has announced their complete set of power skiving solutions, providing an economical process suited for the production of internal gears, and for all gears with interfering contours and features. By combining machine, cutting tool, and power skiving process expertise, Gleason offers users performance improvements, particularly in operations where shaping, forming, pressing and broaching are typically used. As compared to shaping, for example, Gleason power skiving solutions can deliver productivity rates as much as eight times higher.

Built on proven Gleason machine platforms with models available for work pieces as large as 700 mm in diameter, Gleason power skiving machines utilize extremely rigid guideways and specially designed spindles with oversized diameters and more rigid bearings. Easily integrated into production lines, a large selection of peripheral equipment provides users with the ideal solution for any production volume and lot size.

Gleason’s “Total Solution,” including the machines, cutting tools, and power skiving process, helps to deliver better part quality and surface finishes. Profile modifications, as well as a tooth tip chamfer, can be built into the cutter, while lead modifications are realized by additional movements of the machine axes. The cutting cycles can be modified for aggressive roughing and fine-finishing, maximizing both productivity and quality. Profile, lead, and tooth thickness can be corrected according to the results shown by the inspection charts.

Comprehensive power skiving technology software enables users to easily simulate the entire cutting process and plan the most effective process strategy. Users can analyze the influence of different cutting tool geometries and process parameters. The technology software allows the user to decide if a given part can be safely and economically power skived, or whether it would be better shaped, making power skiving as simple and familiar as shaping.

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