Third Wave Systems offers regional user conferences on machining modeling

Third Wave Systems is a computer-aided-engineering (CAE) provider for companies that machine. (Courtesy: Third Wave Systems)

Third Wave Systems is hosting events with leading experts on machining modeling to tackle some of the most complex machining problems.

Topics will include part quality, residual stress, applications of minimum quantity lubrication, machining dynamics, tool life, high-performance machining, and more.

Third Wave Systems offers the regional in-person user conferences to bring these events closer to users to provide more opportunities for interaction with the machining modeling community. The conferences will be an excellent opportunity to meet peers from across the manufacturing community and experience advances in machining, stay on the cutting edge in machining modeling applications, learn about the newest customer cases and unique applications, and get a preview of Third Wave’s upcoming new product and enhancements to AadvantEdge and Production Module.

The TWS 2021 Regional Users Conference schedule:

  • Detroit, Michigan, September 21.
  • DallaS, Texas, September 23.
  • East Hartford, Connecticut, October 28.

Attendees will join SME Fellows, Prof. Tony Schmitz and Dave Stephenson, a leading researcher on Residual Stress; Sekhar Rakurty; and SME Young Engineer Awardee Jaydeep Karandikar, among others.