PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Bourn & Koch Add to Gear Shaper Offering


The Bourn & Koch Fellows HS2550-600 CNC Hydrostroke™ Gear Shaper is a true bridge type 100” gear shaper with a 0” center distance reach even when the outside diameter of the gear is 100”.  A 24” (600 mm) stroke length allows long face width capability with a CNC controlled spindle for programming stroke positioning, stroke length, and stroking speeds in both the down and up motion for quick return rates, with positioning above the worktable via a vertical slide of 17” (471 mm).  The six-axis machine is rated for 1 DP (25 module) gear cutting.  An optional feature, CNC controlled crowning and taper for internal and external gears via servo control, includes software using Bourn & Koch’s Oriented Stiffness Back-Off™.  

The Bourn & Koch HDS1600-300 CNC Horizontal Double Helical and Herringbone Gear Shaper fills a void left by the Sykes herringbone gear shaper, the last produced machine being delivered ca. 1983.  

The HDS1600-300 is a 9-axis, CNC controlled machine, with linear direct drive stroking of both heads, direct drive workspindle, electronic index drive for synchronization of cutter and work rotation, CNC helix control, and CNC linear backoff for independent control of the backoff amount of each cutter (which allows for crowning, tapering and tool depth matching). The HDS1600-300 reduces traditional mechanical herringbone shaper setup and cutting times significantly while offering a verifiable consistent quality improvement to AGMA 10 or better.  The machine is rated for 2 DP (12.7 module) gears, up to 40° helix angle, 60” diameter and is arranged for pinions and bullgears with minimal changeover required.  Multiple machines are already in production at manufacturers of gearboxes in the artificial lift industry.

The HDS1600-300, when combined with Star SU’s Star PTG1 Tool & Cutter Resharpening Machine for consistent grinding of accurate Sykes style shaper cutter relief lips, further improves tool performance and accuracy of the process.

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