New Standards For Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics Technicians: Call for Input


The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the precision manufacturing industry’s premier standards and workforce certification body, is pleased to present the first draft of National Skill Standards to support the development of a world-class industrial maintenance and mechatronics workforce. The standards are the foundation of quality training and industry credentials that give individuals industry-certified in-demand skills and help employers identify qualified talent.   

NIMS requests international review of the standards before formal publication in order to continue to ensure that NIMS standards and certifications meet the needs of industry.

“There are nearly 100,000 open jobs in the machining industry and over 115,000 open jobs in the industrial maintenance sector,” said Jim Wall, executive director, NIMS.  “As the manufacturing industry evolves, NIMS commits to help companies, workers, and students keep up by providing the most current and complete information about advancing industry standards and job requirements.”

NIMS worked with Ivy Tech Community College, employers, and educators to develop the skills standards, which include the primary knowledge, skills, and abilities in which individuals must be proficient to meet performance requirements and expectations in the workplace.  The 12-month development process included a series of national review sessions and interviews with employers and employees across industry sectors. This documented and validated the basic requirements for the majority of skilled positions within the industrial maintenance and mechatronics industries.

“Companies in multiple industries and sectors internationally need certified industrial maintenance and mechatronics technicians,” said Wall. “We are calling on all employers, associations, and educators to provide feedback on these standards to help us build a world-class workforce.”

 For more information regarding the standards and the survey, contact NIMS at or call (703) 352-4971.