Koepfer America Teams with TecnoMacchine To Offer CNC Deburring and Chamfering Solutions


Koepfer America has expanded its robust line of gear manufacturing solutions by partnering with TecnoMacchine of San Salvo, Italy. TecnoMacchine manufactures CNC deburring and chamfering machines, and the company offers several options for flexible automation. Consequently, North American gear manufacturers will benefit from TecnoMacchine’s fit in Koepfer America’s line of high-tech machine tools.

Multiple standard machine models and configurations are available, but TecnoMacchine also configures each machine to suit a customer’s specific needs. For example, the TM 200 gear deburring machine features five workstations that can be configured with brushes, discs, milling tools, and more to achieve the exact operation required. Moreover, this model can be configured with a CNC basket-type loading and unloading system for large-volume work, a flexible, stacked pallet system, or a robot system. For large gears, the TM 1000 is designed for parts up to 1 meter (39.4 inch) in diameter in the range of 12 to 42 module (0.6 to 2.1 DP). This machine features tool wear compensation and four CNC workstations that can be configured. These machines can also implement CNC tools for a full range of controllable chamfer.

TecnoMacchine offers gear manufacturers an optimal solution to their gear deburring and chamfering needs. For example, TecnoMacchine equipment is used by world-class gear manufacturers, such as Koepfer and Getrag in Europe. Koepfer America exclusively represents and supports these machines in North America.

For more information: koepferamerica.com