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January 2021


Gear Motions

Gear Motions specializes in supplying custom-cut and ground gears for OEMs across the globe and is capable of manufacturing all types of custom gears.

Even with a history that stretches across more than a century, it’s been an important part of the success of Gear Motions to continue to keep a solid eye on the future. “Our evolution has been dramatic at times and incremental at other times,” said Dean Burrows, president and CEO of Gear Motions. “We were […]
Kenneth Carter

Finding the ideal materials for gears

When designing and manufacturing gears, the materials used will depend on what type of gear is being made and how and where it will be used.

When designing an individual gear or a gear train, the choice of material will either be the primary factor on which the gear geometry is based or the gear performance will dictate the proper material selection. There are various raw materials that are commonly used in gear construction, and each one has a sweet spot […]
Brian Dengel

Nonlinear dynamic characteristic analysis of a coated gear transmission system

The nonlinear dynamic characteristic of a DLC-coated gear transmission system is analyzed by using a numerical integration approach, and the effect of the coating elastic modulus on the dynamic response is investigated.

Coatings can significantly improve the load-carrying performance of a gear surface, but how they affect the vibration characteristic of the system is an urgent issue to be solved. Considering the nonlinear factors such as the variable mesh stiffness, friction, backlash, and transmission error, a six-degree-of-freedom spur gear transmission system with coatings is presented. Meanwhile, the […]
Yangyi Xiao, Liyang Fu, Jing Luo, Wankai Shi, Minglin Kang

Electrification in the automotive domain

Electric vehicles are set to disrupt automotive industry trends over the years ahead, which will have an effect on gear manufacturing.

In the modern world, there is no limit to the varieties of vehicles available in the market. From variations in engine types such as gas and electric to diverse drivetrains such as four-wheel or front-wheel drives, the options for automobiles are nearly endless, designed to fulfill ever-evolving consumer needs. Despite the diversity in terms of […]
Saloni Walimbe


Non-destructive testing Part IV: Ultrasonic testing

Basic operating principles include transducers, the need for calibration, limitations of reference standards, and advantages/disadvantages of the process.

In my previous articles, I have discussed dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection. In this article, I will give a brief overview of ultrasonic testing. Basic Principles Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound waves to detect flaws or anomalies, characterize materials, and has applications in fields other than material testing. For instance, the imaging […]
D. Scott MacKenzie, Ph.D., FASM

Ensure supply chain continuity creates more value for customers

In gear design, incorporating the best raw materials is critical for high performance. Removing potential barriers to access those materials can streamline production and save on overall costs.

Encountering challenges throughout the production process for any type of gear is to be expected. The steps in the supply chain — from melting the steel to delivery and assembly of the finished components are complex and interdependent, and any quality, delivery, or supply interruption along the way could have a significant impact and require […]
Jim Albertson

Does all learning happen in a classroom?

Education, mentoring, and institutional knowledge contribute to our understanding of the world, including the business world.

Learning takes many forms. Some methods are formal in their approach, such as elementary school and high school. Others, like mentoring, take a more informal approach. Institutional knowledge is a blend of the mentoring and formal teaching. It is estimated there are approximately 15 million species on Earth. Most species develop a method of communication […]
Brian Dengel


AMF marking and cleaning tools now available from Platinum Tooling

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. announces immediate availability of marking and cleaning tools from its European partner Andreas Maier, under the AMF brand. Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. is a North American importer of precision live tools, angle heads, and multi-spindle drill heads. The announcement was made by its president, Preben Hansen. “This development brings additional products […]
January 27, 2021

Tormach Inc. introduces new 8L lathe that fits a variety of spaces

Tormach Inc., a leading supplier of affordable and compact CNC machines, introduced the 8L lathe, its newest machine. The new 8L lathe is a small machine with big capabilities, and has the ability to fill turning needs in a variety of spaces. Rigid enough to cut anything, whether it’s plastic, stainless steel, or even titanium, […]
January 15, 2021

Business magazine names Motion Industries’ Breaux CEO of year

Motion Industries President Randy Breaux is a 2020 award recipient of CEO of the Year from the Birmingham Business Journal. The presentation honored winners and finalists — elite leaders from a range of industries — at a virtual event in December. Motion Industries, Inc., is a leading distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts […]
January 15, 2021

U.S. Army contracts with Senvol to apply software for AM parts

Senvol has been awarded a contract with the United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to apply its machine learning software, Senvol ML, to enable the rapid design and qualification of additive manufacturing (AM) parts. As part of the program, Senvol will develop a qualification plan for AM that leverages machine learning (ML) algorithms. The qualification […]
January 15, 2021

WeldSight software completes Olympus’ UT weld inspection solution

Olympus’ release of its WeldSight™ companion PC software for the OmniScan™ X3 phased array flaw detector provides inspectors with powerful tools to push the boundaries of flaw characterization and sizing. Compatible with conventional UT, phased array (PA), and time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) acquired data, the software enables inspectors to perform thorough post-inspection analyses that comply with […]
January 15, 2021

Mazak unveils new Ez Machine Series and Smooth Ez Control

With both affordability and high performance for job shops in mind, Mazak has officially launched the new Ez machine series, the new MAZATROL SmoothEz control, and the accompanying website. The new machine family and control were developed specifically to help remove the cost barriers to acquiring the latest manufacturing technology without sacrificing machine capability […]
January 15, 2021

Helios announces strategic approach to large-gear deburring

Chamfer-deburring of large gears — considered here to be those over 1-meter diameter — demand significant labor that comes with the risk of inconsistency and low quality. In partnership with Tecnomacchine, Helios offers an improvement to such applications. “For very large spur and helical gears, this deburring approach cost-effectively reduces labor and increases consistency and […]
January 15, 2021

AM Solutions has new technology and test center for Rösler brand

The new technology and test center of AM Solutions — 3D post-processing technology represents a significant milestone in the development of processes and products for the post processing of products created with AM methods. The new center is outfitted with state-of-the-art engineering software and various 3D printing systems. However, the main focus is on an […]
January 15, 2021

Moulding Expo sets 2021 event with theme ‘Together for tool making’

Moulding Expo will again become the industry and idea marketplace for tool, pattern, and mold making June 8–11, 2021. With its wide range of topics showcasing the latest developments in the industry, the accompanying program will be a valuable contribution to the trade fair. In its capacity as the technical partner for Moulding Expo, WBA […]
January 15, 2021

ARCH Cutting Tools  takes top place in ANCA’s third TOTY contest 

With 28 entries, 1.2 million social impressions, and almost 4,500 votes, ANCA’s Tool of the Year celebrated the contribution modern cutting tools make to manufacturing, surgery, woodworking, and other diverse industries. ANCA is a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. Overall winner ARCH Cutting Tool’s entry demonstrated excellent use of multiple iGrind operations with several complex profiles. The tool came out in front of others […]
January 15, 2021

New Rollon linear guide handles higher loads, solves misalignment

Rollon has introduced its Compact Rail Plus — part of its new generation of high-performance linear guides. This rugged unit features a new design to handle higher loads while maintaining the Compact Rail product family’s self-aligning capabilities. Compact Rail Plus is designed for demanding applications such as those involving higher loads, high speeds, fast accelerations, […]
January 15, 2021

Collaboration helps military veterans move into NDT careers

Olympus, a leading manufacturer of nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, is supporting training school Warrior To Inspector’s mission to help transition retiring military veterans into a new NDT career by providing advanced inspection instruments for their ultrasonic testing (UT) courses. Transitioning into an NDT career can be challenging without the right training, certifications, and hands-on experience. […]
January 15, 2021

Exact Metrology introduces PolyScan XL 3D scanner system

Exact Metrology, a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, represents PolyScan XL. Part of the Polyrix PolyScan™ Surround 3D Scanner family, these scanners are motionless by design during the inspection. Their unique calibration avoids the need for data alignment or sticker targets, and multiple baselines increase accuracy when measuring points. The PolyScan […]
January 15, 2021

ANCA launches new era of automation, intelligent solutions

ANCA’s launch of integrated solutions with AIMS connects sequential processes in tool manufacturing to bank the benefits of automation and integration. AIMS facilitates streamlined tool production, linking separate processes to each other and factory IT systems. AIMS provides versatile, modular options for common manufacturing challenges to optimize cutting tool production. AIMS offers functionality that is […]
January 15, 2021

Tormach xsTech router mill provides desktop CNC capabilities

Tormach Inc., a leading supplier of affordable and compact CNC machines, now offers the xsTECH Router Mill, a ready-to-use tabletop system with full CNC capabilities. The xsTECH is small but features big capabilities for cutting plastics, wood, and aluminum. An ideal starter CNC system for students learning CNC fundamentals, the xsTECH comes ready to run […]
January 15, 2021

Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions’ EcoFilter conveyor

The EcoFilter® Conveyor from Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions is the first competitively priced conveyor and filtration system for entry-level and mid-priced turning and machining centers. This patent-pending, self-cleaning design works on larger, higher-priced machines as well. The second generation EcoFilter uses an innovative two-stage metal chip removal and coolant filtration design. A hinged steel […]
January 15, 2021

Forest City Gear engineer authors white paper on double-helical gears

Forest City Gear is proud to share a white paper titled “A Note on the Design of the Gap Between Helices on a Double-helical Gear,” authored by Forest City Gear Systems Engineer Andrew F. Vincent, Ph.D.    The white paper’s abstract states, “It is readily observed that the design of the gap between helices on […]
January 15, 2021

Big Kaiser launches online customer chat to access company experts

In order to help current and future customers with inquiries, Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has introduced an easy and convenient way to directly access the company’s experts. LiveChat is available now on No matter which page a customer is on, they can connect directly and instantly with one of the company’s agents in just […]
January 15, 2021

JMPP leverages High Torque design for live tooling on Mazak CNC lathes

In response to a special-order request, JM Performance Products, Inc. has expanded its product offering to include coupling bolts for live tooling on Mazak Corporation CNC lathes. These new pull bolts fully incorporate Mazak’s specifications and are uniquely manufactured to implement JMPP’s patented High Torque retention knob standards from 9310H material. JMPP is a leading […]
January 5, 2021

Exact Metrology now represents GOM CT in U.S.

Exact Metrology is now a distributor of the GOM CT scanner in the U.S. GOM is an established global company and leader in structured light scanning technologies. The company develops, produces, and distributes software, machines, and systems for industrial and automated 3D coordinate measuring technology, 3D computed tomography, as well as 3D testing based on […]
January 5, 2021

Rego-Fix debuts expanded range of powRgrip® ANSI tap collets

Rego-Fix USA has expanded its range of tap collets for its industry-leading powRgrip® toolholding system. Available with ANSI sizes for the PG15 and PG25 series, these collets deliver the low total indicated runout (TIR) of <0.0001″ (3 µm) and precise length adjustment and repeatability of <0.0004″ (10 µm) for exceptional surface quality and complete process […]
January 5, 2021

Platinum Tooling now represents Henninger

Platinum Tooling, importer of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools, and multiple spindle tools made by various global suppliers, now imports Henninger speed increasers for North America. Henninger is a manufacturer of specialized equipment and precision machine tool accessories. Spindle speeder types including mechanical, air, and electric motor driven styles are available. These […]
January 5, 2021

Michigan Metrology offers online surface texture, wear class in March

Michigan Metrology, experts in solving problems related to surface texture, wear, finish, and friction, plans an online, two-day class in March for engineers and researchers. The class, which will be held online March 10–11, is part of a suite of online training options the company has made available to further understanding of surface roughness concepts. […]
January 5, 2021