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Artec Machine

For nearly 50 years, Artec Machine Systems has been trusted for engineering design, parts, field repair, and maintenance of all types of heavy gear systems.

Gears are essential parts to the workings of countless machines, but when those machines are dependent on specifically designed gears, then service and repair can become a special niche. For Artec Machine, servicing equipment furnished with specially engineered gearing is at the very heart of what the company does. “We consider ourselves a leader on […]
Kenneth Carter

Lean Heat Treatment for Distortion Control

Proper control of heat treat distortion is of key importance to reduce production costs in gear manufacturing.

Controlling distortion is of key importance during the case hardening process for the production of gear components. By effective control of distortion and the variation of distortion, significant costs in post-heat treatment machining processes can be avoided. In some cases, it is even possible to eliminate all post- machining operations. In other cases, it may […]
Dr. Volker Heuer, David Bolton

Inspection & Metrology: ‘We must never stand still’

Metrologists take on new, frequent challenges
for quality control.

Small series and prototype production at ZF Friedrichshafen AG create new challenges for quality control time and again: measurement programs for new components need to be created every day. ZF metrologist Mehmet Akol accepts these challenges with unrelenting curiosity and uses ZEISS training courses to help him. Whether it’s parts for a bus, train, or […]
ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

Tooling & Workholding: Making Out-of-Round Parts Round

Several methods are available to face the difficulties presented by today’s thin-walled parts.

One of the most vexing problems in machining today is how to most efficiently make an out-of-round part round. In the days of thick-walled tubing or cut slugs, this manufacturing task presented little difficulty, but with today’s thin walled near-net-shape parts, the difficulties mount. Fortunately, we have developed several ways to make this task much […]
David A. Stokely

Tooling Workholding: A new solution for bevel gears

Precision grinding on the Haas Multigrind® increases surface quality and component accuracy.

The creativity of the designers knows no bounds with new drive element and gear geometries. Faced with constantly increasing demands from a wide variety of industrial sectors, today solutions are being sought that often cause major problems in production. The trend toward special products, small and special series, prototypes, and test setups is omnipresent. But […]
Zita Bader

Online exclusive: How many mils is your coating?

Coating can play a critical role in the prevention of wear or corrosion, so it’s important that coating thickness is measured in a quick and economical way to ensure efficiency.

Instantaneous handheld coating thickness gauges that can be operated by virtually any technician deliver lab-quality readings even on curved and complex surfaces like gears. From the job shop to the robotic assembly floor, it is vital that the product be made well and correctly coated for protection, aesthetics, and performance. So, industries such as automotive, […]
Del Williams

Tooling & Workholding: A success story: Low-deformation workpiece clamping

Before an optimum clamping solution can be defined, many requirements of the workpieces, type, machine frequency, and process-change integration must be properly addressed.

Those who want to turn, mill, or grind rings, flanges, housings, or other thin-walled parts will quickly reach the limits of what is possible using conventional lathe chucks or face plates: The parts are deformed during the clamping process; shaping and geometric tolerances are difficult to keep to, and the interfering contours of the clamping […]
Steve Hartung


Back to basics: The mechanism of quenching

Hot components are cooled down during contact with the liquid quenchant, normally through three stages.

Regardless of the product, it is likely that it is heat-treated and quenched. Engine components are heat-treated for wear and durability (Figure 1). Aircraft components are heat-treated for strength and fracture toughness. Even bicycle frames are heat-treated for strength, lightness, and durability. To meet these needs, it is necessary to expand the knowledge of heat-treating […]
D. Scott MacKenzie, Ph.D., FASM

Standards in terminology for bevel gearing

Knowing the proper terminology is key for understanding bevel gear design.

If you still are digesting the acronyms in my April 2019 column, I apologize. As mentioned in that article, without a proper understanding of the terminology, you are at a great disadvantage. In the previous article, I detailed the proper terminology for spur gearing. This article hopefully will broaden your knowledge of bevel gear terminology. […]
Brian Dengel

Q&A with Larry McMillan

Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager at Hainbuch America

What do you do in your position at Hainbuch America? I cover parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, and I promote Hainbuch sales. What advances in workholding has Hainbuch developed over the last two years? A couple things that we have brought on board is what we call our MAXXOS mandrels. They used to be […]
Gear Solutions staff

How to set up a vibratory bowl for gear finishing

Open or tight roll patterns, bowl motions, rolling speed, and alignment angles are among possible adjustments to get optimal mass motion.

This is the first in a multi-part series on vibratory processing of gears. This article is focused on machine set-up for optimal mass motion. Overview of the vibratory bowl The vibratory bowl is toroidal-shaped, consisting of a center hub surrounded by an OD wall. Direct drive machines have a motor and driveshaft set inside the […]
William P. Nebiolo


EMO Hannover 2019: Klingelnberg brings new impetus to robot, aerospace industry

Klingelnberg, the mechanical engineering company specializing in gear and transmission technology, is celebrating several premieres at EMO Hannover 2019 in September. With the VIPER 500 MFM, the company is entering the cycloid gearing market, setting new standards in efficiency in the robotics industry. The Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine also helps achieve this. […]
July 30, 2019

EMAG receives the ‘Axia Best Managed Companies Award’

Strategic vision, capacity to innovate, sustainable management culture, and good corporate governance — the “Axia Best Managed Companies Award” sets expectations high for participating businesses. This year, the organizers from the consulting firm Deloitte, the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) have awarded the distinction to the EMAG […]
July 15, 2019

Sandvik names Johan Salwén technical marketing specialist

Sandvik has announced Johan Salwén as technical marketing specialist for the EMEA region. He will be based at Sandvik’s sales office in Kista, Sweden. His role will primarily be looking after the EMEA region, while also supporting product management and R&D projects. Part of this activity will involve joint visits with the sales teams to […]
July 15, 2019

Buehler launches the AbrasiMet XL Pro™ cutting machine

Buehler, an ITW Company, launched the AbrasiMet XL Pro™ large abrasive cutter at Control 2019 to provide consistency and repeatability in cutting large samples for production environments. The AbrasiMet XL Pro allows the sectioning of high-quality cut samples with a diameter up to 7 inches (178mm) which is best in class for an 18” cutter. […]
July 15, 2019

New Seco threading grade excels in critical parts and materials

To prevent threading chips from ruining critical parts in the final phases of production, the advanced coating and tool geometry of the new TTP2050 threading insert grade from Seco Tools combine to provide efficient, secure, stable performance, along with effective chip control. The TTP2050 grade’s nano-laminate PVD coating increases tool life on inserts and produces […]
July 15, 2019

Jenfab announces new plant manager, first quality manager

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, a leading North American manufacturer of heavy-duty and precision cleaning aqueous parts washing systems, has announced two new additions to its staff  — Mark Proffitt and Kirsten Tuter. Proffitt is Jenfab’s new plant manager and brings with him many years of manufacturing experience. Prior to joining Jenfab, he worked as a vice […]
July 15, 2019

Heidenhain opens TNC-CNC academy for wide range of training

Heidenhain recently opened its TNC-CNC academy, an expanded CNC controls training center in the Chicago area which is available for users at all levels, including those interested in 5-axis machining. All classes are taught by Heidenhain specialists with many years of controls and CAM experience. An expansive list of the multi-level classes is available at […]
July 15, 2019

Olympus DSX1000 offers advanced tools for failure analysis, accuracy

The new DSX1000 digital microscope combines the quality of renowned Olympus optics with the ease of use of digital technologies. Designed to measure and observe a variety of materials, the microscope offers guaranteed high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision* in a single instrument for users in the electronics, metal, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, and medical device […]
July 15, 2019

Mazak expands state-of-the-art spindle rebuild center

With the expansion of its industry-leading Spindle Rebuild Department, Mazak will reset the bar for efficiency and quality in OEM-factory- certified spindle rebuild services. The expanded and newly updated department, which will now be in the South Building on Mazak’s Kentucky manufacturing campus, will further improve the company’s ability to quickly deliver spindles and reduce […]
July 15, 2019

CRC Press offers Radzevich book on gear design

Advances in Gear Design and Manufacture by Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich deals with gears, gear transmissions, and advanced methods of gear production. The book is focused on discussion of the latest discoveries and accomplishments in gear design and production, with chapters written by internationally recognized experts in the field. Topics are aligned to meet the […]
July 15, 2019

COM Basic and Expert interface to integrate KISSsoft software

The use of several software tools in the gearbox design process is a common challenge for engineers. The rising need for simple communication between different CAE software is becoming a trend along with the Industry 4.0. The COM (Component Object Model) that was developed by Microsoft offers the possibility for simple communication between different programs. […]
July 15, 2019

Exact Metrology honors application specialist Greg Hoeting

Exact Metrology presented its application specialist, Greg Hoeting, with the first Golden Circle Award. This award recognizes Hoeting’s achievements at the company within the past 11 years. Among these are a positive and long-lasting impact on internal and external customers, going above and beyond normal job duties to help team members or customers, creating new […]
July 15, 2019

Heule Precision Tools presents BSF tooling for spot facing

Heule Precision Tools presents its BSF tooling for automated high-volume back spot facing applications. The BSF tool, ideal for counterbores up to 2.3x diameter and ranging in size from 6.5mm to 20.5mm (0.256” to 0.807”), is sold standard-stock, shipped the next day from the Cincinnati, Ohio, warehouse. This tooling works without an anti-rotation device, change […]
July 15, 2019

Klingelnberg eases measurement of complex parts

Whether turning blanks, ground workpieces, or rolling bearings, Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers of G variant (the latest P 40 G, for example) are specifically designed for use in the production process of rotationally symmetrical components. Stringent precision requirements in series production and increasing component complexity — both call for the best available measuring technology. The […]
July 15, 2019

Motion Industries promotes John Watwood to senior VP

Motion Industries, Inc., a leading distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts and a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, has named John Watwood group senior vice president of the company’s Southeast group effective May 1, 2019. A graduate of the University of North Alabama (MBA) and University of Alabama at Birmingham, (BS, […]
July 15, 2019

Big Kaiser’s new Fullcut Mill Contact Grip series offers versatility

Big Kaiser, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, introduces the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip, an endmill that permits easy indexing of cutter heads while maintaining excellent rigidity and accuracy. With the addition of the Fullcut Radius Mill (FRM) and the Ball End Mill (BE), the Fullcut Mill Contact […]
July 15, 2019

Leek Gears installs 4-axis machining center at Staffordshire site

Gear manufacturing specialists and precision engineers at Leek Gears installed its first 4-axis machining center at its factory in Leek, Staffordshire. The XYZ 750 LR machine was installed in May and will step up Leek Gear’s CNC machining capabilities, increasing opportunities in its UK markets. The 750 LR machine will be used to machine a […]
July 15, 2019

JMPP optimizes tool life and tooling-cost containment

Automotive industry manufacturers have basic requirements from their suppliers — they want on-time delivery, accuracy, and sufficient available stock. They want perfect parts, but they want them to be immediately available at a price they can control. Tooling is a vital and often overlooked process in the production of automobiles, as every single part of […]
July 15, 2019

ANCA demonstrates soon-to-be released ToolRoom RN34 software at EASTEC

ANCA’s latest ToolRoom RN34 software release focuses on manufacturing complex tool geometries with a perfect balance. Visitors got a demo of the endmill cycles for ballnose and corner radius, tool balancing, and next generation fluting cycles at EASTEC 2019. Thomson Mathew, software product manager, said, “With a focus on manufacturing complex cutting tool geometries for […]
July 15, 2019

Exact Metrology has successful open house in Brookfield

Exact Metrology hosted its annual open house at its Brookfield, Wisconsin, location June 6. Many old clients, as well as new ones, were on hand to learn about the company’s new technologies. Clients attended several breakout sessions to discuss Polyworks software, Geomagic software, and GOM CT scanning. Jonathan Bourchard, the director of sales and business […]
July 15, 2019

Weiler Abrasives introduces CrossFlex™ honing brushes

Cross hole deburring and honing solutions for offhand and automated applications Weiler Abrasives, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes and maintenance products for surface conditioning, has introduced its new line of CrossFlex honing brushes designed to provide machinists with performance and value for their professional honing applications. Available in small, medium, and large diameters […]
July 15, 2019

ANCA helps customers move toward a smart factory solution

From 3D simulation software to LaserPlus, an in-process measurement system, to RoboTeach, which makes robotic loaders accessible and easy to program, ANCA has been building a toolbox of technology for customers to reap the benefits of automation and Industry 4.0. ANCA technology is building smart factories for its customers. Businesses can reduce wasted materials and […]
July 15, 2019

Measurement professionals to meet at CMSC 2019

The Coordinate Metrology Society® (CMS) will host a slate of 21 original, expert-authored white papers and presentations to be delivered at the 2019 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC), which will cover research, innovations, best practices, and substantive application successes. Michael Raphael, president of Direct Dimensions and a veteran metrologist, will give the keynote address. The […]
July 15, 2019

38-Link™ adaptor for 38DL Plus® Gage boosts inspections

The new 38-Link™ adaptor for the 38DL Plus® ultrasonic thickness gage enables seamless data transfer using wireless LAN or Bluetooth®. The 38-Link adaptor connected to the 38DL Plus gage can wirelessly communicate to the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC), compatible apps, or a PC using the optional Link-Wedge PC software. Adding the 38-Link adaptor to the […]
July 15, 2019

New features announced for Motion + Power Technology Expo

The trade show floor will feature the Fluid Power Pavilion and an Emerging Technology Pavilion with solutions focused on IIoT, blockchain, 3D printing, robotics, supply chain, and more. The Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo), formerly Gear Expo, will be October 15–17 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. More than 17 percent of […]
July 15, 2019

Weiler Abrasives supports Workshops for Warriors®

Weiler Abrasives, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes, and maintenance products for surface conditioning, renewed its support of Workshops for Warriors® in 2019 with an additional $25,000 donation. The company donated $25,000 in May 2018 with the launch of the “Leading a Warriors Charge” campaign in partnership with Workshops for Warriors. The campaign continues […]
July 15, 2019

FX7 Linear is ideal for regrinding, light manufacturing

ANCA’s investment in research and development has paid off with its own AR300 robot loader that has been designed by its talented engineers to offer customers a cost-effective automation option. For customers who require increased flexibility or more spindle power, or the increased automation capacity that a robot can provide, the FX7 Linear offers these. […]
July 15, 2019

Jergens, Inc. appoints national sales manager for workholding

Cleveland, Ohio, based Jergens, Inc. announced that Ken Marvar has assumed the role of national sales manager, Jergens Workholding Solutions Group. “In his new role, Ken is responsible for the sales of our workholding products through our network of partner distributors and for the management of our national network of manufacturers’ representatives,” said Jergens General […]
July 15, 2019