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June 2017


Wenzel America

Wenzel America is an innovative provider of customized metrology and styling solutions, built on a solid foundation of German precision engineering and strong partnerships as a family-owned company.

With thousands of customers around the world using Wenzel machines, the company is considered a leader in the metrology industry. Its focus is on solving the toughest measuring requirements for its customers, wielding its longtime expertise in German engineering, which dates back to 1968. Parent company Wenzel Präzision GmbH was founded by Werner Wenzel in […]
Molly J. Rogers

Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Effective Gear Tooth Friction Coefficient

An experimental study, with variables including superfinishing, coated gear teeth, and two different lubricants, evaluates the effective coefficient of friction in a gear mesh, resulting in a parameter that could be utilized in estimating frictional losses in a gearbox.

The impact of gear tooth surface roughness and advanced coatings on frictional losses in a gear mesh is of significant interest to the transmission community, as these losses reduce the efficiency of the drive system. Maximizing efficiency to save fuel has long been an objective in vehicle industries. In recent years, the power generation sector […]
Suren Rao, Ph.D., Gary J. Sroka Ph.D., Aaron C. Isaacson, Matthew E. Wagner

The Internet of Gears: New Perspectives Through CMS

This approach from Renk AG allows manufacturers to form a network with their products, allowing operators and gear designers an accessible set of data and providing advantages to not only the end user but also to all involved in the purchase, design, commissioning, application, and maintenance.

During the past decades, the capacity of production machinery increased continuously in nearly all industries. A doubling of the capacity in a time span of 20 years is a coarse but helpful point to fathom. With machinery becoming more powerful, investments per unit increased significantly. Thus, in order to expedite the return on investment, machinery […]
John Amendola, Peter Boiger

Worm Screw High-Speed Manufacturing

A comparison of standard worm hobbing to the worm screw power skiving (WSPS) process is discussed, including cutting speeds, axis rotational speeds, machine kinematics, and machine configuration. A calculation example for small-pitch worm screws shows that a manufacturing cycle time can be reduced with the WSPS process.

This paper shows how to produce worm screws when your actual gear hobbing machine configuration has the hob axis perpendicular to the workpiece axis with a swiveling of ±30 degrees for the hob head to produce helical gears. As known, from the perpendicular axis of the workpiece, the helix angle of a worm screw is […]
Jean-Laurent Feutren


Q&A with Adam Gimpert

Business Manager
Koepfer America LLC

Tell us about yourself and your role at Koepfer America. I’ve been with Koepfer America about four years. I’m a licensed structural engineer, so my background is actually in buildings. The manufacturing industry is certainly different from buildings, but it’s still a lot of problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and engineering. My dad started Koepfer America in […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Common Gear Failures

A systemic failure analysis aids in identifying the root problem of a gear failure, and once identified, there are ways to avoid the most common culprits.

The strength, toughness, and cost effectiveness of steel make it the most widely used material in gear-making [4]. Different steel compositions offer an array of hardness and hardenability depending on the carbon and alloy contents of the steel type. Heat-treat response and surface treatment alter the microstructure and influence the wear and fatigue properties of […]
Anne Koutsis

Non-Design Engineering Considerations

Design engineers should contemplate non-design engineering considerations while designing a gearbox or any other component.

The function of design interacts with non-design engineering considerations and functions of a product. Four key elements include: design for manufacturing, design for assembly, design for inspection, and design for quality, also known as quality by design. Design for Manufacturing In the design process, every component manufactured must have the manufacturing processes considered. Can the […]
Rick Miller

Surface Engineering of Steels

Surface engineering draws upon chemistry, material science, metallurgy, tribology, and biology to enhance surface properties for improving parts.

The ASM Handbook [1] defines surface engineering as: “treatment of the surface and near-surface regions of a material to allow the surface to perform functions that are distinct from those functions demanded from the bulk of material.” The surface properties can be enhanced or changed to improve lubricity for forming, surface hardness for wear resistance, […]
D. Scott MacKenzie, Ph.D., FASM


The Route To Successful Composites Machining

New CoroMill® Plura routers unveiled by Sandvik Coromant offer optimized milling and slotting operations in composite materials such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). Production engineers, machine shop managers and operators will all benefit from the patented geometries provided by the new routers, particularly those in the aerospace industry, where these materials […]
July 7, 2017

Everything From A Single Source With Skiving3

Gear skiving according to the Liebherr concept has proved itself. Specialists from Kempten, Ettlingen, and Collegno offer competences from a single source in a full-service package.  “For successful gear skiving, users need more than just a good machine,” said Dr.-Ing. Oliver Winkel, head of application technology. “With skiving3, we not only sell the LK 300 […]
June 30, 2017

REM Surface Engineering Appoints Justin Michaud as New CEO

REM Surface Engineering announced the appointment of Justin Michaud as CEO. He assumed responsibilities January 2017, and will succeed Mark Michaud, who stepped down into a reduced role as a Technical Fellow supporting research and sales. Justin Michaud has been part of the REM Surface Engineering team since 2006, serving in the role of corporate […]
June 19, 2017

Oerlikon Graziano Presents New Technologies in High-Performance Automotive Transmissions

High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano, brand of Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment, presented its range of hybrid transmission systems at the 2017 CTI Symposium and Transmission Expo in Novi, Michigan, in May. The focus was on the hybrid transmission concept, which promises a step forward on the path to electrification, with a compact and elegant package […]
June 19, 2017

Sandvik Coromant Appoints Nadine Crauwels as New President

Nadine Crauwels has been appointed president of Sandvik Coromant and will be responsible for continuing to develop the company as the leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions, and know-how to the manufacturing industry, effective May 15, 2017. Crauwels has a solid background with Sandvik Coromant, having previously worked as vice president and head of customized […]
June 19, 2017

Liebherr Hosts 7th WZL Gear Conference

In continuation of a successful tradition to present the research results from the WZL Gear Department to the North American gear industry, WZL invites members of the gear manufacturing community to the 7th WZL Gear Conference hosted by Liebherr Gear Technology, July 18-19, 2017, at the Sheraton in Ann Arbor, Michigan. WZL will present a […]
June 19, 2017

Mid-South Metallurgical Invests in Afc-Holcroft Equipment To Expand Existing Production Capability

Commercial heat treater Mid-South Metallurgical in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, purchased new AFC-Holcroft furnace equipment to increase its production capability for carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening, normalizing, annealing, and stress relieving of metal components. The new furnace equipment, consisting of a UBQ (universal batch quench) integral quench furnace, two UBT (universal batch temper) furnaces, and an EZTM generator, […]
June 19, 2017

Ipsen Adds September Class with Special Atmosphere Session to Ipsen U Lineup

Ipsen announced a new addition to its 2017 Ipsen U lineup — a course on September 19-21. Plus, those who attend the September Ipsen U course can extend their training at no extra cost with an additional day dedicated to atmosphere heat-treating systems. This atmosphere session will be from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on […]
June 19, 2017

Matrix Design Breaks Ground on New Manufacturing Facility

Matrix Design LLC recently announced the start of construction on its new facility at 1361 Schiferl Road in Bartlett, Illinois, about 10 minutes east of South Elgin. With a November 2017 completion date, Matrix will move from its two locations into this 50,000-square-foot facility designed for its specific needs. “We are excited to bring all […]
June 19, 2017

Rego-Fix Tool Corporation Opens New Facility in Whitestown

Nearly 100 guests including customers, Whitestown and Boone County officials, members of the media, and a representative from the Swiss Consulate joined Rego-Fix Tool Corporation (RFTC) executives and employees on May 5 to celebrate the opening of the company’s new North American headquarters in Whitestown, Indiana. The new 20,000-square-foot facility allows the precision tooling solution […]
June 19, 2017

MC Machinery Systems Completes Move to New Headquarters in Elk Grove Village

MC Machinery Systems has moved into its new headquarters at 85 Northwest Point Boulevard in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The new 175,000-square-foot facility honors the history and stability of MC Machinery while supporting the growing future. The new facility is a 76-percent increase in square footage from the previous facility at 1500 Michael Drive in […]
June 19, 2017

JTEKT Toyoda Americas Opens Great Lakes Technical Center

Nestled at the heart of the U.S. automotive industry and just under 40 miles from the Canadian border, Toyoda’s new Wixom, Michigan-based tech center will provide local sales application, turnkey, and service support to manufacturers in the Great Lakes region. At the grand opening in April, attendees caught a first look at the tech center’s […]
June 19, 2017

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Offers New Industrial Robotic Calibration and ISO-Based Performance Test Solution

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced its new solution for the calibration and performance testing of industrial robot systems. The RoboDyn software package, created in collaboration with the developers of SpatialAnalyzer, works in conjunction with a Leica Absolute Tracker to allow for the direct calculation of robot characteristics such as base and tool alignments and full DH […]
June 19, 2017

Okuma Corporation Completes Dream Site 2 Parts Factory

Okuma Corporation, a world leader in CNC machine tool manufacturing, announced the completion of the company’s new Dream Site 2 (DS2) parts factory in Oguchi, Japan. This facility improves the company’s ability to respond to customer needs by shortening lead times and adding value through high-efficiency production. Parts produced will be used for machine tool […]
June 19, 2017

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Schunk Expands its line of Micro-Machining Products

Tribos polygonal clamping technology has been used in high-precision micro-machining for many years by medical and dental technology, watchmaking, and jewelry, as well as mold-making and optical engineering companies. Due to the high demand of the patented toolholding system, Schunk has further expanded the line of precision toolholders. The Schunk Tribos-Mini, designed for micro applications, […]
June 19, 2017

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: EMAG Offers Compact Gear Manufacturing with Modular Machines

EMAG’s compact production line for gear manufacturing consists of just three machines, all from the EMAG modular series, demonstrating the flexibility and performance capacity of this series. The VL 3 Duo, a dual-spindle vertical turning machine, the VL 4 H, the vertical hobbing machine, and the chamfering and deburring machine VLC 100 RC — are […]
June 19, 2017

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Cortec Corporation Introduces Breakthrough in Temporary Rust Preventive Technology

Cortec Corporation has developed a water-based rust preventative (RP) that reduces applied cost by 40 percent compared to a bestselling oil-based RP. Cortec’s innovation offers excellent corrosion protection while reducing carbon footprint and cutting common labor or disposal costs associated with traditional RPs. EcoCorr™ Water-Based Rust Preventative powered by Nano VpCI® is a complete replacement […]
June 19, 2017