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August 2016



Offering one of the largest selections of metric-dimensioned power transmission gearing in North America as a distributor for Kohara Gear Industry, KHK USA services its customers by providing off-the-shelf gears with fast lead times.

KHK USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohara Gear Industry of Kawaguchi, Japan. Founded as Kohara Haguruma Factory in 1935, the company, under the leadership of its founder Tomizo Kohara, developed from a single lathe machine to that of a world-renowned gear manufacturer. After supplying materials to the Japanese government during the second […]
Robert Johnson, Caitlin Chandler, Bradley Miner

A New Class of Industrial Gear Oil

A new class of industrial gear lubricants based on alternative synthetic materials has been developed to satisfy critical market performance expectations, ensure global supply chain security, and address economic and performance challenges.

In 2013, the global lubricant market was just over 40 million tons, comprised of 58-percent automotive lubricants and 42-percent industrial lubricants. The industrial lubricant portion of 16.9 million tons was made up of three major segments — namely hydraulic oils, engine oils, and gear oils — which account for just under 50 percent of the […]
Aidan Rose, Rene Koschabek, David B. Gray

Analysis and Optimization of Asymmetric Epicyclic Gears

Following the Direct Gear Design approach to asymmetric epicyclic gear stages with singular and compound planet gears, methods of optimization of the tooth flank asymmetry factor and root fillet profile are considered.

The design objective of asymmetric tooth gears is to improve performance of the primary drive flank profiles at the expense of the opposite coast profiles’ performance. The coast flanks are unloaded or lightly loaded during a relatively short work period. Such gears should be used for unidirectional or mostly unidirectional load transmission when the coast […]
Dr. Alexander Kapelevich

Case Study: Erwin Junker Machinery and Komet of America Inc.

When KOMET of America Inc. sought to produce multi-step tools more efficiently, investing in the Lean Selection Allround machine from JUNKER brought a cost-effective upgrade in technology together with dramatically decreased setup times.

In order to stay competitive in their industries, manufacturers must always be on the lookout for new ways to provide value while keeping cost at a minimum. Nobody knows this better than David Zurowski, Komet’s Dihart® carbide group leader, who understands the importance of finding the most optimal cost-effective solution for his customers. With this […]
Robert Johnson, Caitlin Chandler, Bradley Miner

Case Study: Tracey Gear, Drake Manufacturing, and Norton Abrasives

With a unique approach to grinding threads from solid, Tracey Gear utilizes Drake machine technology and Norton wheel technology to achieve impressive metal removal rates.

The worldwide use of grinding wheels for grinding a thread form into a precision workpiece is a common process. However, in this case study, the thread grinding operation is unique in that the threads were ground from solid to finish tolerance, eliminating the need for the rough cutting operation, the cutting machine, and complementary cutting […]
Phil Plainte


Trend Talks: Cost Savings

A good company is always looking for ways to save itself money, but a great company looks for ways to pass those savings on to its customers.

For many customers, saving money isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. So when companies can offer options that can cut costs as a result, that translates into a service that will keep customers happy. And happy customers mean repeat customers. But cost savings aren’t necessarily defined as discounts. Savings often can be found in […]
Kenneth Carter

Workforce Development

There are many reasons why we all need to invest more in human capital, especially in the heat treating industry.

How many times have we heard, “Our company is only as good as our people.” Yet more often than not, the majority of the today’s business conversations are centered around hard initiatives — new technologies, new systems, new production lines, new equipment, or learning to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). What about new and […]
Stephen Kowalski

Q&A with David Senkfor

TopGun Consulting LLC

Each issue, a Gear Solutions editor talks with experienced leaders from companies across the industry to learn about their offerings, philosophy, technology, processes, and customer relationships. Tell us a little about yourself. I am the president of TopGun Consulting based in Scottsdale, Arizona, as a manufacturing consultant with a focus on helping companies seek new […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Micropitting is a unique gear failure mode that can be eliminated by isotropic superfinishing.

Micropitting is a gear failure mode that typically occurs when higher contact stresses are applied to hardened gear teeth. Unlike most other failure modes, micropitting does not always proceed to component failure if left unaddressed. However, the direction that micropitting will take cannot be reliably predicted except with frequent inspections [1], and, as a result, […]
Martin McCormick

Recruiting Millennials

When recruiting to fill a gear design position, you need to be able to understand and manage from the perspective of the millennials, as well as understand the generational dissimilarities.

If you’ve attended any industry function lately, you’ve noticed that conversations invariably include discussions about the shortage of skilled gear designers and the difficulty to hire or retain the needed talent. This problem is not new; however, for the organizations that comprehend the generational differences and tailor their recruiting strategies, they will be well-positioned ahead […]
Matt Mondek


Ipsen Offers App and Demonstration of Predictive Maintenance Software at FNA 2016

Ipsen will provide an in-depth look at its latest technologies and advancements during Furnaces North America (FNA) 2016. From cutting-edge predictive maintenance capabilities to advanced vacuum and atmosphere heat-treating systems, Ipsen will highlight real-life customer experiences and innovations throughout time. At Booth #201/203, Ipsen offers an interactive tour experience and a live demo of the […]
September 8, 2016

Ipsen Offers App and Demonstration of Predictive Maintenance Software at FNA 2016

Ipsen will provide an in-depth look at its latest technologies and advancements during Furnaces North America (FNA) 2016. From cutting-edge predictive maintenance capabilities to advanced vacuum and atmosphere heat-treating systems, Ipsen will highlight real-life customer experiences and innovations throughout time. At Booth #201/203, Ipsen offers an interactive tour experience and a live demo of the […]
September 8, 2016

Kapp Technologies Takes Majority Ownership in Penta Gear Metrology, LLC

Kapp Technologies recently announced it has become majority partner in Penta Gear Metrology, LLC. Penta Gear Metrology LLC builds both functional and analytical gear measuring systems used in most gear manufacturing plants from automotive transmissions to industrial drives. The Dayton, Ohio, company is known for innovative design and modern intuitive software. Penta Gear Metrology (formerly […]
September 7, 2016

Alicona Demonstrates Automation, 3D Metrology, and Machine Tooling at IMTS 2016

Alicona, a supplier of automated measurement systems for the tooling industry, is expanding its range of production-integrated measurement solutions. At IMTS 2016, Booth #E-5833, the leader in high-resolution optical 3D metrology will demonstrate how new automation possibilities add to the concept of “smart manufacturing.” Full measurement and integration — these are the requirements of modern […]
September 7, 2016

Sandvik Introduces Sanmac 3G at IMTS 2016

Sandvik is launching Sanmac® 3G at IMTS 2016, offering a stainless steel material, which can significantly increase machining rates. To demonstrate this, the company will be running a Sound Challenge at its Booth #W-1228 to see if visitors can identify “the sound of higher productivity.“ Year-on-year, Sandvik Research & Development has applied and tested process […]
September 7, 2016

Grob Systems Partners with FactoryWiz Monitoring To Utilize MTConnect

MTConnect partner, Refresh Your Memory Inc., developer of FactoryWiz™ Monitoring & DNC, will be demonstrating software technology that supports Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) with partner Grob Systems in the South Hall Booth #8574 and RYM Booth #3363 in the East Hall at IMTS 2016. With Industry 4.0 here, Grob Systems has partnered […]
September 7, 2016

New Seco Highfeed Cutter Boosts Material Removal Rates

Seco Tools has expanded its solutions for achieving high performance and long tool life with the introduction of the Highfeed 6 — the latest addition to the Highfeed series of indexable-insert milling cutters. This new cutter features a design created specifically to boost material removal rates and handle high chip loads, resulting in substantial productivity […]
September 7, 2016

Hurco Introduces Double Column Bridge-Type Machine

Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine at IMTS 2016. The stability of the double-column design and the overall weight of the machine (20,062 pounds) provide exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish capabilities. While designed specifically for the mold market and aerospace industry, the BX40i meets the needs of any high-speed machining application […]
August 31, 2016

Sandvik Coromant Offers Connectivity to Customers at IMTS 2016

In an era of digital transformation in machining operations, Sandvik Coromant will reveal for the first time at IMTS 2016 new connectivity-based solutions designed to help manufacturers optimize their machining and decision-making process. The new solutions have been developed to improve every aspect, from design, production planning, and through machining to post-process analysis and intelligence. […]
August 12, 2016

Star SU To Unveil Dry Grinding Technology and Cutting Tool Advancements at IMTS 2016

Star SU will showcase its product range of machine tool, cutting tool, and tool services at IMTS 2016. It will have two booths — one in the Gear Pavilion in the North Hall and another in the West Hall showcasing its cutting tool technology. In Booth #N-6924, visitors will see product overviews, video displays, and […]
August 12, 2016

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gleason to Demonstrate New Solutions for Advanced Gear Production at IMTS 2016

Gleason will demonstrate brand-new solutions in advanced gear manufacturing technology in Booth #N-7000 at IMTS 2016 in Chicago, September 12-17, covering a wide array of processes for the complete production and inspection of all types of bevel and cylindrical gears. Technologies that will be exhibited include: Genesis® 260GX – New Threaded Wheel Grinding Powerhouse The […]
August 12, 2016

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Carbide-Roll Burnishing Tools to be Featured at IMTS 2016

By Elliott Tool Technologies, carbide-roll burnishing tools, which produce a mirror-like surface finish while eliminating secondary operations, machining setups, and operator labor and cost, will be featured at IMTS 2016, Booth #W-1292. These cost-effective, easy-to-use carbide rolls from Monaghan Tooling Group improve surface irregularities and tool marks, producing optimum surface finishes of 4 to 20 […]
August 12, 2016

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gehring Releases Lifehone L630 Modular Honing Machine

Gehring L.P. has released the Lifehone L630,  the newest in its line of modular honing machines for precision metal components. The Lifehone L630 offers a systematic approach to help ensure an efficient manufacturing process. Features include standard part applications that can be honed on the Lifehone range from sun gears to connecting rods, hydraulic sleeves, […]
August 12, 2016

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Hardinge Announces Release of Two New VMCS

Hardinge Inc., a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions, recently announced the release of its newest vertical machining centers (VMCs), the Bridgeport V480 and V710. The Bridgeport V480 and V710 machines feature fast rapid rates, high axis and spindle acceleration/deceleration, and a powerful Mitsubishi control packed with many standard features. For job-shop type work […]
August 12, 2016

Emag To Display Machine Tools at IMTS 2016

Emag, a leading supplier to the North American market, will be presenting machine tools and related manufacturing equipment at IMTS 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, September 12-17, Booth #N-6834, in the Gear Pavilion located in the North Hall. The company will present its family of turning centers, gear generation machines, grinding, milling, vertical turning, and boring […]
August 12, 2016

Zoller Features Products at IMTS 2016

Zoller presents its extensive product range, from tool presetting, measuring, inspection, and automation to software solutions at IMTS 2016 in the West Building, Booth #W-2022. Zoller is known for innovative solutions, and IMTS will give visitors the opportunity to see numerous innovations and further developments. Software Module for Inspection Device ”PomBasic” “ReGrind” The new Zoller […]
August 12, 2016

New Norton Centerless Grinding Technology at IMTS 2016

Norton Saint-Gobain will feature Norton Century45™at IMTS, Booth #N-7051. The newly developed Norton Century45 centerless bond platform features an exclusive chemistry that greatly improves grain retention in the wheel. Better grain retention means wheels are constructed with more porosity for a given hardness. This translates into wheels having a hard grade with the performance of […]
August 12, 2016

Röhm To Feature Workholding Technologies at IMTS 2016

Röhm Products of America will show its strength as a one-stop clamping-and-gripping supplier by presenting a wide range of workholding innovations in Booth #W-2528 at IMTS 2016. Among the products on display will be two of the company’s newest solutions that fulfill industry demands for increased efficiency, ergonomics, weight reduction, and convenience. Manufacturers in search […]
August 12, 2016

Klingelnberg To Present Products and Services at IMTS 2016

Klingelnberg will present its versatile machine lineup in operation at Booth #N-6837 at IMTS 2016. This year’s focus will be “solutions for the automotive industry” and “solutions for small-batch gear manufacturers.” Every day, manufacturers in the automotive industry are faced with challenges for which appropriate solutions must be found while continually improving power consumption and […]
August 12, 2016

Big Kaiser Brings Innovation to IMTS 2016, Booth #W-1600

Big Kaiser introduces the EWD EVO, a digital boring head designed with a single goal in mind — making the life of an operator as easy as possible. It will be synched with the new Big Kaiser smartphone and tablet app, which was developed to enhance user friendliness while assembling and running Big Kaiser boring […]
August 9, 2016

Exsys Tool Introduces High-Precision pL Lehmann Line at IMTS 2016

Exsys Tool Inc. will spotlight its high-precision pL Lehmann rotary tables as well as the product line’s swissClamp modular clamping system at IMTS 2016. The company will also demonstrate several other productivity-enhancing Exsys technologies in Booths #W-2061 and #N-7223, including the Preci-Flex® tooling system. The Swiss-manufactured pL Lehmann rotary tables allow users to upgrade a […]
August 9, 2016

Seco Tools Features Engineered Solutions at IMTS 2016

Seco Tools will spotlight its Engineered Solutions along with many other new tooling innovations at IMTS 2016, Booth #W-1564. The company will exhibit several examples of these real-world Engineered Solutions that have resulted from Seco’s design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. Seco’s new tooling innovations at IMTS include its new Square T4-12 milling cutter now with […]
August 9, 2016

Enshu To Introduce WE30Ve Vertical Machining Center at IMTS 2016

Enshu USA will introduce the WE30Ve Vertical Machining Center to the North American market at IMTS 2016, Booth #S-8592, on September 12-17, in Chicago, Illinois. With its evenly distributed rigid bridge structure and 12,000 rpm BT30 spindle, the WE30Ve is ideal for the high-speed, high-precision machining of small to medium-sized parts. The WE30Ve features a […]
August 9, 2016

Trunnion Table Introduces New Stallion Hybrid Trunnions

The new Stallion Hybrid trunnions from (Booth #W-2268, IMTS 2016) allow faceplates and chucks to be installed without removal of the trunnion table for faster part setups, increased productivity, and higher quality parts. The trunnions accommodate a variety of vises, fixtures, three- and four-jaw chucks, and collet chucks for flexible job shop workholding. Two models are available, the Stallion Hybrid 9/20 (9 […]
August 9, 2016