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October 2015


Bourn & Koch, Inc.

Bourn & Koch continues to combine the most well-known brand names in the history of industrial machining with customer-driven solutions and the industry’s latest technology.

Bourn & Koch was founded in 1975 when Larry Bourn & Loyd Koch, prior employed at Sundstrand Machine Tool, set out to fill a niche of remanufacturing and retrofitting machine tools and to build specialty machines not being addressed by other large machine tool builders. Throughout its 40-year history, Bourn & Koch has continuously strived […]
Molly J. Rogers

Customer Success Stories

Two gear manufacturing companies — Croix Gear & Machining in Wisconsin and Columbia Gear in Minnesota — benefited from purchasing Gleason machines in order to fill their needs for increasing capacity, capabilities, and technologies.

Technology Transformation at Croix Gear & Machining Croix Gear & Machining leverages Gleason’s total solutions package to exceed customer expectations for spiral bevel gear quality and delivery. When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker criss-crossed his state earlier this year to pitch Wisconsinites on his ambitious “Blueprint for Prosperity” plan for tax relief and worker training, he […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Gear Tooth Root Stresses of a Very Heavily Loaded Gear Pair

In this case study, specialized contact analyses and finite element methods were used to study gear tooth stresses of the space shuttle orbiter’s body flap actuator gears.

For aerospace applications, there is a high premium on minimizing the mass of all components while meeting operational and safety requirements. Gears for space shuttle orbiter actuators were specified to meet safety factor requirements for fatigue life, yield, and ultimate load carrying capacity [1]. Analytical predictions of safety factors for gear teeth with respect to […]
Timothy L. Krantz, Dr. Robert F. Handschuh

Optimizing Innovation in Driveline Design Processes

Simulation technology is driving innovation in gear and drivetrain design fields with an approach that moves problem-solving earlier in the process.

In the driveline industry, innovation can only be achieved when the use of new or novel technologies or methods are applied to design and development goals. Innovation also means harnessing practical ways to support business goals and deliver higher quality products faster, more efficiently, and with a lower cost. While design and manufacturing methods improve […]
Dr. Michael F. Platten

Flame Hardening

Flame hardening is a viable, cost-efficient solution for heat treating difficult gear designs and for lower production volumes. Here, an overview on flame hardening, as well as spin hardening and robotic gear hardening, is discussed.

Heat treating gears increases their durability and strength, and there are many heat treating options to suit different applications. To achieve the best return on investment, factors that should be considered include production volume, gear or shaft design, and hardness pattern and depth specified for the parts. Also, determining the number of parts that will […]
Mark Sirrine, Jackie Orr

Effective Methods for Checking Grinding Quality

Grinding affects the performance of a gear component, therefore it’s important to optimize the grinding process and eliminate defective parts before final assembly.

Grinding is often the last process in the manufacture of high-quality, high-load-bearing gearbox components. High-load-bearing gears are hardened for greater strength and ground to reach tight dimensional tolerances. But too much heat from the grinding process can relax beneficial compressive stresses, soften a surface that should be hard, and, in the extreme, produce tensile stresses […]
Robert M. Fix


Isotropic Superfinishing

Surface finishing technology, including the specific technique of isotropic superfinishing, is gaining interest in the gear industry due to its importance in maximizing component performance.

Increasingly stringent operational requirements from customers coupled with enhanced global technical standards have heightened the focus of gear designers on a wide array of parameters that historically would have been of secondary consideration; one such design parameter is surface finish. This article is the first in a short series that will cover a specific subcategory […]
Justin Michaud

Q&A with Milton Guerry

President, Schunk

Tell us about Schunk and its role in the gear manufacturing industry. Schunk is the worldwide leader for clamping technology and gripping systems, designing and manufacturing an unmatched selection of products such as toolholders, arbors, gripping systems, and workholding. With over 2,300 employees located in more than 50 countries, we offer global customer service and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Ipsen MetalMaster Furnace Provides High Performance

Ipsen shipped a horizontal-loading MetalMaster® vacuum furnace with two-bar gas quenching to a commercial heat treating company in South Carolina. Ideal for aerospace brazing and other high vacuum applications, this vacuum furnace line performs distinctively well with thin section parts and lighter pieces. This customized furnace features a 36" x 30" x 48" (914 mm […]
October 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: KISSsoft Enhances Heating Calculation for Gearboxes

The efficiency calculation and thermal analysis according to ISO/TR 14179 (module KS2) has been extended with several useful functionalities. The power loss calculation has been implemented using the contact analysis of gears, which allows the user to consider the influence of micro geometry. The power losses as well as the dissipated heat can be adjusted […]
October 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: The New Genesis 400H Hobbing Machine for the Production of Mid-Sized Gears

The new Genesis® 400H gear hobbing machine for workpieces up to 400 mm in diameter and module 8 mm supplements Gleason’s successful line of Genesis hobbing machines in the medium-sized workpiece range. The 400H is designed for the manufacture of gears in truck, agriculture, and construction applications, as well as universal job shop tasks of […]
October 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Reishauer to Demonstrate the RZ 160 Gear Grinding Machine at Gear Expo

The inventor of continuous generating gear grinding, Reishauer AG of Wallisellen, Switzerland, will demonstrate the RZ 160 — the machine that sets the standard for gear grinding machines in this size range. This concept is based on the successful RZ 150 series with more than 600 machines installed in plants worldwide. The RZ 160 has […]
October 16, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Machine Tool Builders Exhibits at Gear Expo in Booth #1804

At Gear Expo, Machine Tool Builders (MTB) will display a P900 gear hobbing machine rebuilt with all mechanical linkages, gearing, and other driving mechanisms replaced with new modern servo drives and electronic controls via CNC. All guide ways have been refinished, seals and bearings replaced, hydraulics completely replaced, lubrication systems replaced, and a new electrical […]
October 16, 2015

Fives Investments in Manufacturing Science Yield Multiple Patents

Fives Machining Systems Inc. highlights the intellectual horsepower behind heavy manufacturing with 10 recent patents. The patents cover new production technologies and enhancements, quality improvement technologies, and component life enhancements. The developments are concentrated in the fields of metal cutting and composites processing. Eight of the patents relate to composite part manufacturing, a technology where […]
September 18, 2015