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Kowalski Heat Treating Company

Kowalski Heat Treating Company is a place where people work hard to play hard. You’ll learn about how the patriarch of the Kowalski family and his wife pioneered their own heat treating company while also raising a family of 18 children.

Successfully raising both a family and a small business is a difficult task, but that’s exactly what Robert Kowalski and his wife, Carole, did in 1975 when they started the Kowalski Heat Treating Company. After working for various commercial heat treating companies, Robert decided it was time to create his own startup heat treating company. […]
Anna Claire Howard

Molecular Decomposition Process = Electrochemical Assisted Precision Form Grinding

Super-finishing of forms required to generate geometry like that of the involute of a gear is a multi-step process where gear blanks are roughed, heat treated, and ground to precise tolerances allowing for additional stock removal to occur in another value added process to generate super-finishes to less than 1 Ra µin.  A solution that enables the rough and finish grinding to occur that produces super-finished surfaces to less than 1 Ra µin while maintaining precise geometries is Molecular Decomposition Process (MDP).

Introduction Molecular decomposition process is an electrochemical grinding process that has been refined to enable: • The removal of increased amount of material while maintaining workpiece temperature to within 1ºF. • Reduced mechanical force to the workpiece. • From roughing operations surface finishes achieved measure at 6 to 8 Ra µin. • Finishing operations are […]
Joseph DeAngelo

Forging: 101

When weighing metal forming options for use in gear manufacturing, consider the processes, applications, and benefits of open die and rolled ring forging.

Introduction PeripWhen buyers must select a process and supplier for the production of a critical metal component, they face an enormous array of possible alternatives. Many metalworking processes are available, each offering a unique set of capabilities, costs and advantages. The forging process is ideally suited to many part applications; however, some buyers may be […]
Scot Forge

GrindTalk: MIRA ICE – Cooler Grinding for Large Gears

Developed for form grinding of gears, BURKA-KOSMOS and TYROLIT combine strengths to develop the new force in grinding technology, MIRA ICE, to help gear manufacturers significantly improve their processes.

Introduction PeripGear tooth profile grinding has traditionally been thought of as a slow process. Initially developed as a discontinuous generating process, a coarse pitch workpiece grind cycle time was measured in days rather than hours, minutes, and seconds. The development of discontinuous profile grinding allowed the complete left flank and right flank profiles to be […]
David Harroun, Dennis Brown, Steve Claessens


History of Bending Fatigue, Part II

In Part I, we outlined a brief but historical synopsis of mechanical fatigue. Here, in Part II, the next step is to define the appropriate design life model for the application.

Safety factors cannot replace appropriate evaluation of impending dynamics in fatigue design. Determining the design life model is where the process must begin. Using the best and most complex calculations in strain life, crack propagation, and classical fatigue theory can be for naught if all of the critical contributing factors are not accounted for and […]
Fred Eberle

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Think that a hacker or other bad actor can’t hurt your company? Here are a few simple steps to take to start the process of IT and physical security of your critical infrastructure.

Information is the most valuable commodity any company has. Whether it is held in a persons mind, a cabinet, or a computer, the information must be secured. This month’s “Tooth Tips” deals with the last two, which, unfortunately, are often overlooked. Gear manufacturers have even more to secure due to the diversity of work, materials […]
David Senkfor

Heat treating in the United States – where have we been and where we are going

I can remember way back in the mid-seventies when the programmable logic controller (PLC) was just starting to make its way into heat treating by replacing hard-wired relays in control cabinets. The term Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) was emerging as a replacement to the stand-alone temperature controller and an integrator of logic and process control. PLCs prior […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard

Repairs are one of those things everyone hopes to avoid. But when the time comes to have a component fixed or rebuilt all together, you want to know you’re in capable hands.

It happened. You did everything you could to prevent this sort of disaster, but it still happened. You’re on track for production and everything seems to be running smoothly until, suddenly, the shop floor comes to a screeching halt. You have a faulty part. Most gear manufacturers have been in this type of unfortunate situation, […]
Anna Claire Howard

Q&A with Jerry Hendrickson

VP of Sales
Willman Industries, Inc.

Could you tell our readers about the genesis and history of  Willman Industries? The company has been around since roughly the late 1800s. It was an all-around job shop making everything from pots and pans to bicycle parts, as well as charging batteries for local residents. Around 1940, Ed State purchased the foundry and renamed […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Schafer Gear Works Appoints Operations Manager

Bipin Doshi, president of Schafer Industries, announced the appointment of Paresh Shah as operations manager of Schafer Gear Works’ Gear Unit in South Bend, Indiana. Schafer Gear Works has plants in South Bend as well as in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Rockford, Illinois.  The company’s 108,000-square-foot South Bend location produces high-volume gears for a variety […]
May 14, 2015

Timken Selected for Fifth Time as One of World’s Most Ethical Companies

The Timken Company has been recognized for the fifth time by the Ethisphere Institute as being among the world’s most ethical companies. Timken is among more than 130 organizations selected as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company. The designation recognizes organizations that foster a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company. […]
May 14, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lucifer Furnaces Delivers Heat Treat System to Vermont Custom Gage LLC

Vermont Custom Gage LLC., a subsidiary of Vermont Precision Tools Inc., in Swanton Vermont, selected Lucifer Furnaces to create manufacturing capability with the addition of an air recirculating oven, a salt bath pot furnace and a quench tank. The new equipment will be used in the production of small steel component parts of their measuring […]
May 14, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Trouble-Free Groove Milling from Sandvik Coromant

The new CoroMill QD groove milling concept from Sandvik Coromant features internal coolant and dedicated insert geometries for milling with high process security. The main challenge in groove milling is often chip evacuation. Chip issues often harm production efficiency, lower component quality or cause tool breakage, especially when machining narrow and deep grooves. Dedicated for […]
May 14, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gleason Introduces Gear Inspection Systems for the Production Floor

Gleason Corporation will introduce its latest gear metrology innovation at the upcoming Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany, May 5-8, 2015.  The 300GMS®P Analytical Gear Inspection System is designed to operate in production environments while yielding reliable measurement results, with integrated systems designed to compensate for the typical production floor thermal, vibratory and contamination dynamics that […]
May 14, 2015