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February 2015


United Tool Supply Company

It has been one year since United Tool Supply Company’s founder and president Rusty Young passed away, and his son, Jeff Young has since taken over the family business. A lot has changed throughout the past year, and although the family and company have been faced with great adversity, both overcame those obstacles and are striving to preserve and build on Rusty’s legacy within this industry.

Rusty Young was a gear head, a risk taker and a successful entrepreneur. Sure, he didn’t fall in love with gears right away, but after a couple failed business endeavors — including one that had him driving down to Florida and back to Ohio to deliver fresh seafood and another involving selling those quarter-operated pool […]
Anna Claire Howard

The Convergence of Gear Metrology and 3-D Measuring Technology: The Slow Evolution

While there has been a gradual convergence of generative gear metrology and 3-D or CMM type measurements, significant differences remain. This article explores the historical perspective and outlines the current technology.

Ever since the first CNC generative gear measuring systems for parallel axis gears were introduced to the marketplace in the late 1970s, efforts have been made to utilize coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to check gears. Why not? After all, CMMs have three axes of measurement and can measure geometric shapes. Gears are geometric shapes, right? […]
Dwight Smith, Chris Pumm

Involute Spiral Face Couplings and Gears: Design Approach and Manufacturing Technique

By presenting spiral face gears with an involute tooth line and an identical tooth profile in the normal section at any given radius, two applications are made possible for such face gears.

Introduction Face gears typically have a straight or skewed tooth line and varying tooth profile in normal cross section at different radii from major to minor diameter. These face gears are engaged with spur or helical involute pinions at intersecting or crossed axes. This paper presents spiral face gears with an involute tooth line and […]
Stephen D. Korosec, Dr. Alexander Kapelevich

What do ZOLLER and a simple gear have in common? Both are proven in use and high efficiency.

By combining image-processing technology with one probe and six CNC-controlled axes, ZOLLER is able to sucessfully execute hob measurements without any distortions for its customers.

Introduction Gears have existed for over 2000 years and are an indispensable part of today’s technology. Whether in the car, in a pinwheel, or a movement – a gear is used in many ways. In order to achieve perfect gearing, maximum efficiency, and maximum power, gears must be manufactured in a very precise manner with […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Achieving low ppm oxygen levels: Pumps are slow to remove water vapor while an inert gas purge is time consuming

Vacuum furnaces rely on the lack of an atmosphere to protect heat-treated parts from surface oxidation or decarburization. The quality of the atmosphere required for a given process is defined by the quantity of residuals remaining after evacuation. Therefore, the ultimate pressure determines the composition of gasses (lower pressure produces fewer molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

Now that we’ve kicked off 2015, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds—making more money this year than what was made in 2014. In the gear manufacturing industry, there’s a sure fire way to ensure that will happen… increasing sales.

In any business where a product is made available for consumers, that company’s livelihood, longevity, and wellbeing all come down to one thing—successful sales. And no matter how much it pangs me to say it, money does make the world go ‘round. I consider myself a romantic of sorts. I love to travel and make […]
Anna Claire Howard

Q&A with Marvin Nicholson

President and Founder
Pentagear Products LLC

Would you please provide a brief history of your company? I started my career in the gear industry in 1983, and I created Pentagear in 2005. I had been working in the gauging industry for many years. However, I always felt that there was better way to design the products than what I was using.  […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Using Master Gears

When Master Gears are designed properly, certain errors can be identified, and, with more discrimination, that type of error can be mapped out to indicate specific performance issues within the application itself.

In the design of generated and molded gears, it is common to specify a total composite error (TCE) tolerance for in-process inspection, especially for high volume production. TCE is defined as variation in center distance when rolled in tight mesh with a highly accurate master gear on a floating spring arbor. Highly accurate means that […]
Fred Eberle

Executing a Quality Product

In an age where putting information out first seems to be valued over ensuring that information is correct, it’s important to take the time to execute a quality product or service both for the customers’ benefit and your own.

As a former owner of a mid-sized gear manufacturing facility, I understand the pressures that owners and their staffs endure to satisfy their customers. I’m also a practical guy who has been involved with manufacturing for over 30 years. As part of my current manufacturing consulting practice, I see many businesses struggle with the various […]
David Senkfor


Gleason Helps Gudel AG Fulfill Ambitious Requirements

The new Gleason 100PS Power Skiving Machine: first results are in with an installation at Güdel AG, Langenthal, Switzerland, a leading worldwide manufacturer of machinery and factory equipment, with particularly strong manufacturing and process automation capabilities. Güdel and Gleason-Pfauter Studen have long cultivated a relationship as suppliers and users of each other’s products. Currently, Güdel […]
February 12, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: LEHVOSS develops high-performance compounds for automotive gear wheels

Plastic gearing in the automotive industry is increasingly subjected to demanding applications having higher loads and operating temperatures. Lehvoss North America has responded by developing thermoplastic compounds that make it possible to produce gear wheels that are more resilient when compared to acetal, nylon, and PBT even at elevated temperatures. New LUVOCOM® 1-8181 and 1-8520 […]
February 12, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SMT releases MASTA 6 CAE transmission software solution

SMT (Smart Manufacturing Technology) is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated edition of CAE software, MASTA 6. MASTA is for transmission and driveline design, analysis, simulation and manufacture. Its modular structure makes it tailorable to the responsibilities of its user and is applicable to the entire development cycle for the automotive, energy, […]
February 12, 2015

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Jergens offers maximum machine travel with new top tooling solutions

Jergens Inc. introduces two of its latest top tooling solutions. Among the new products first displayed at IMTS 2014 is a 130 mm low profile vise to effectively extend the work area for multi-axis applications. Part of the industry-leading Fixture Pro™ family, this vise permits increased Z travel while maintaining the same characteristics as the […]
February 12, 2015