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Company Profile: Delta Dynamics Inc.

Two-decade commitment to collaboration and quality solidified this company’s position in the oil and gas drivetrain component design, consultation, and manufacturing market

It’s often said that two heads are better than one. When each party plays to his strengths, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Twenty years ago last month, a pair of co-workers at a machine shop in British Columbia had a meeting of the minds and branched out on their own. […]
Stephen Sisk

Inside the Taiwan Machine Tools Industry

A week abroad gives new perspectives on the global market

Ordinarily, I would have hung up the phone immediately. In my life to that point, I had been able to successfully avoid bogus time-shares, Nigerian princesses, unclaimed lottery windfalls, and all the other various two-bit grifts, cons, and swindles. I had heard the urgent phone pitch promising free trips to varied spots around the globe […]
Chad Morrison

IMTS 2014 In-Review

Over 114,000 on hand in Chicago as the manufacturing technology industry celebrates its 30th edition

The 30th edition of IMTS — The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 was the fourth largest IMTS in history and the largest six-day show ever with registration of 114,147 representing 112 countries. This was a 13.9 percent increase over IMTS 2012. IMTS covered more than 1.282 million net square feet of exhibit space and hosted […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Powder Metallurgy of High Density Helical Gears

The reason for P/M’s success is its ability to offer the design engineer the required mechanical properties with reduced component cost

Powder Metallurgy is a proven technology to produce high strength gears for the automotive industry.  Advances in powder production, compaction, and sintering combined with double pressing have enabled overall part densities up to 7.5 g/cm³ in spur gears. However, helical gears are more difficult to produce to these same densities because the geometry does not […]
Richard Slattery

Weighing Options in Deburring

Investigating the tools, equipment, and technology surrounding the deburring of gears

In the gear deburring process, the operator must determine the method, or tool, that will  be used. Three tool options exist for performing this task — grinding wheels, brushes, and carbide tools. (Reference 1) Grinding wheel method If you’ve chosen to use a grinding wheel for deburring, the next step is to choose the proper […]
Mike Magee


Achieving modernization in carburizing and quenching requires an overhaul of load sizes and materials handling

As the effort to automate heat treating has evolved, OEMs — especially automotive suppliers —  have embraced the effort to move the process from the back room into the manufacturing mainstream. Heat treating — specifically carburizing — involves a carbon-based gas and a quenching method to harden the steel. Typically, quenching has used oil, but […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: OSHA

New requirements govern reporting of severe injuries in the workplaces.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) today announced a final rule requiring employers to notify OSHA when an employee is killed on the job or suffers a work-related hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye. The rule, which also updates the list of employers partially exempt from OSHA record-keeping requirements, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Q&A with James Richards

Founder, President
James Engineering Corporation

Could you tell our readers a little about your MAX-System ‘One-Time-Setup’ deburring solution? We’re probably the first people to build a purpose-built CNC-type of deburring machine. It has got five servo axes to it. We have developed the software to run it. It is extremely intuitive. It takes only a few minutes. If you were […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Powder Metal Parts Finishing

The process and benefits of steam treating

This month we will focus on a very important PM finishing process – The steam treating of powder metal parts. There are several benefits to steam treating powder metal parts. However, there are some important issues the designer must be aware of. But what exactly is the steam treating? This treatment consists of a controlled […]
Fred Eberle

Preliminary Results of Testing of Low-Tooth-Count Bevel Gears of a Novel Design, Part I

This paper deals with bevel gears having a low-tooth-count (further, LTC ­– gears, for simplicity).

In a general sense, LTC bevel gears feature the start-of-active-profile cone angle, ϒl, smaller than the base cone angle, ϒb, of the gear.  For LTC bevel gears the inequality ϒl≤ ϒb is always observed.  In a narrower sense,  LTC bevel gears are viewed as those with 12 teeth and a fewer. Bevel gears with 12 […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.


Brevini Gear Systems Hires New Director of Sales

Chad Torn has joined Brevini Gear Systems as director of sales. In this role, Torn will be responsible for developing the strategic sales channels and growing the business. Torn brings a wealth of experience and a passion for building relationships. The company believes he will be a great asset, and is excited to have him […]
September 15, 2014

Manufacturing Day Events Expected to Top 1,500 in 2014

More than 1,500 manufacturing events across the country are estimated to mark the third-annual Manufacturing Day taking place Friday, Oct. 3, according to event co-producers. Manufacturing Day is designed to introduce as many people as possible to the important role played by manufacturing both in local communities and for the nation. The 2013 celebration included […]
September 15, 2014