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August 2014


Company Profile: Motion Industries

Three things separate Motion Industries from the rest: people, products, and process.

According to Randy Breaux, senior VP of marketing for Birmingham, Ala.’s Motion Industries, there are three things that separate his company from the rest: people, products, and process. People  Breaux said, “We have a solid base of technically competent personnel in the field to make sure our customers are getting the right replacement parts for […]
Tim Byrd

Finite Element Analysis of a Floating Planetary Ring Gear with External Splines

An investigation of the stresses and deflections of a floating ring gear with external splines working in a large planetary wheel motor of a mining truck.

The design of a planetary ring gear is always a challenge due to the contradictive requirements it must comply with. On one hand, the ring gear should be strong and stiff enough to successfully carry the applied load. On the other hand, it should have as small volume as possible to account for the radial […]
Dr. Vanyo Kirov, Dr. Yun Y. Wang

Gear Failure Analysis and Lessons Learned in Aircraft High-Lift Actuation

Several gear failure cases yielded important lessons for the development phase of aircraft high lift actuation systems.

The high lift system of an aircraft, including trailing and/or leading edge slats/flaps, increases lift for takeoff, controls flight during cruise, and reduces landing distance for touch-down.  This flight control system is usually composed of power drive units (PDUs), torque tubes, bevel gear boxes, offset gearboxes, leading edge (LE) geared rotary actuators (GRAs), trailing edge […]
Anngwo Wang, Jonathan P. Davies, Dr. Lotfi El-Bayoumy, Seth E. Gitnes

Grinding Alternatives

A series of Fine-ground and Polish-ground gears are currently being tested by various gear manufacturing companies and transmission developers around the world.

As the original inventor of continuous generating gear grinding technology, Reishauer has been a leader in hard finishing of gears for decades, with a particular focus in the automotive industry in the past few years.  Among the best-known company’s developments, are: continuous-shift generating grinding, high-performance generating grinding, low-noise shifting and twist-control grinding. The newly developed […]
Walter Graf

CASE STUDY: RUF Briquetting Systems and Corrugated Replacements, Inc. and Horsburg-Scott

Two companies make the most of their swarf with RUF Briquetting.

Briquetting is a way to regain value from the materials you already have. Gear grinding operations are finding the value they thought was lost in the grinding sludge. The bonuses of increased operational efficiencies and safer working conditions are realized once companies start using a briquetting system. Corrugated Replacements, Inc., a developer of machine replacement […]
Greg Tucholski

Principal Design Parameters Of Gearing With Non-Parallel Axes Of Rotations

Examples of gearing with non-parallel axes can be easily found in the industry.

This paper pertains to gearing with non-parallel axes of rotation of the driving and the driven members. Examples of the gearing can be easily found in the industry – all gearings with crossed axes of rotations (further, CA-gearing for simplicity), and all gearings with intersected axes of rotations (further  IA-gearing for simplicity) feature the axes […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.


The Pressed Blank: A Closer Look

In the manufacture of complex shapes such as gear tools, a great deal of machining is required on the pressed blank.

Carbide Carbide is the basis for most cutting tools used today in non-gear cutting applications. It has been in use approximately 50 years. It cannot be machined by normal methods, preventing it from becoming readily available for tools of complex shapes such as hobs and shaper cutters. Any machining of these tools performed in the […]
Ron Green

An armchair guide for predicting results for LPC and atmosphere carburizing

Over the last few years I’ve contributed to discussion and dissection, and have generally peeled away the layers to discover how the LPC and atmosphere carburizing processes work and which is right for a particular type of product. But I don’t believe many of those interested in the topics understand how the simulation software relates […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: Tim Byrd

As IMTS approaches, Gear Solutions spoke to three companies about the concept of  “other people’s work.”

Staying in control of a gear business — its products, workforce, and reputation — is a process as meticulous as cutting a gear. For a business that can produce a gear, from start to finish, without any outside help, staying in control is all in a day’s work. But for the rest of the industry, […]
Tim Byrd

Q&A with Brett Froats

Vice President of Sales
Colonial Tool Group, Inc.

You purchased Advanced Cutting Tools in 2007. How has the transition been? It’s been quite smooth. We recently moved them into our facility in Windsor. Advanced manufactures indexable broach tools, indexable cutting tools, special motion tools, and a variety of special cutting tools for engine and transmission components such as machine cylinder heads, engine blocks, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Advantages of Net Shape Gears

There is no substitute for net shape gears when you must leverage the economy of volume to be successful.

In this column, every month we are going to explore some very interesting aspects of net shape gears. But first, what are net shape gears? Generally these are the molded types usually made in either plastics or by powder metallurgy. According to some data I have seen, it may be that 80 percent of all […]
Fred Eberle


KAPP NILES ZP 12, KX 260 TWIN, and RPG PM 750/1250

Two new Kapp Niles gear grinders and the latest portable gear inspection system from R&P Metrology GmbH will be introduced at IMTS 2014 (Chicago-Sept 8-13) in the KAPP NILES booth N-7036. The ZP 12 marries the best of the ZE and ZP series machines to offer a compact yet highly productive solution at a great […]
September 8, 2014

Rohm Opens Subsidiary in Mexico to Support Growing Market

Röhm GMBH recently opened a new subsidiary in Mexico to quickly and effectively meet the sales, service, and support needs of its growing customer base in Mexico and Central America. The new Röhm Products Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. is managed by Rodolfo Espeleta, who has 15 years of industry-related experience, with a strong […]
August 13, 2014

TDM Systems Realigns Strategy Towards Tool Lifecycle Management

TDM Systems will exhibit at IMTS 14 Booth No. E-3264, showing how the TDM 4.7 software package for tool lifecycle management makes life easier for machining companies. The package will also be presented in the Walter (W-1700) and Parlec (W-2300) booths. Managing director Peter Schneck said, “We want to make sure that not only we, […]
August 13, 2014

Abtex Corp. Acquires Nihmble Technologies

Abtex Corp. has announced the acquisition of Nihmble Technologies, a Bloomfield, NY company specializing in the design and creation of robotic systems for manufacturing, systems integration, and process control. The acquisition means manufacturers will now be able to use robotics technology to smoothly integrate Abtex’s deburring equipment into existing operations for unexpected efficiency. According to […]
August 13, 2014

Kluber Lubrication Obtains ISO 21469 Certification For Manufacturing Facilities

Kluber Lubrication has received the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) ISO 21469 certification at its Londonderry, New Hampshire facility. The certification from the NSF ensures food-grade lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are manufactured in a hygienic environment, using both best practices and the safest ingredients. Klüber Lubrication leads the industry with five global locations that are NSF […]
August 13, 2014

Elmo’s Motion Control Experience Offers Free Online Remote Practice System (RPS)

Elmo’s Motion Control is now offering a free remote login access via the Internet for its unique EASII Experience – Remote Practice System (EASII-RPS), enabling anyone from anywhere around the globe to experience first-hand the advanced motion tools provided by Elmo’s EASII software environment. The EASII Experience RPS is an exclusive, advanced, simple-to-use Motion Control […]
August 13, 2014

Oerlikon Metco Well Positioned to Meet Global Market Demand for Advanced Ceramics

Oerlikon Metco announced increased manufacturing capacity for its advanced ceramics products to meet growing demand from the aerospace, power generation and other per-tinent industries. The company of the newly formed Oerlikon Surface Solutions Segment as announced on June 3 now provides more flexible and shorter delivery times, design and production of novel customer-specific products, as […]
August 13, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gleason to Demonstrate Advanced Machines, Tooling, and Global Customer Support Services At IMTS 2014

Gleason will cover a wide array of processes for the complete production and inspection of all types of bevel and cylindrical gears at this year’s IMTS. Visitors to Gleason Booth #N-7000 will be introduced to these products and technologies. Among the technologies exhibited at the show will be: • The new Genesis 200GX Threaded Wheel […]
August 13, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lexair Multi Mini Rhinobar Bar Feeder

Lexair’s new Multi Mini Rhinobar bar feeder makes multi-diameter bar stock processing faster and easier with a feedtube cartridge that automatically centers and feeds three sizes of small-diameter bar stock to Swiss-style CNC screw machines and sliding-head lathes. Cartridges are available in three size ranges: 0.25 in/0.375 in/0.5 in, 0.25 in/0.5 in/0.75 in and 0.375 […]
August 13, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Geometric’s CAMWorks: ‘Quicker is Better’ at IMTS 2014

Geometric will preview its latest release of CNC programming automation solution, CAMWorks 2015, in Booth E-3320, IMTS 2014 in Chicago, Illinois from September 8 – 13, 2014. In today’s environment, manufacturers need to be able to do more with less — less design time, program time, setup time, and machining time. CAMWorks 2015 focuses on […]
August 13, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Enerpac Enhances Collet-Lok Family of Hydraulic Workholding

Enerpac has announced its upgraded Collet-Lok® family of hydraulic workholding with “Depressurized Holding Technology.™” Designed to protect against unintentional loss of clamping, Collet-Lok requires no hydraulics to maintain clamping force. Compared to traditional workholding, which requires continuous hydraulic pressure, Enerpac Collet-Lok uses an internal mechanical locking system to maintain the clamping force—automatically, without hydraulic pressure, […]
August 13, 2014

United Grinding North America, Inc. Names Finance Arm

United Grinding North America, Inc. recently named National Machine Tool Financial Corporation (NMTFC) a financial service provider. Through this partnership, United Grinding customers in North America now have quick, easy access to a variety of highly competitive loan and lease options for acquiring new grinding equipment.   United Grinding opted to partner with NMTFC as […]
August 13, 2014