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June 2014


Company Profile: Involute Gear and Machine

This Michigan company helps gear companies of all sizes navigate the industry, optimize their tool life, and improve production schedules.


Four years ago, everyone presently at Macomb, Mich.’s Involute Gear and Machine was working for Nachi Machining Technology—formerly National Broach and Machine—as either contractors or employees. Nachi had decided to close their Michigan headquarters and relocate to their Indiana office and manufacturing facilities. Several employees decided they didn’t want to relocate, and an opportunity to […]
Tim Byrd

Case Study: Company: Wenzel / Customer: Gibbs Gears

Subcontractors of highly precise gears have to face the increasing demands of their customers every day. The design of gears gets more individual and the demand for high accuracy steadily increases. Therefore not only manufacturing needs to adapt to these changes, but quality assurance needs to be adaptable to new tasks.

The gear manufacturer Gibbs Gears, located in UK-based Stoke Mandeville, met the challenge and extended their machinery with a gear measuring machine from Wenzel. Gibbs Gears has an international clientele, which consists of branches like aerospace, motorsport, medicine, and other commercial industrial sectors. It is always the company’s highest priority to fulfill their costumers’ individual […]
Svenja Schadek

A New Standard Under Development: Specifying Powder Metallurgy Gears

The best PM manufacturing suppliers that specialize in making gears have a gear engineer on staff who works with the customer to make them successful.

In the early nineties, I was working at a transmission manufacturing facility in Indiana that made lawn and garden transmissions. Their products used large numbers of powder metal and cut gears. On a typical day, 15,000 PM gears would be assembled into product. This company made transmissions full of PM gears for 30 years or […]
Fred Eberle

Purchasing Gear Lubricants: Be Careful When Playing the Numbers Game

This 10-step process for lubricant selection makes the process easier and more systematic, resulting in improved equipment reliability.

An assumption has been made that anyone reading this has a basic knowledge of most gear types and their geometric makeup. Gears are a unique application for lubrication in that they provide a different challenge than other lubricant applications. In non-gear applications, the moving surfaces are in sliding motion or rolling motion. Gear teeth, however, […]
John Sander

Uncover Hidden Potentials in Hobbing

Successful applications for the G90 in hobbing combined with the calculation of total lifetime costs of the hobs.

Companies in today’s competitive environment are always looking for opportunities to improve their manufacturing productivity. Turning, milling, and drilling operations utilizing throwaway insert solutions allow easy replacement with a more economical one. In the gear hobbing process, the majority of the tools are reconditioned to achieve the best utilization and cost-effectiveness of an expensive tool. […]
Dr. Friedrich Momper


The Casting Process for Gears, Part I

Having covered the advantages of the forging process in gear production, Gear Solutions turns to the experts at Meehanite Metal Corp. for a look at casting.

The advantages of using castings for engineering components such as gears are well appreciated by design engineers. Of major importance is the fact that shapes of any degree of complexity and of virtually any size can be produced. Modern metallurgy has also provided a great variety of cast metals, presenting a choice of many physical […]
Meehanite Metal Corp.

Controlling Profile, Lead, and Spacing

Noise is affected by the accuracy of the profile, lead, and spacing.

This column marks the end of a three-part discussion on control of the three basic elements: profile, lead, and spacing. Figure 1 depicts three hobbed profile traces. The middle trace shows an undercut that is quite common and is manufactured by the addition of protuberance on the tip of the cutter. This provides clearance for […]
Ron Green

FNC and gas nitriding use in applications where reduced surface friction is a requirement

Gears are not the only commodity to receive the benefit from FNC (Ferritic-Nitro carburizing). Brake rotors have also become a popular recipient of the process for automobile manufacturers in the last few years, for a couple of reasons: improved wear and reduced corrosion. FNC, an abbreviated form of gas nitriding, adds a thin epsilon white, […]
Jack Titus

Trend Talks: Tim Bryd

For an industry as quality-obsessed as gear manufacturing, the importance of industry standards is self-evident.

Standard: a level of quality, achievement, etc. that is considered acceptable or desirable. In theory, standards aren’t necessary. In fact, in practice, standards aren’t necessary. The American National Standards Institute and the International Organization for Standards have criteria for creating, modifying, and implementing standards, but they have no requirement that a manufacturer adhere to them. […]
Tim Byrd

Q&A with Michael Massarsky

President, Turbo-Finish Corporation

What is turbo abrasive machining (TAM)? AM machines could be likened to free abrasive turning centers. They utilize fluidized bed technology to suspend abrasive materials in a specially designed chamber. Parts interface with the abrasive material on a continuous basis by having part surfaces exposed and interacted with the abrasive bed by high-speed rotational or […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Seco to Highlight New Tools Developed Around Modern Materials at IMTS 2014

At IMTS 2014 in booth W-1564, Seco Tools, LLC will unveil several new milling, turning, threading and tool holding products that were developed with material advancements in mind, including a square shoulder cutter that enhances side-milling operations, a multi-edge system that meets the industry’s demand for narrow cutting-edge grooving and parting-off tools, an insert that […]
July 2, 2014

JRM International, Inc. Forms Partnership with Stroh Diamantwerkzeuge

JRM International, Inc. is pleased to announce they have formed a partnership with Stroh Diamantwerkzeuge to supply diamond tooling to the North American gear industry. Stroh, located in Bruchkӧbel, Germany, has been producing high quality diamond tooling for more than 50 years. With facilities in Germany and Brazil Stroh is a supplier to the world […]
July 2, 2014

The Gear Works Honored as Midsize Manufacturer of the Year by Seattle Business Magazine

Seattle Business magazine honored 19 top manufacturers in Washington State at its Washington Manufacturing Awards at the Seattle Design Center. The event was attended by 280 members of the region’s manufacturing community. The Gear Works was awarded Manufacturer of the Year in the Midsize Firms category. In presenting the award, Seattle Business recognized the company […]
June 10, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Gear Grinding Wheel From Burka-Kosmos

The MIRA ICE product line of gear grinding wheels was developed in order to meet the requirements of profile grinding larger gears. A new approach in the development of this grinding wheel enables results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and cool grinding that were previously unheard of in the profile grinding of […]
June 10, 2014

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: ROHM Offers New Version of F-senso Measuring Device

A new version of the F-senso spindle pull-in force measuring device from RÖHM Products of America is engineered for use with clamping systems for smaller tool shanks including HSK A 25, A 32 and A 40 and steep taper SK [CAT/BT] 30. Initially introduced for shank sizes from HSK 50 – HSK 125 or SK […]
June 10, 2014

Gleason Acquires Distech Systems Inc.

Gleason Corporation today announced that it has acquired Distech Systems Inc., located in Rochester, NY.  Distech is a leader in the design and manufacture of factory automation systems, serving a variety of customers in the automotive and other industries.  Daniel J. Schwab, President of Distech Systems said “Gleason and Distech have successfully collaborated on many […]
June 9, 2014

Corvette Stingray and Silverado Win 2014 North American Car and Truck of The Year

Ingenuity has its rewards. Announced on January 13, 2014, at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, the all-new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Chevrolet Silverado have earned the titles of 2014 North American Car and Truck of the Year, respectively. This marks only the third time in the awards’ 21-year history that one […]
June 9, 2014

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft is Ready to Feel the Heat

  Engineers completed installing the heat shield on NASA’s Orion spacecraft ahead of its first trip to space in December. The flight test will send an uncrewed Orion 3,600 miles into space before returning it to Earth for the splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. The heat shield will help protect the Orion crew vehicle from […]
June 9, 2014

Fred Haas Appointed as Technical Sales Representative at Machine Tool Builders

As of May 27, 2014…Machine Tool Builders (aka MTB) appointed Fred Haas to the position of Technical Sales Representative to support customers with rebuilds, recontrols parts and service. Fred comes to Machine Tool Builders with over 20 years of hands-on experience in operations and maintenance management, with extensive knowledge of mechanical and electrical problem solving […]
June 9, 2014