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June 2013


Drake Manufacturing Services Co.

“Customers don’t want machine tools. They want quality parts out the door, from day one.”

Drake Manufacturing Services Co., a process-driven manufacturer of precision CNC Manufacturing Systems for producing threads and gears, is located in Warren, Ohio. “We apply our threaded part making experience to specific manufacturing applications around the world,” says president Jim Vosmik. “Our machines are designed and built with the idea that our customers want finished parts […]
Tim Byrd

Case study: The Gleason Works

Viewpoint Systems Improves Gear Finishing Using Real-Time Embedded Control System With NI RIO Hardware

The Gleason Works sought to create a dynamic, torque-controlled lapping solution with responsive, real-time feedback to create better quality gears and reduce cycle time for its gear lapping machines. Gleason Corporation and The Gleason Works create the machines, tooling, processes, and services needed to produce the bevel and cylindrical gears found virtually everywhere—from automobiles and […]
Jim Campbell, Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

AlCrN-Based Hard Coatings on Modern Carbide Tools

The refinement of coatings is not just a response to requirements imposed by manufacturing technologies. It also delivers decisive advances with respect to cost-effectiveness and manufacturing reliability.

According to a general rule of thumb, a significant reduction of costs in mechanical machining can only be achieved by increasing the performance of the deployed tools. This is illustrated by the following numbers: • A 50% increase in service life reduces manufacturing costs by 1%. • If tool costs are reduced by 30%, this […]
Jim Campbell, Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

Handling Twist

There is a lot to be said for the precise measuring methods that can be achieved right on the production machine, specifically on the 5-axes LFG.

Specific and controlled handling of twist in profile grinding can solve production-related problems and simultaneously open new gear manufacturing doors.  Various solutions have been available for managing twist problems. Liebherr recently introduced the five-axis LFG series profile grinding machines, with a novel machine design for twist-free profile grinding (including the manufacture of specific twist designs) […]
Thomas Weber

Energy Efficient Industrial Gear Lubricants

An effort to help the industrial sector manage the projected demand through the use of energy efficient synthetic gear lubricants, which would maximize the energy available to meet demand.

The use of energy has propelled the world from earliest civilizations, through the industrial revolution, to the current technology enabled world.  It allows us to heat and cool our homes, travel to and from work, and utilize the multitude of manufactured goods we rely on.  Global energy demand is predicted to be about 30 percent […]
Kevin Harrington, Rick Russo, Angela Galiano-Roth, David Blain


Powder Metal Gears, Part IX

In this final—Materials Matter—column on Powder Metal Gears, some new tests that we have conducted will be presented, and some loose ends from past columns are tied up.

In Part IV, Macro Design was discussed and a corrugated web was presented. The idea of the corrugated web came from several directions and sprung from a design with spokes. For some reason, on certain gears we looked at, especially older cast gears, some spokes were not straight, but spiraled. What is the reason for […]
Anders Flodin

Properly Designed Blanks

When a gear is produced by machining, it must begin with a blank that is properly designed and produced in full accordance with the specifications.

When a gear is produced by machining it must begin with a blank that is properly designed and produced in full accordance with the specifications.  The blank is subject to tangential, separating, and axial forces during the manufacturing process, and must therefore be resistant to distortion from these stresses.  To avoid distortion the blank design […]
William P. Crosher

Hardenability and high pressure gas quenching

Hardenability of the steel is one of the requirements depending on a gear’s mass when HPGQ is considered.

What do Max the stone-age entrepreneur, Ben Franklin, and your daughter’s hamster have in common? All have contributed indirectly to the latest development in [EV] electric vehicles: Motor-in-wheel locomotion. This ongoing development was recently announced by Ford to advance their EV effort where the (stator and rotor) windings of an electric motor are integrated into […]
Jack Titus

Q&A with Tony Werschky

Sales/Project Manager, Delta Gear/Delta Research

So “Delta” really describes more than one company, right? We’re lumped into two different companies: Delta Research and Delta Gear, Inc. Delta Gear produces gears for the aerospace industry, while Delta Research does more automotive prototypes and off-highway, defense-type gears: heavy trucks, moving equipment, mining, and drilling. Delta Gear specializes in precision gears, precision shafts, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Seco/Warwick Set to Deliver Second 12 Bar Vacuum Furnace to IBC Coating Technologies

Seco/Warwick will deliver a 12 Bar Universal HPQ™ (High Pressure Quench) vacuum furnace to IBC Coating Technologies, Inc. in Lebanon, IN this spring. This low-pressure vacuum carburizing  furnace with high temperature convection heating is intended for hardening and carburizing bearing steel and aerospace components. The furnace will be designed with a hot zone of 24” […]
June 12, 2013

Solar Manufacturing Launches Podcast Series

Solar Manufacturing recently launched a new bimonthly podcast series in cooperation with Industrial Heating called “Vacuum Heat Treat Minute.”  The topics will concentrate on providing helpful tips and new knowledge to vacuum furnace owners and users.The podcasts feature Solar Atmospheres CEO William R. Jones and Solar Manufacturing president Jim Nagy.  Mr. Nagy explains, “Solar Manufacturing […]
June 12, 2013

Gilman Precision Begins Work with New England Tooling

Effective immediately, Gilman Precision will begin working with New England Tooling. They are headquartered in the city of North Hampton, New Hampshire and have eight technical representatives covering New York and New England. New England Tooling will serve as a representative for Gilman products and services.This partnership allows companies within New York to easily communicate […]
June 12, 2013

DMG/MORI SEIKI Experiences Record Attendance at Innovation Days 2013

DMG/MORI SEIKI USA, a leading manufacturer of machine tools, has announced record attendance at its Innovation Days 2013. The event, which ran May 7-10, welcomed 3,208 visitors from more than 10 countries. The attendance represents a 45 percent increase from 2012. This is the ninth year DMG/MORI SEIKI has hosted employees, partners, customers, and potential […]
June 11, 2013

Precision Technology Group Acquires SP Gears

The Precision Technology Group has acquired Orpington-based SP Gears, which provides products for clients across the valve, nuclear, rail, marine, and automotive industries. The company has nuclear accreditation, enabling it to service customers in the nuclear new build and refurbishment sectors.The Precision Technology Group (PT Group) specializes in creating innovative technology for motion with manufacturing, […]
June 11, 2013

Engis Corporation Celebrates Anniversaries Around the World

Engis Corporation, an early pioneer in the use of diamonds for lapping, honing, grinding, and polishing applications, celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2013. Engis manufactures superabrasive finishing systems consisting of machines, tooling, and consumable products. The group prides itself in not only supplying systems for fine finishing, but also the technical know-how through their Process […]
June 11, 2013

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Launches New Version of PT Units

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), U.S. headquarters for Sumitomo Drive Technologies, has now released Version 1.2 of its popular PT Units mobile app. This popular power-transmission industry mobile app has a newly-updated user interface and is now optimized for the latest versions of the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems and displays. Originally […]
June 11, 2013

Walter’s New Website Simplifies Ordering, Delivers Array of Information

Walter has unveiled a redesigned website featuring an expanded range of information and services. The new site,, with its clear page layout and easy to use graphics, embodies Walter’s integrated TOOLSHOP concept, and is designed to simplify and speed-up the ordering of Walter products. Information can be quickly accessed on the complete range of […]
June 11, 2013

EXSYS Tool, Inc. Appoints New Territory Manager for California

EXSYS Tool, Inc., a provider of high precision rotary and fixed tool holder solutions for CNC turning centers, recently hired Mike Englebrecht to be its territory manager for California. In this newly-created role, Englebrecht will further enhance the company’s sales and support functions as well as overall market position on the West Coast. With more […]
June 11, 2013

Michigan Manufacturing International: New Name, New Website

Michigan Mechanical, a leading broad line supplier of high-quality mechanical assemblies and components, is pleased to announce the company’s new name: Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI). The new name provides a more accurate description of the company’s services and reflects its global presence.A new website,, was recently launched in conjunction with the company’s new name. […]
June 11, 2013

PECo Wins 2013 Better Business Bureau Eclipse Integrity Award

PECo was announced as the winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Eclipse Integrity Award in the 100+ employees category. These awards honor businesses and nonprofits for their management practices, business relationships, promotional efforts and reputation. PECo was the only heavy manufacturing company among all of the award finalists and winners. “We are truly honored to […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Dimensions for the Measurement of Gears

The new WGT 280 Wenzel offers a gear measuring machine for the fast and efficient analysis of small gears up to a maximum diameter of 280 mm. Because of its compact construction and small footprint, it can be easily integrated into existing processes. The easy-to-access measuring volume allows a simple loading and operation of the […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Leistritz Offers Quality Line of Keyseaters for Producing Straight and Accurate Keyways

If there ever was a process taken for granted, it is Keyseating. This fundamental and traditional method to cut keyways in bores has been stagnant and without development for many decades. Yet the quality and sophistication of the components with keyways have greatly improved through smaller tolerances, more exotic materials, and greater load carrying abilities. […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: MTI Systems Releases Costimator Software Version 12

MTI Systems, Inc., a worldwide provider of cost estimating software and should cost estimating services, recently announced the release of Costimator® version 12. For decades, this dynamic cost estimating software has provided manufacturers a better way to estimate and quote parts more competitively.  Version 12 is packed with upgrades and features that further enhance the […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New HU63EX HMC from Mitsui Seiki USA Offers Precision, Power, and Torque

The new HU63EX horizontal machining center from Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc. is engineered to boost metalworking productivity through a combination of precision, power, and torque. The 17,000kg (37,400lb) machine has a footprint of 2,900mm (116″) x 3,180mm (127″), with X, Y and Z axes travels of 900mm, 800mm and 800mm (36″, 32″ and 32″) respectively.The […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Methods Machine Tools Announces Upgrades for CAMplete TurnMill Software

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. is introducing Version 6.0 of its CAMplete TurnMill software for Nakamura-Tome Multitasking Turning Centers. The new version includes several upgrades for greater macro language support, improved error handling, increased post processing capabilities, and more. CAMplete TurnMill software is an integrated suite of G-Code editing, optimization, analysis, and verification tools, enabling a […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Ingersoll Announces Gold-Max4 Super-Finishing Face Mill

Ingersoll is pleased to announce the arrival of their newest Super-finishing face mill, Gold-Max4 FFin. The generous .300″ wide crowned wiper provides high quality finishes with superior flatness, eliminating the need for finish grinding operations. While most MicroMill finishing inserts are designed for depths of cut less than .010″, the Gold-Max4 FFin easily handles depths […]
June 11, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: DMG / MORI SEIKI Offers MTConnect V1.1 Adapters on New Machine Shipments

As of June 1st, 2013, all new DMG/MORI SEIKI machines equipped with MAPPS control come installed with an MTConnect Standard V1.1 compliant MTConnect Adapter. With pre-installed MTConnect Adapters, DMG/MORI SEIKI customers will have a plug-and-play solution that allows easy, real-time monitoring of their machines—from anywhere, at any time. This remote-monitoring capability is enabled with MTConnect—a […]
June 11, 2013