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July 2012


Company Profile: Willman Industries, Inc.

Specializing in no bake, green sand, and grey iron ductile castings. Willman Industries Inc., is a full-service jobbing foundry that offers design, patternmaking, heat-treating, and machining.

With more than 70 years experience in the industrial sector, Willman Industries offers a wide choice of materials, design flexibility, advanced foundry technology and equipment, and highly qualified employees who are dedicated to the unique needs of their customers. Located in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, Willman produces gray iron and ductile iron components in castings sizes […]
Sherri Mabry

Induction Heating: A Guide to the Process and Its Benefits

Surface distress in industrial applications is a phenomenon associated with poor lubrication that generates high local friction and stress.

Induction hardening is being increasingly used within the gear industry. However, before looking at the advantages of the method, it is helpful to review the basics of the technology. The phenomenon of induction heating begins by passing an alternating current through a coil in order to generate a magnetic field. The strength of the field […]
Kristian Berggren

An Algorithm for Robust Gear Modifications Design

Algorithms present all possible solutions to help designers decide what is the best gear modification.

The design of gear modifications is one of the key tasks for high performance gears, where high performance may be defined as, a maximized torque capacity, minimized vibration level, highest scuffing resistance or lowest wear risk. Gear modifications, or the gear micro geometry, are assessed in the tooth contact analysis TCA where the true gear […]
Dipl. Ing. ETH Hanspeter Dinner

Understanding and Preventing Surface Distress

Surface distress in industrial applications is a phenomenon associated with poor lubrication and other mechanical aspects that generate high local friction and stress.

In many industrial applications that have lubricated rolling/sliding contacts such as rolling bearings, power density has steadily increased over time due to the need for greater efficiency, reduction of weight and costs (i.e., downsizing). Alongside this has been an increased severity in working conditions, such as heavier loads in combination with higher temperatures, thinner oil […]
G.E. Morales-Espejel, K. Stadler, V. Brizmer


91 percent of survey respondents dunk quench in oil. So, why does LPC continue to be conducted in graphite lined furnaces?

Twelve years ago I commissioned a study to identify trends in the heat treating industry where part of that survey involved three processes: traditional endo carburizing, low pressure carburizing [LPC] and quenching; high pressure gas quenching [HPGQ], oil and salt. Of the 27% who responded to the survey, a very high return rate, 91% of […]
Jack Titus

Q&A with Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

You have written a book titled, Theory of Gearing: Kinematics, Geometry, and Synthesis. What does the book discuss? This book systematically presents and develops a scientific theory of gearing, specifically for those involved in gear design, analysis, and manufacture. I begin with a few simple postulates that form the foundation of the theory of gearing. […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Establish written hazardous energy control programs so employees understand and follow established procedures.

Machine-related injuries or fatalities are at the highest during maintenance, service, repairs or adjustments. One simple way to avoid accidents or deaths is to incorporate lockout or tagout procedures in the shop. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 185 fatalities related to installation, […]
Terry McDonald

When considering the gear mesh, backlash is high on the list of misunderstandings

Among the many considerations when considering the gear mesh, backlash is high on the list of misunderstandings. Backlash has a cyclically fluctuating value between minimum and maximum values. If there is zero backlash, then there is no room for the ingress of lubricant and temperature expansion. Backlash is a function of tooth thickness tolerances, run-out, […]
William P. Crosher


Seco Tools to Showcase Range of Metal Cutting Solutions at IMTS

Seco Tools will meet the increased productivity needs of various manufacturers, from aerospace to windpower to automotive to medical, by showcasing a broad range of innovative metal cutting solutions and diverse technologies for turning, milling and holemaking applications in booth W-1564. Products on display will include Duratomic® TK insert grades for cast iron turning, Duratomic […]
July 11, 2012

Ipsen Ships 10 Vacuum Furnaces to Five Countries

Ipsen USA is scheduled to ship 10 vacuum furnaces during the month of June setting a new furnace shipment record for one month.The vacuum furnaces will be shipped to five different countries, including: USA, India, Japan, China and Ireland. The new furnaces are representative of Ipsen’s diverse product portfolio, which includes one Vacuum Oil Quench furnace equipped with Ipsen’s patented AvaC® Low […]
July 11, 2012

EFD Induction Contributes to English-Language Edition of Major Heat Treatment Book

EFD Induction, together with other Sweden-based companies, Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology and leading research institute Swerea IVF, recently launched the 832-page book: Steel and its Heat Treatment—a Handbook.The new book is an English translation of Stål och Värmebehandling, a handbook on the topic of steel and heat treatment that has established itself as essential […]
July 11, 2012

CNC Machine Tool Builder Okuma Hires New Engineering Leader

Okuma America Corporation, a leading builder of CNC machine tools, has hired Jim Kosmala as Vice President of Engineering and Technology. Mr. Kosmala brings more than 20 years of engineering experience to the Okuma team and has an extensive background in manufacturing and controls engineering.  He is responsible for the engineering department, including applications, mechanical, electrical […]
July 11, 2012

CCAM Board of Directors Appoints New Officers

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) today announced the appointment of new officers to its board of directors. The appointments, made last week at CCAM’s annual meeting held in Richmond, ensure that global manufacturing expertise and insight continue to guide the organization’s growth as it increases membership, conducts initial research and prepares to open […]
July 11, 2012

$40,000 Prize Package Awarded to Greene County Career Center

Dayton Progress Corporation is pleased to announce Greene County Career Center as the winner of their “Manufacturing Challenge” competition aimed at promoting careers in manufacturing to high school students. Located in Xenia, OH, GCCC provides 26 career-technical programs to 573 students in fields such as Manufacturing & Transportation, Business & Technology, Engineering, Services, Agriculture and […]
July 11, 2012

Sherry Laboratories Celebrates 65th Anniversary

With a 65-year history of leadership in the third-party testing industry, Sherry Laboratories has witnessed countless changes in the testing arena, as well as the markets it serves. Amidst improvements in instrumentation, technology, standards, and even the ease of doing business, one constant remains: our commitment to being the best laboratory in the industry.To achieve […]
July 11, 2012

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Latest Advances in Gear Grinding on KAPP-NILES Models

Two grinding machines with flexible process capabilities will be on display at booth N-7036 at the IMTS in Chicago, Illinois, September 10-15 along with KAPP CBN and Diamond-plated tools, and scale models of numerous other machine types for special applications.The KX 500 FLEX demonstrates how process flexibility optimizes cost and delivery for prototype through medium-to […]
July 11, 2012

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: 2000°F Gas-Heated Box Furnace Introduced

No. 871 is an electrically-heated 2000°F (~1093.3°C) gas-heated box furnace from Grieve, currently used for heat treating and high temperature testing. 650,000 BTU/HR are installed in three modulating natural gas burners with a floor mounted combustion air blower. Workspace dimensions are 30” wide x 48” deep x 30” high.The unit has 7” insulated walls comprised […]
July 11, 2012

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill® 862 for Micro-Drilling

The new Sandvik Coromant solid carbide micro drills create holes from 0.073 inches to 0.116 inches in diameter. The CoroDrill 862 has a thin TiAlN coating that helps retain cutting edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for chip evacuation. This helps prolong tool life in workpiece materials that include steel, stainless steel, cast iron […]
July 11, 2012

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lucifer Furnaces Equips ETREMA Products With HS3-GT Furnace

ETREMA Products, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of magnetostrictive materials, such as Terfenol-D®, has recently installed a Lucifer Furnaces High Temperature GT furnace in its Ames, Iowa facility. Model HS3GT is capable of heating to 2450°F under inert atmosphere, with an SCR power supply for well regulated voltage and current output.  This single chamber box […]
July 11, 2012

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: MAG Learning Lab Details Recent Advancements of Cryogenics Machining

MAG will demonstrate its breakthrough Minimum Quantity Cryogenics (MQC) machining technology and explain its capabilities and advantages in a Learning Lab at the company’s booth during the IMTS show in Chicago, September 10-15, 2012.Sessions will start on the hour and run for 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes Q&A, every day from 11 a.m. to 4 […]
July 11, 2012