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July 2009


Inductoheat, Inc.

From selecting the right material for parts a company wants to manufacture, to designing the induction heat-treating system it will require, here’s your source for expert guidance.

Gear companies interested in manufacturing a new part that requires induction heat-treating have options to consider. One involves devoting resources to handling everything internally — from designing the part, to researching the proper materials, to choosing the best heat-treating technique — which can result in quite an investment of both time and capital. Another requires […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Bearing Reliability in Rebuilt Gearboxes

SKF’s bearing vibration analyzer has proven invaluable during the maintenance and refurbishment of gearboxes and other critical units in demanding applications.

Fifty years of ongoing development has given SKF a bearing vibration analyzer that can probe deep into rotating bearings while they are under load. Initially used as a production line tester, it’s now proving invaluable during the maintenance and refurbishment of gearboxes and other critical units in demanding applications such as aerospace. SKF vibration testing […]
Colin Roberts

Low Pressure Carburizing for Transmissions

Low pressure carburizing and high pressure gas quenching have become a preferred technology for the latest generation of transmissions. Here’s why.

With the many advances that have taken place to improve quality in the gear industry, it is only logical that heat treat services would have to evolve to meet the increased demands of precision gear manufacturers. For decades gear manufacturers used atmosphere batch furnaces with integral oil quenches for the case hardening process. In recent […]
Dr. Volker Heuer

Retained Austenite Stabilization

Case-hardened components made of low-alloy steels often have retained austenite in the case after quenching, which can be transformed to martensite by further cooling of the component, even if the austenite stabilizes during aging at room temperature.

The phenomenon of retained austenite stabilization in tool steels is well documented [1,2]. When a steel with a martensite finish temperature (Mf) below room temperature is quenched, some austenite is retained in the microstructure. If cooling is immediately continued to a temperature below the Mf, virtually all the austenite present at room temperature can be […]
Paul Stratton, Cord Henrik Surberg

Dimensional Stability in Cryogenic Treatments

The following article describes the results of academic and industrial research into the influence of cryogenic treatment on dimensional stability in gear steel.

When cryogenically treated, case carburized steel (En 353) showed tremendous improvement in wear resistance [1]. This is due to the microstructural changes such as conversion of retained austenite to martensite and precipitation of fine alloying carbides. The equivalent grades of En 353 are BS-815M17 and IS-15NiCr1Mo12. In an earlier research work on En 353 it […]
A. Bensely, Pete Paulin, G. Nagarajan, D. Mohan Lal


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

In light of the swine flu pandemic, how do we protect ourselves from contamination in the workplace, and also while traveling on work-related projects?

The recent H1N1 swine influenza outbreak, which was eventually classified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, made me think about a number of issues communicable diseases present in the industrial workplace, and also to those of us who travel a great deal in our jobs. On one hand, you want to protect […]
Terry McDonald

Material selection can be the difference between whether a gear fails or fulfills its function beautifully

The selection of gear material is complex, and must be related to the specific duty and life required by the application. The compatibility with the mating gear’s material, chemistry, composition, processing capabilities, mechanical properties, and cost must always be evaluated. High-cost material does not ensure the best gear. Some applications may have requirements where aluminum, […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Thomas Passek

Executive Director ASM Heat Treating Society

Could you give us a brief overview of the society’s origins and structure? In 1913 William Park Woodside, who was trained as a blacksmith and worked for the Cadillac Motor Car Company, met with 18 colleagues in Detroit and formed The Steel Treaters’ Club. As it grew it split into two factions, one based in […]
Pete Paulin, G. Nagarajan, D. Mohan Lal, A. Bensely


ALD-Holcroft Introduces MonoTherm to the NAFTA

ALD-Holcroft of Wixom, Michigan, is expanding its product line to include the MonoTherm® single chamber vacuum furnace. MonoTherm is well known on the global market through ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanau, Germany.MonoTherm is a single chamber vacuum furnace offered in “kit” style. The system is designed according to the specific needs of a customer by […]
July 1, 2009

NanoLub Lubricant Significantly Reduces Gear Wear

ApNano Materials, Inc.—a cleantech company and provider of nanotechnology-based products—has announced that new test conducted at the FZG Gear Research Centre of the Technical University of Munich, Germany, clearly shows that ApNano Material’s nanotechnology-based lubricant NanoLub significantly decreases damaging wear pits on gear teeth. The test was done on oil that was formulated with a […]
July 1, 2009

PRAB/Monlan Drives Evolution in Chip and Fluid Management

PRAB, Inc., is introducing PRAB/Monlan, a company offering the metalworking industry’s first integrated solutions for chip removal and fluid filtration. Created through PRAB’s 2008 acquisition of Envirodyne Technologies, PRAB/Monlan will provide metalworking operations with a single-source solution for the two most challenging issues in scrap management: metal chip and fluid recovery for recycle or reuse.PRAB […]
July 1, 2009

Significant Savings from CryoPlus

CryoPlus, Inc., has cryogenically treated broaches and drills for Lincoln Electric Motors with exceptional results. The manufacturing engineer has stated that his two broaches have broached over 500 rotors, and they are still cutting clean. Untreated broaches needed to be re-sharpened at a cost of more than $200 after 200 rotors, and since they cost […]
July 1, 2009

Redesigned Keyway Machine from D.C. Morrison

The 3” keyseater from D.C. Morrison has been redesigned to offer greater strength and rigidity when machine keyways in various materials. Its back support bracket is twice the length of previous models, which ensures profile accuracy in difficult-to-cut materials. The machine has a hydraulically actuated overhead support and can produce keyways measuring as deep as […]
July 1, 2009

Sandvik Coromant Opens Its New Aerospace Application Center

Sandvik Coromant continues its commitment to aerospace with the establishment of a new Aerospace Application Center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. This state-of-the-art center, which officially opened its doors in April, will focus on projects for machining in high temperature and titanium alloys for aero frame structural parts and engine components. The aim is to […]
July 1, 2009

New Division at RP Machine called Alpha Machining & Grinding, Inc.

RP Machine Enterprises, Inc., has acquired the Statesville division of Alpha/Sullivan Steel. The service center in North Carolina features large Blanchard grinding applications up to 144”. This acquisition also provides a superior magnetic division that will now allow RP to offer a line of magnetic lifting devices, fixturings, tables, and chucks. The new division name […]
July 1, 2009

Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT) has introduced the new ACCURA®

Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT) has introduced the new ACCURA®. By systematically implementing customer requests, it has developed a multi-sensor capable measuring system that permits fast, economical, precise, and flexible measurements.Measure dynamically, precisely and safely: Thanks to the steel and aluminum components, the new ACCURA measuring machine bridge is extremely rigid and thin. The […]
July 1, 2009

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) and Chemidex Announce Strategic Partnership

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) has announced a new partnership with Chemidex, LLC, an online, industry-specific search engine designed to aid the research needs of industry professionals working in a variety of chemical and life science industries. On May 15, 2009, Chemidex launched their newest industry search engine, The Lubricant & Metalworking […]
July 1, 2009

Gleason is Proud to Announce its New LeCount Type-G Expanding Mandrel

Gleason Corporation, the worldwide leader in gear technology, is proud to announce an expansion in the LeCount® expanding mandrel line with the new Type “G” expanding mandrel. Based on Gleason’s highly successful line of inspection mandrels, the new Type G twist mandrel is bringing LeCount performance to a wider range of applications, particularly OD and […]
July 1, 2009