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June 2009


Cleveland Gear Company

Long known as an expert in manufacturing worm gears and drives, this company is expanding its range of capabilities and entering exciting new markets.

In an age of vast corporations involved in a plethora of markets and activities, it’s sometimes refreshing to recall a time when a company focused on doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else. Still, expanded capabilities can lead to both stability and growth. Such is the case with the Cleveland Gear Company, […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

High Pressure Water Deburring

Friendly both to parts and the environment, this process is gaining momentum in the gear-manufacturing industry as its many benefits are discovered.

Increasingly, gear manufacturers and others are expected to deliver burr-free clean parts to the point of use. To meet this challenge, part manufacturers are turning to new technologies. Traditional mechanical and abrasive deburring methods include hand and/or robotic mechanical deburring with deburring tools and rotary brushes or vibratory finishing. Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM), Thermal Energy […]
Richard Bertsche

Lubricant Contaminants Limit Gear Life

It’s been estimated that 82 percent of machine wear is particle-induced, pointing to the importance of purchasing quality lubricants and keeping them free of particulate matter.

Lubricant cleanliness refers to the absence of contamination.1 Microscopic particles are the most harmful form of contamination in lubricants. They can irreversibly damage gear and bearing surfaces, shorten the service life of equipment, and cause unexpected breakdowns.1-4 The concentration of particles in new “as supplied” drums of lubricant can differ by as much as a […]
Mary Moon, Ph.D.

Abrasiveness of Boron Carbide Coatings

Parameters such as coating thickness, counterpart tempering temperature, and coating asperity sharpness in particular influence coating abrasiveness.

Hard coatings, such as boron carbide (B4C), can quickly polish the surface of the mating material during sliding contact. The abrasiveness of such coatings directly relates to their ability to polish and sharply decreases as sliding progresses. The abrasiveness also strongly depends upon the sharpness of the individual coating asperities. Various parameters influence the rate […]
Stephen J. Harris, Jane Qian Wang, Matthew Siniawski

Quality Cleaning for Gearing Applications

Just as there are many different methods for cleaning gears, there are many considerations to be aware of as well. Read on for an in-depth description.

Gears are precision components that place great demands on cleaning. The cleaning industry offers various solutions in order to fulfil these demands both economically and ecologically. Contamination from the manufacturing process—chips and residues from machining media, for example—may result in excessive wear and functional impairment for gear wheels. The quality of subsequent manufacturing processes such […]
Doris Schulz


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

As entertaining as they may be, and indispensable at times, cell phones and personal music players present a new workplace distraction that needs to be addressed.

What constitutes a safety issue? Are they only those that are covered by OSHA? Are they only the issues that arise when one of our employees has been injured? Are they only the items you read about, or that companies that sell safety items promote? They are all of these and many more, as you […]
Terry McDonald

The importance of anticipating heat-treatment problems in advance to avoid part failure due to cracking down the road

Problems, and even failures, occurring from heat treatment are generally created by the stresses that are induced when phase transformations are taking place. During the transformation either thermal expansion or contraction can take place, which induces stress. Internal stresses can occur with through-hardened, carburized, or nitrided gears. Residual stresses are compressive on the surface and […]
William P. Crosher

Chris Chlon: Buy Laws

Buyers and sellers alike should perform complete and accurate due diligence in order to prevent the many potential problems that come with a "first serial number" order.

Purchasing machinery and equipment presents many challenges to both the buyer and the seller. These include scope of work, specifications, drawings, timing, cost, run-off, delivery, and acceptance. Occasionally an unexpected issue or challenge develops for both parties at the same time. For example, the buyer’s team sends out its requests for quotes to known and […]
Chris Chlon CPM

Q&A with James Trombino

Executive Director/CEO Metal Powder Industries Federation

MPIF has an interesting history and structure, could you describe it? I’d be glad to. The Metal Powder Industries Federation is truly a unique organization. It was founded about 65 years ago at the close of World War II, when a number of trade associations that were involved in the powder metal (PM) industry decided […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


New Gleason Facility Delivers Latest Gear Cutting Tools to China

Gleason Corporation has opened its second manufacturing facility in Suzhou Industrial Park, strategically located near Shanghai, China, for the production of a full range of advanced cylindrical gear- and bevel gear-cutting tools. The new, wholly-owned subsidiary of Gleason Corporation called Gleason Cutting Tools (Suzhou), or GCTS, is headquartered at the new facility, and has already […]
May 26, 2009

MAG Brings “Green Machining” to Ford Plant

Green machining has a double meaning at Ford Motor Company’s Van Dyke Transmission Plant. Recently installed MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) machining systems from MAG Powertrain are paying both cost and environmental dividends. The systems netted green savings of seven figures in initial cost, and the machines are producing parts at lower variable cost. Plant air […]
May 26, 2009

Kapp to Showcase Interactive Learning Environment at GEAR EXPO

At the 2009 GEAR EXPO the Kapp Group will focus on education by providing a direct video/audio link to its facility in Boulder, Colorado, to demonstrate wet grinding of various workpiece types. Hourly learning sessions will be presented by its technicians in Boulder and will include the following topics: Profile grinding• measurement for setup and precision alignment […]
May 26, 2009

Romax Technology Builds New Test Rig

Romax Technology has recently built its first-ever test rig to investigate and validate modeling results of a five-speed manual gear box. The test rig has been designed and built by a team of Romax engineers and it is now being used to complete a series of tests on an automotive manual gearbox.The test rig features […]
May 26, 2009

Davis Calibration Opens State-of-the-Art Calibration Laboratory

A world leader in the calibration of test, measurement and control instrumentation, Davis Calibration has announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art calibration lab in Timonium, Maryland. The laboratory—which replaces a previous Baltimore location—is fully operational and is one of 29 such Davis facilities nationwide. Compared to the previous site it has 12,000 square feet […]
May 26, 2009

High-Temp Cabinet Oven from Grieve

From Grieve, the no. 887 is a gas-fired 1000°F cabinet oven that’s currently used for curing metal coatings onto parts. The unit’s workspace dimensions measure 38”W x 38”D x 38”H. Heat is provided by 175,000 BTU/HR installed in a modulating natural gas burner, while a 2,000 CFM, 2-HP stainless steel recirculating blower furnishes a horizontal […]
May 26, 2009

Sigma Pool Gear Seminars in 2009

Working together makes you stronger, and that’s why Klingelnberg and Liebherr decided 15 years ago to join their resources in Sigma Pool. “Working together” is also its motto for the 2009 Sigma Pool Gear Seminars.On three different continents, and at four different locations, it is offering interesting, informative, and constructive discussions, because only by working […]
May 26, 2009

All Overhead Crane and Hoist Parts from Morris Material Handling

Morris Material Handling—the original equipment manufacturer of P&H® cranes, hoists, and replacement parts—provides complete parts services for not just P&H but any brand of overhead crane and hoist, even discontinued models. The company is committed to keeping all types of overhead lifting equipment in safe and dependable operating condition. The company offers tailored parts stocking as […]
May 26, 2009

New DualTherm Brochure Now Available from ALD-Holcroft

ALD-Holcroft has released an updated brochure detailing their DualTherm® vacuum furnace system. The DualTherm is a two chamber vacuum furnace with cold chamber high pressure gas quenching (HPGQ) capabilities to 20 bar. It is typically applied in the vacuum carburizing (low pressure carburizing) market, as well as hardening applications. The DualTherm leverages the well-proven ModulTherm® […]
May 8, 2009

LAI Completes Agreement for Major Turbine Component Work

LAI International, Inc., a strategic supplier of precision components and subassemblies for original equipment manufacturers, announced it has signed a multimillion-dollar agreement to continue long-term, large-scale production of turbine engine components.Manufacturing and delivery of the precision-machined partitions are in process at LAI’s manufacturing facility in Scarborough, Maine, and will continue through this year. The agreement […]
May 8, 2009

New Line of Carbide-Tipped Band Saw Blades from Starrett

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced a new line of carbide tipped band saw blades named Advanz™. The new blade line offers a special tooth tip cylinder of high quality sub-micron grain carbide with a triple-chip grind, welded to a tough, ductile back. These new blades also feature superb carbide-to-back bonding and offer exceptional fatigue, […]
May 8, 2009