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May 2009


Brelie Gear Co., Inc.

Take an established company with experienced personnel, throw major capital investments into the mix, and what you end up with is a recipe for success.

When he first toured the company he was considering purchasing, Steve Janke encountered a sight that many who’d experienced the “old days” of the gear-manufacturing industry would find thrilling — a roomful of manual Barber Coleman machines. While he realized that a significant capital investment would be required to update the company’s technology, he also […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Optimizing Ring Gear Forging

Efficiency matters, and the following article describes research resulting in the reduction of forging stages, temperature, and material wastage when producing ring gears.

The objective of this research was to develop an optimum preform/blocker forge geometry for a ring gear blank, which would minimize material usage and reduce the number of forging stages by using a volume mapping or other suitable technique. A 2D (axisymmetric) and 3D computer models were used to simulate the forging process (forward simulation) […]
Mazyad Almohaileb, Bhavin V. Mehta, Jay S. Gunasekera

Grinding Internal Planetary Gears

MHI experts describe an internal gear grinding machine that has been developed for precise and efficient grinding of ring gears in automobile planetary gear systems.

Recently, various articles regarding planetary gear systems have been written and published in magazines such as Gear Solutions. In the main these articles cover design methods, simulation and numerical analysis to reduce the noise, vibration, and transmission errors, rather than describing the gear cutting methods to produce these systems. Needless to say, to reduce the […]
Yoshikoto Yanase, Masashi Ochi

Carburizing Wind-Turbine Gears

An inside glimpse into the development of the first integral-quench batch furnace in the United States approved for carburizing critical gears for wind-turbine applications.

Flame Metals Processing Corp. is a 23 year-old company that heat treats ferrous and nonferrous components in atmosphere and vacuum furnaces at two locations in the Twin Cities area. Today the company is also a certified supplier of carburized gears for wind-turbine applications. In 2006 Flame Metals was approached by Columbia Gear, a gear manufacturing […]
Mike LaPlante


Q&A with Rich Piselli

President R.P. Machine Enterprises, Inc.

Thanks for the tour of your new facility. Watching the new Gould & Eberhardt machines being built was an impressive sight. And well worth the investment. These machines are the only American-made hobbers and gashers large enough to cut the huge gears required by the wind-energy industry, so we built a new 40,000 square-foot facility […]
Gear Solutions staff

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Recent immigrants to the United States often make their start in entry-level positions, such as those found in manufacturing, so keep the communication challenges in mind.

When you think about it, this country has always been a land of immigrants. Besides Native Americans, all of our family trees have roots in other countries. In recent years we’ve seen growing numbers of foreign-born workers entering the United States, and if they have done so legally, entering our workforce as well. And even […]
Terry McDonald

Electric erosion can lead to failure in wind-turbine generators, with the expected catastrophic results

My installment of this column in the August 2007 issue of Gear Solutions was devoted to electric erosion and the possible solutions. In the March 2009 edition of Power Engineering magazine William Oh, the general manager of Electro Static Technology—a division of the Illinois Tool Works, and a leader in the development and application of […]
William P. Crosher


Romax, Dalian Huarui Produce New 3MW Wind Turbine

China’s first 3MW wind turbine gearbox, developed by Dalian Huarui and Romax Technology, has successfully passed stringent nacelle testing and is currently being installed as part of the Sinovel 3MW turbine in China’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Shanghai.Testing for the gearbox was successfully completed in February, and it passed all required […]
May 8, 2009

High Pressure Tooling Solutions from Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant has announced that it will add two new products to its family of high-pressure coolant solutions in 2009. The modular Serration Lock (SL) 40 and 70 heads for turning will allow the company to provide more than 300 tooling options for the most difficult to access areas.The high pressure coolant system harnesses the […]
May 5, 2009

MPIF PowderMet2009 Program Now Available

The program for the 2009 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials (PowderMet2009) features more than 200 technical presentations in 46 technical sessions and six special interest programs. Sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) and APMI International, the event will be held June 28-July 1 at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.Authors […]
May 5, 2009

New President at SECO/WARWICK

Jeff Boswell, SECO/WARWICK CEO, has announced the promotion of Keith Boeckenhauer to the position of president of SECO/WARWICK Corporation (USA). As president Boeckenhauer is responsible for the company’s operating activities and future growth strategies.“It is a privilege to lead a company that has the industry and community reputation of SECO/WARWICK,” says Boeckenhauer. “Our employees have […]
May 5, 2009

New TightDrive Motor-Mounted Speed Control from Bison Gear

Bison Gear’s new TightDrive™ speed control for permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors is designed for applications that require a convenient location for the control: on the motor. The majority of PMDC gearmotors and motors used in industry today require speed controls in order to operate. Typically the control is wired to the motor through a […]
May 5, 2009

RZ 1000 from Reishauer for High Performance Grinding

The RZ 1000 replaces all previous models in this range and possesses enhanced software that generates machine data parameters that are adapted to the gear being ground. A very fast and highly precise generating module, in conjunction with a flexible control, are the requirements for a perfectly controlled generating grinding process ensuring qualitative and economically […]
May 5, 2009

New Appointment at R.P. Machine Enterprises

Steven W. “Pete” Peterson has joined R.P. Machine Enterprises, Inc., as an outside sales representative. He brings with him more than 25 years of experience in industrial sales and account management experience. He has held sales, marketing, and management positions with several capital equipment manufacturers such as the Warner & Swasey Company, Toyoda Machinery & […]
May 5, 2009

Gear Manufacturer Receives Highest SAE QM Certification

The highest standards of quality, safety, and manufacturing efficiency has been awarded to Gear Technology, a leading international precision gear manufacturer with ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B:2004 certifications by the International Standards Authority (ISA) Registrar.“These high-level certifications represent our ongoing commitment to superior product quality, customer value, and personal customer service,” says Tom Marino, president. “We […]
May 5, 2009

Emuge Carbide End Mills for Large-Volume Aluminum Machining

At EASTEC 2009 Emuge Corp. will showcase their Alu-Jet-Cut solid carbide end mills, uniquely designed for large-volume machining of aluminum. Developed in conjunction with major aircraft manufacturers, Alu-Jet-Cut tools are the new benchmark for material removal in monolithic airframe structural components manufacturing where, on average, up to 95 percent of the weight of a solid […]
May 5, 2009

New Programmable Laser Tool Setting System from Marposs

Marposs Corp. will present its new Mida Laser 75P non-contact programmable tool setting system at EASTEC 2009 in booth #3006 May 19-21. For reliable performance under the harshest of conditions, the high precision Mida Laser 75P incorporates a patented protection system with air tunnel effect, powerful integrated microprocessor for best performance under coolant, active drip […]
May 5, 2009

CXT Wire Rope Hoists from Konecranes

Konecranes, Inc., introduces the CXT® wire rope hoist, a versatile solution for crane, monorail, and replacement applications, with lifting capacities up to 80 tons. CXT hoists offer an innovative compact design, exceptional performance, and superior safety, backed by the largest global crane service network available.The innovative compact design of the CXT hoist allows for reduced […]
May 5, 2009

Gerhardt Gear and PECo Team Up for Success

The best business relationships allow everyone involved to win. A case in point involves Gerhardt Gear, which recently teamed up with Process Equipment Co. for the solution to a problem that ended up expanding its capabilities. Double flank roll-testers (DFR) have been around for decades as quick and efficient frontline production inspection tools. As with most […]
May 5, 2009

New Generation of FastPic Systems Software Marks Anniversary

To mark its 25th anniversary, FastPic® Systems has introduced the FastPic5 suite of inventory management and control software. This is the fifth generation of software that the company has released since 1984. FastPic5 software is designed to manage manual and automated storage and retrieval systems and can be configured to manage single workstations and multiple […]
May 5, 2009