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March 2009


West Michigan Spline

As a young man he experienced Detroit’s productivity at its peak, and he has since managed to carve out his own “small niche in the world.”

As a teenager he was working at a hamburger joint in the early seventies when he got to know a couple of guys who came in for lunch a few times each week. A senior in high school at the time, they offered him a job once he’d graduated, which he eagerly accepted. The company […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Hard Fact of Hard Rack Milling

The following paper concludes that hard rack milling for finishing hardened racks provides the same level of accuracy as rack grinding, with lower costs and shorter cycle times.

Rack gears used for rack and pinion assembly are often hardened to increase durability. In most cases a finish grinding process is necessary for correcting the distortion of racks after heat treatment. If the hardened gear racks are finished by milling instead of grinding it will increase productivity and cut production costs considerably. The major […]
Yoshikazu Tomioka

Better Broaching through Process Control

Those concerned with streamlining their broaching process will appreciate the following step-by-step description of aspects to be examined, understood, and improved.

Is your broaching process capable and predictable? Many are not. This article will discuss why and how performance metric based management can help bring your broaching operation into control. Predictability and reliability are desirable in every operation in the factory to create sustained value. Find an unstable process and you’ve found heartburn for managers. This […]
Ken Nemec

Protecting Gears in Wind Power Applications

The following article, presented by lubrication experts with Kluber, discusses the benefits of high performance oils for heavily loaded gears in wind power stations.

In wind power stations, both fluid (lubricating oils) and consistent (lubricating greases) lubricants are used. The main task of the lubricant is to ensure reliable operation of the machine elements. Important lubrication points in wind turbines are in the main gear drive, the yaw system gear, the main and generator bearing, the pitch adjustment unit, […]
Hermann Siebert, Ari-Pekka Holm


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

With a new administration comes the potential for changes being made to OSHA regulations, so be sure to check online for any updates so that you'll be able to achieve safety compliance.

Well, now that we have a new presidential administration you have to wonder what it’s going to mean to us in the realm of safety. Are the OSHA requirements going to change, or be better enforced? Is there going to be more emphasis applied to workplace safety, and what about ergonomics? Are there going to […]
Terry McDonald

Corrosion alone can lead to gear failure, but when you add fatigue loads and consider materials and temperature, you’ll realize this natural process shouldn’t be ignored

How many engineers know that corrosion is generally regarded as the prime cause of failures? In 1986 Batelle Labs estimated the annual cost at that time of $186 billion dollars—4.2 percent of GNP. Gears, roller bearings, and cams all corrode from the same sources and are not immune to this problem that is now receiving […]
William P. Crosher

Chris Chlon: Buy Laws

Before awarding business to a small company—or to anyone, for that matter—one must balance evaluating capabilities with encouraging innovation from which you can benefit.

Occasionally a really good idea comes up when working on a project. It might represent a faster cycle time, streamlined process, or a real process improvement. In today’s manufacturing environment the pressures for making things faster, cheaper, and better are relentless. However, what appears to be a great idea for reducing cycle times or for […]
Chris Chlon CPM

Q&A with Robert Bruce

President of Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

I understand that the STLE is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. Could you tell us a little about the organization’s history, and your current role? I would be glad to. STLE was incorporated for a $10 fee in Illinois on March 3, 1944, as the American Society of Lubrication Engineers. The stated purposes of […]
Ari-Pekka Holm, Hermann Siebert


Gleason Publishes New Bilingual Gear Encyclopedia

Gleason Corporation, the worldwide leader in gear technology, has released the first technical reference of its kind: the Gleason Gear Encyclopedia. Authored by Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld, vice president of research & development, the 462 page encyclopedia has been more than five years in the making. Divided into two major sections—English/German and German/English—it is a […]
March 6, 2009

MHI Develops ZI20A High-precision Gear Grinding Machine

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has developed the ZI20A, a new internally toothed ring gear grinding machine, which enables high-speed, high-precision processing of ring gears that applications include automobile transmission gears. The new machine achieves low-cost processing of high-precision gears suitable for low-noise operation. Domestic marketing will commence in April.The ZI20A delivers enhanced productivity thanks […]
March 6, 2009

Kleiss Gears Goes Micro

Kleiss Gears has announced that it is expanding its injection molding capabilities with the addition of a micro-injection molding machine. With the continuous miniaturization of products the market demand for ever smaller molded precision polymer gears has been steadily increasing, particularly within the medical industry.“We have been quite successful molding miniature gears with our conventional […]
March 6, 2009

STLE 2009 Features Extensive Technical Program on Grease

If you are interested in or work with grease on a regular basis, STLE’s 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition—May 17-21, 2009, at Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida—­has a great program for you. Six technical papers will focus on grease, with subjects including:• Characterization of the performance of low-temperature greases• Additive response […]
March 6, 2009

New Wind Energy Developments from RP Machine

RP Machine Enterprises, Inc., has reinvented the future of gear cutting for large CNC gear gashers. The company will exhibit the new design of its Gould & Eberhardt GH-series CNC internal/external gear gashers for wind energy applications at the WINDPOWER 2009 conference and exposition, booth #2301. The event is sponsored by the American Wind Energy […]
March 6, 2009

BIG Kaiser Showcases the Newest in Tooling Solutions at Westec

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., will showcase a number of new and exciting products at Westec 2009. Visit booth #2632 to see what’s new from BIG Daishowa, Kaiser, Sphinx, Speroni, Unilock, and more.BIG Kaiser’s EWB-UP (Ultra Precision) finish boring head is a revolutionary new series of Kaiser boring tools with the distinction of the finest […]
March 6, 2009

Makino a51 Horizontal Machining Center on display at WESTEC

Makino’s a51 horizontal machining center (HMC) provides the performance and reliability required in today’s manufacturing environments. The a51 is compact, simple to operate, easily maintained, and quickly deployable for manufacturing applications that require maximum throughput and reliability. The a51 will be on display at the 2009 WESTEC show in Los Angeles March 30-April 2, 2009, […]
March 6, 2009

Bison Gear Introduces New FlexTorq Hollow Shaft Gearmotors

Designed to fit into high torque, tight space applications, and featuring either a 1.25" (31.75 mm) ID hollow shaft or a 1.25" diameter solid shaft in the u-shaped or s-shaped configuration, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. introduces its new FlexTorq™ 762 series hollow shaft offset DC gearmotors. Driven by 1/20, ¼ or 1/2 HP (37, […]
March 6, 2009

New Ultra Low-Foaming Cutting Fluid

A new semi-synthetic cutting fluid has been announced by its manufacturer, JTM Products, Inc. KoolRite™ 2365 is a high performance metalworking coolant, specially formulated for high pressure applications which traditionally have created foam control problems. Containing mineral oil and extreme pressure additives, KoolRite 2365 coolant can be used with cast iron, all steels, and non-ferrous metals, […]
March 6, 2009