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February 2009


KGK International

This company is constantly seeking manufacturers of equipment that will save gear manufacturers time and money while providing the quality and accuracy they require.

As a longtime distributor of Okuma machine tools, KGK International — which is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois — was already well acquainted with the gear manufacturing industry and interested in broadening its related offerings. With many Japan-based manufacturers seeking representation in the United States, KGK had quite a few to choose from, but it […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

SKF Keeps Wind Turbines Spinning

The signing of a contract for more than 5,000 sets of SKF’s latest high capacity cylindrical roller bearings (HCCRB) for wind turbines will give added load carrying capacity, more reliability and longer life to the Nanjing Gear Company’s range of gearboxes for wind applications. The following article — based on a recent site visit — […]
Colin Roberts

Gearing Up for Land, Sea, and Air

Arrow Gear describes how the use of advanced design technology is expanding its range of power transmission applications in a wide range of environments.

As with many other industries, ongoing advancements in the precision gear industry are bringing about a paradigm shift in the way gearing products are manufactured. Arrow Gear Company — widely known as an innovator in the gear business, and among the most technically advanced facilities in the world — is pushing forward into the next […]
Joseph L. Arvin, James J. Cervinka

Investigating Epicyclic Gear Whine

Testing epicyclic gear systems leads to discoveries that will help eliminate gear noise during the design phase.

Gear whine is a major source of unwanted noise in automotive applications. It is tonal in nature, which makes it more apparent to the human ear than other stochastic noise mechanisms. Prediction of gear whine behavior in automatic transmissions is a particularly complex problem, where the conventional FEA approach precludes the rapid assessment of “what […]
Dr. M. Eccles, Dr. J. Pears, Dr. F. Kamaya


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

One of the worst mistakes you could make during trying economic times would be cutting your safety program, which would expose your company to major liability.

All we hear on the radio, see on television, or read in the newspapers and on the Internet these days seems to be bad news about the economy. It would appear that all of manufacturing is in big trouble, and that we’re all in a situation where we must cut payroll and expenses wherever we […]
Terry McDonald

Determining the reasons for materials-based fatigue failures can be a challenge, but don’t underplay the role of resonance, especially in drives that are critical to operation

In the past 50 years, advances in gear technology have been driven by energy and aerospace, specifically by the gas turbine, jet engine, wind, hydro turbines, and the helicopter. During this time improved manufacturing techniques and material control have extended gear life by as much as 80 percent, in some instances. In such applications, where […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Suren Rao Ph.D.

Managing Director of Gear Research Institute

Tell us about your academic background and what brought you to the Gear Research Institute at Penn State. I was raised in India, and my father was an engineer, so it wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I chose mechanical engineering because I like to see and feel what I’m working on. After I’d received […]
Suren Rao, Ph.D.


Major Capital Investments at Forest City Gear

Forest City Gear announces it has invested more than $6 million in the purchase of new capital equipment for the manufacture of gears during the last 18 months. According to CEO Fred Young this reinvestment of revenue was made for a variety of reasons, primarily to expand the company’s manufacturing capabilities and to maintain the […]
January 30, 2009

Gleason Introduces the Genesis 160TWG Threaded Wheel Grinder

Faster, more-flexible hard finish grinding of cylindrical gears with diameters up to 160mm is now possible with the introduction of Gleason’s new Genesis® 160TWG Threaded Wheel Grinder. It features an exceptionally high speed cam-driven double grip loader that helps it cut floor-to-floor times without the need for the considerably more complex designs available on the […]
January 30, 2009

Kapp Technologies Announces New Sales Representative

KAPP Technologies is pleased to announce that Dwight Smith of Cole Manufacturing Systems, Inc., has been awarded a contract to exclusively represent Kapp and Niles products in the northeastern region of the United States. Smith was previously teamed with Kapp Technologies from 2001 to 2006. He will serve Kapp Technologies’ customers in New York, Michigan, […]
January 30, 2009

Mabry Castings Completes Kaizen Project

Mabry Castings LTD—a gray iron casting and ductile iron casting foundry located in Beaumont, Texas—has adopted lean manufacturing philosophies and principles as their main focus for facility improvements to increase overall competitiveness and offer enhanced customer service. To this end it has just completed a lean Kaizen project in their gray iron castings and ductile […]
January 30, 2009

TYROLIT Announces Restructuring

Cincinnati Tyrolit, Inc., Tyrolit Wickman, Inc., and Cal State Abrasives have announced the formation of TYROLIT, L.L.C., now operating as one sales organization. The company will continue to dedicate itself to serving the shared markets with exceptional products and solutions in the areas of abrasives technology.The new team at TYROLIT, L.L.C., was built around its […]
January 30, 2009

Appointments Made at Schafer Gear

Schafer Gear has appointed Paresh Shah as vice president of engineering and business development. In this role he oversees all engineering-related functions. He also works with executives and sales representatives on business development. He had previously been Schafer’s engineering manager. In the past he has worked for a number of gear manufacturers in the United […]
January 30, 2009

Apex to Auction Large-Capacity Gear Manufacturing Equipment

Apex Auctions, the global leader in machine tool auctions, has announced it will be offering for sale a unique selection of large-capacity gear manufacturing equipment in spring 2009. The machinery is currently in operation at The Reid Gear Company, which is closing due to the retirement of their Managing Director Tom Reid. The Reid Gear […]
January 30, 2009

Mida Optical Twin Probe System from Marposs

A new system that enables the installation of both tool setting and part inspection probes onto machine tools using a single wireless interface unit will be presented by Marposs Corp. at WESTEC 2009 in booth 2519, March 30-April 2, in Los Angeles. The new Mida Optical Twin Probe System—which incorporates an extremely compact, tube-type Optical […]
January 30, 2009