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September 2008


Company Profile: Colonial Tool Group Inc.

You must pay attention to the work at hand, of course, but if you don’t plot your course into the future you might just lose your way. That won’t happen with this company.

Strategic planning matters, as does market diversification, and the emphasis that Colonial Tool Group has placed on both in recent years is helping it thrive while many of its competitors are struggling in these difficult economic times. “What I can tell you is that we currently have a record backlog,” according to Brett Froats, a […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Lead or Helix? That is the Question

Whether you call it lead or helix, this aspect of gearing is critical to the function of the finished components. Learn more from an industry expert.

Here’s the scenario: the company is developing a new application for helical internal gears. The first trials are going well, but after heat treat studies it is determined that the lead needs to be changed by .025mm to compensate for heat treat distortion. Not a problem, according to the broach supplier. They make the requested […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Gleason Aces the Mercedes Test

Mercedes-Benz is using angular hypoid bevel gearsets for its all-wheel drive powertrains, and testing them is the job of Gleason’s new 360AT Universal Gear Tester.

It seems that Mercedes-Benz design engineers never stop searching for ways to improve performance, passenger safety, and comfort. The recent availability of new lightweight, smooth, and highly-compact all-wheel drive (AWD) powertrain systems on their venerable C-, E-, and S-Class vehicles, for example, falls into the performance category. At the same time Mercedes designers have sought […]
Michael Hayes

Induction Heating for Low-Cost Quality Gears

Ajax Tocco describes how SPF induction gear hardening can lead to a better product at a lower cost.

The gear market is looking for increased gear performance, reduction in gearbox package size, and longer gear life. Industry drivers that support these needs include: • More consistent quality with regard to dimensional results; • Consistent process control; • Reduced operational costs in both material and labor; • Reduction in capital equipment investment; • Higher […]
George Pfaffmann, FASM

Cold Forming for Hot Results

Roto-Flo’s new CNC spline and thread rolling machine offers unique advantages over hydraulic units. Read on to learn more about how this is achieved.

Cold forming involute splines, serrations, oil grooves, snap-ring grooves, threads, and various other features using spline rolling machinery provides many advantages and benefits over conventional methods such as hobbing. This process has typically been done by hydraulically actuated spline and thread rolling machines that use flat tooling blocks mounted parallel and over each other to […]
Andrew Budai

Epicyclic Gearing: A Handbook

For design engineers who are just beginning their careers—and even old pros who could use a refresher course—the following article takes a basic approach to discussing epicyclic gearing.

Recent articles in Gear Solutions have discussed epicyclic gearing, but often in the context of experienced engineers. As more and more of these engineers reach retirement age younger engineers must pick up where they left off, and for many epicyclic gearing is an area where they lack experience. Epicyclic gearing requires a step-by-step process to […]
Jim Marsch, Amy Flanagan

The Principles of Workholding: Part I

This article is the first in a multi-part series on workholding presented by Toolink Engineering and König-mtm, with this installment devoted to the fundamentals of hydraulic workholding devices.

This article is the first of a mult-part series intended to inform, guide, and assist the gear manufacturing industry in selecting or identifying the most efficient and practical workholding solution to fit their gear manufacturing needs. In this installment we touch on the principles, fundamentals, advantages, and limitations of hydraulic workholding. Next we will introduce […]
Tim Peterson CMfgT, Juergen Kempf

The LPC Process for High-Alloy Steels

The following technical paper—produced by SECO/WARWICK and the University of Zielona Góra describes the benefits of using

Low pressure carburizing (LPC) in vacuum furnaces has many applications in industrial technologies where high quality, reliability, and repeatability are required. High quality work is achieved using the patented process control method, FineCarb®, that delivers a precise, three-gas carburizing mixture injection sequence controlled through a computerized supervision system and process simulation software known as SimVac™. […]
Juergen Kempf, Tim Peterson CMfgT


Q&A with Ed Weinberg

V.P. of Sales

Tell us about the company and the product lines you represent. CENTRIC International has been in business for about three years, and we’re the North American distributors for the Jashico Machine Manufacture Co., which is the largest manufacturer of slant-bed lathes in Taiwan, and SENJO SEIKI, a longtime Japanese OEM of premium chamfering/deburring machines. We […]
Ed Weinberg

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Developing a safety program is commendable, but if it isn't reviewed, updated, and discussed in a consistent manner then you're not getting the return on your efforts—and the protection–that you should.

How consistent is your safety program? Do you hold training and brainstorming meetings that focus on safety? Do you change your signage regularly, and do you conduct periodic inspections? Do you have a schedule for reviewing your safety manual and adding any necessary updates? Are your safety leaders consistently held responsible for their participation in […]
Terry McDonald

Robots held a place in the human imagination long before they were assigned a role in manufacturing, and their applications have exploded along with developing technologies

In 1921 the Czech author Karel Kapek wrote a play on the subject of mechanization gone wild titled “R.U.R.,” which stood for “Rossum’s Universal Robots.” The term robot- was taken from the Czech word “robota,” meaning forced labor. Since that time robots have become increasingly important to industry. An early mention of a robot-assisted operation […]
William P. Crosher

Chris Chlon: Buy Laws

To avoid being on "the receiving end" of a multitude of problems, make sure you have guidelines in place for personnel to follow so that parts, paperwork, and profits won't be lost.

Volumes have been written by experts in the field of inventory control, with many tagged as being “high level,” which means that the subject is only addressed on a managerial level. Little attention is given to details such as the importance of the receiving function and the personnel who are responsible for it. Overlooking the […]
Chris Chlon CPM


Drake Upgrades Rack Mills for Automotive Steering Racks

Drake Manufacturing’s four-axis CNC rack mill, Model GS:RM, has a redesigned cutter head for more stability and increased speeds with coated HSS milling cutters. Part capacity has been increased by 200mm, and the machine now accommodates racks from 500mm to 900mm in length. The machine also has a cast polymer base that dampens vibration and contributes […]
September 5, 2008

Boeing Projects Global Shift to New, More Efficient Airplanes

Boeing forecasts a $3.2-trillion market for new commercial airplanes over the next two decades, driven by an increasing demand for airplanes to replace older, less efficient aircraft.The Boeing Company released its 2008 Current Market Outlook recently in London. The report is Boeing’s 20-year forecast of air travel. The 2008 outlook calls for a market of […]
September 5, 2008

DMG to Premier New ECOLINE Machine at IMTS

DMG America announces the world premiere of its latest offering in the ECOLINE series of fully featured, value-priced CNC machine tools designed specially for job shop use. The DMC 55 H ECO is a compact, horizontal machining center with XYZ axis travel of 22.1” x 23.6” x 23.6”, 26.8 HP main drive, spindle speeds up […]
September 5, 2008

New Reducer Gearbox Family from Baldor

Baldor’s new reducer gearbox family for heavy-duty material handling applications, the Dodge MagnaGear XTR, allows system builders to achieve substantial weight and space savings. Available in either parallel shaft or right angle drive configurations, all the larger sizes of the gearbox employ a planetary output stage. This can reduce size substantially compared with all helical […]
September 5, 2008

Frenco to be Represented at IMTS

Two years ago, Frenco—the gear and spline specialist from Altdorf, Germany—successfully took on the double flank gear rolling inspection line from Hommel-Etamic. Frenco is therefore in a position to not only maintain and calibrate Hommel double flank gear rolling testers ZWG8305 and ZWG8315, but also to offer retrofits and upgrades to the measurement and evaluation […]
September 5, 2008

Combination Airflow Gas-Fired Walk-In Oven from Grieve

The Grieve No. 1000 is a gas-fired, 500ºF (~260ºC) walk-in oven specially modified for overhead crane loading at the customer’s facility in the performance of general heat processing operations. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 81”W x 14’D x 12’H. 600,000 BTU are installed in a modulating natural gas burner to heat the unit, while […]
September 5, 2008

Larger INTEGRAmotor from Bodine

Bodine Electric Company announces the addition of a new 34B-frame, 24V brushless DC motor to its standard INTEGRAmotor product line. The new product combines a PWM speed control, a brushless DC motor and an optical encoder into one innovative drive solution. The 34B/FV provides 1/4 hp (187 watts) and up to 100 oz-in. (0.706 Nm) […]
September 5, 2008

Gear Deburring Information Available from Weiler

Weiler Corporation offers a six-page technical brochure on gear deburring with power brushes. The brochure explains the importance of deburring gears in order to improve the quality and performance of power transmission components, describing brushing as an effective way to deburr gears since brushes don’t alter part geometry and are ideal for automation.In addition, this […]
September 5, 2008

New Sales Manager of Forging Products at Erie Press Systems

Anders Vesterholm has been named sales manager of forge and custom hydraulic presses for Erie Press Systems. The announcement was made by Doug Currie, president of the company.Vesterholm will be responsible for domestic and international sales of application-based forging machinery and custom hydraulic applications. He will manage new equipment orders and the sales process for […]
September 5, 2008

Mahr Federal Introduces GMX 400 Universal Gear Tester

Mahr Federal has introduced a new Class 1 Universal Gear Tester that provides fast, accurate analysis for a wide range of gear and gear tool applications on gears with ODs up to 400 mm (15.75 in). Part of the Mahr Federal GMX Series, and incorporating a four-axis Power PC controller with automatic tailstock and a […]
September 5, 2008

MAG Shows Reliable, Integratable, Scaleable Machine Control at IMTS

Goodbye to problematic disk-drives on PC-based machine tool control. Infimatic pioneers advanced solid-state design and industry’s most scaleable control architecture with the Freedom NC™200 machine control system. Clean-sheet engineering has created a control that sets new standards in ruggedness, scalability, ease of integration, and affordability. Modular plug-and-play design allows the Freedom NC200 to be configured […]
September 5, 2008

Klüber Celebrates Anniversary, Upgrades Online Shopping Cart

Klüber Lubrication North America L.P., a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, celebrated 25 years in business in the United States and Canada this summer. Since being founded in 1982 in New Hampshire, the North American subsidiary has enjoyed steady growth year after year. Significant milestones include growing its employee base to the current level of […]
September 5, 2008

New Five-Sided Machining Center from Bohle

Bohle Machine Tools, Inc., is introducing to North America the SHW UniSpeed 5 travelling column machining center at IMTS 2008 booth #A-8462. Very fast and very capable, the UniSpeed can complete many parts in a single setup with five-sided machining.A universal CNC machining center with turning capabilities, the new machine is designed for precision applications […]
September 5, 2008

Compact World Radio Transmission Probing System from Marposs

Marposs Corp. introduces its new Mida WRS System at IMTS 2008 booth #D-4514. WRS is the new Marposs touch probing system with radio transmission for worldwide use. The applied transmission frequency band is 2.4 GHz, permitting this single system to be used in applications in most parts of the world. The spherical transmission characteristics and […]
September 5, 2008

HH Horizontal Honing System Series from Barnes

The Barnes HH line of horizontal spindle bore-honing machines is normally used to process the cavities of rod or barrel shaped components. Considering the rigid structural box beam base design, combined with the easy-access open-face configuration, the HH series equipment is well-suited to hone very long and/or very heavy components.Contemporary applications include oil-patch and military […]
September 5, 2008

Romi Increases C420 Combination Lathe Lineup

Romi’s new low cost C420 combination lathes can now be ordered in three different configurations. A new B-Model gives customers added flexibility in choosing the package that best suits their machining needs. The following models are available:A-Model: A2-5 Spindle; hand wheels; manual tailstock; 8” manual chuck; Dorian two-position tool post; Siemens Sinumerik 802D sl control. […]
September 5, 2008