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August 2008


Company Profile: Michigan Hone & Drill

As part of this expanded issue we’d like to offer an article that’s equal parts case study and company profile, describing why a finishing shop is devoted to the Sunnen equipment with which it made its start.

According to Ken Pape—who is president of the Parts Finishing Group, of which Michigan Hone & Drill is a member—whenever a part rotates on a shaft or a piston slides inside a bore the shape, size, and surface finish of that bore determine the quality of the interface between the moving parts. This principle is […]
Russ Willcutt

Relative Curvature of Worm & Wheel with Straight Line Generatrix

You’re sure to benefit from reading this fascinating study presented by a gearbox specialist with Tata Steel on calculating—and better understanding—worm/wheel contact.

The contact on single enveloping worm gear drives is the line contact. The changing form of the worm across the face of the gear makes it impossible to derive a simple mathematical expression for the contact curvature. In addition, the combination of the lead angle of the worm and position of the pitch plane of […]
P.K. Banerjee

An Advanced Approach to Optimal Gear Design

Take two proven design approaches—Direct Gear Design and the Method of Dynamic Blocking Contours’ combine their best attributes, and the result is Advanced Gear Design. Read on to learn more.

The theory and practice of gear design is rich with examples of successful and sometimes outstanding combinations of various mathematical, manufacturing, and methodological approaches to the choice of the best parameters, defining the gear itself, its generating tools, and processes of generation and meshing of tooth flanks [1, 2, 3, and others]. Knowledge of involute […]
Dr. Veniamin I. Goldfarb, Dr. Alexander A. Tkachev

The Foundations of Function-Testing Gear Assemblies

There are many different ways of testing gears and the assemblies in which they are incorporated.

Functional gear testing could be defined as a series of tests that simulate the intended function of the product in an effort to determine whether an assembly operates within a specified performance range; quite simply, a method to test how well the assembly will function once it is applied to its intended purpose. In the […]
John Lytle

Battling Gear Infant Mortality

Sometimes a seasoned gear manufacturing machine is the most dependable, but close monitoring is required to keep it running at the peak of its productivity.

There is a common misconception in the industry that new equipment is more reliable than machinery in operation. In reality, the machines that have been in operation for a year or more and are a part of a condition monitoring program are actually more reliable than startup equipment. Statistics and industry studies confirm that the […]
Jeffrey P. McGuckin


Q&A with Jason Ray

Sales Manager, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Co.

You’ve been with the company for five years now, how did you come to join it?” I was originally trained as an engineer, and I was working with a company in an unrelated field that required a great deal of traveling—and this was right when I’d gotten married, too, so being on the road so […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Equipment maintenance keeps your machines running smoothly, but have the personnel assigned to the task received the proper training to handle it safely? Put safety first and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Do you put safety first in your workplace? Are you a safety conscious person… and I mean really safety conscious? I don’t know anyone who’s not in favor of safety, but I know very few people who actually put safety first. We don’t really consider safety before production, for instance, nor do we really consider […]
Terry McDonald

Part 2: Don’t compromise a quality gearbox by scrimping on seals and filters

You don’t want to compromise a quality gearbox by scrimping on seals and filters. Here’s the conclusion of a two-part series, this one devoted to filtration.

Oil cleanliness is essential for gear unit reliability. To achieve this cleanliness in force-feed lubrication systems filters should be the last piece of equipment prior to the lubricant entering the housing. All filters should have a minimum efficiency of 90 percent at the specified micron rating. The life of bearings and gears increase with improved […]
William P. Crosher


Gleason to Unveil New Technology for Gear Production at IMTS

Gleason will introduce several new machine technologies at IMTS ’08 booth #B-6902 that are designed to take cost out of bevel and cylindrical gear production:• The GENESIS® Vertical Hobbing Machine, a member of Gleason’s revolutionary new family of gear production machines. The hobber is particularly well suited for dry machining and features a small, compact […]
August 6, 2008

Mitsubishi to Showcase Latest in Gear Manufacturing at IMTS 2008

At IMTS 2008, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America, Inc., Machine Tool Division will be exhibiting in the North Hall Gear Pavilion, booth B-7025. On display will be a fully automated GE15A gear hobbing machine with pallet conveyor supplied by Creative Automation, Inc., of Ypsilanti, Michigan (booth B-6445). The GE15A is a highly flexible gear hobbing […]
August 5, 2008

Timken Unveils New Bearing Selection Guide

The Timken Company has released its Bearing Selection Guide Version 3.0 for users including original equipment manufacturers, distributors, students, and engineers. The new electronic guide contains engineering calculations and a database of more than 5,000 bearings including tapered, spherical, cylindrical, and needle roller bearings, as well as ball bearings.The software program is an interactive tool […]
August 5, 2008

Large Turning Now Available at Riverside Spline & Gear

Riverside Spline & Gear, Inc., announces the installation of a VTL-1000 CNC vertical turning lathe manufactured by the You Ji Machine Industrial Co., LTD, which allows for larger turning up to 43 inches. Earlier this year the company installed its second Nexus 350 turning center, which was its fifth CNC lathe purchase from Mazak.“We have […]
August 5, 2008

Broaching Machine Specialties to Introduce Versa-Mate at IMTS

The Versa-Mate, a compact vertical broaching machine, utilizes cutting edge servo-motor and planetary roller screw technology yet relies on traditional “slide and way” construction resulting in a rugged, heavy-duty machine that stands up to the most demanding production environments. The Versa-Mate’s electromechanical drive system offers numerous advantages compared to hydraulically powered machines, including:•No hydraulic unit […]
August 5, 2008

FoundryPRO from-FANUC Robotics

FANUC Robotics America, Inc., recently introduced its M-710iC/50 SE FoundryPRO robot, IP67 protected for operation in the harshest environments. The entire robot is coated with a special epoxy, and the wrist has protective covers to withstand high-pressure washing. In addition, the base of the robot purges air to avoid vapor entrance. “The M-710iC/50 SE sets […]
August 5, 2008

ASM Heat Treating Society Holds Conference on Gears

Extending quenchant life and improving heat treating quality will be the focus of a two-day conference on Quenching and Control of Distortion in Heat Treated Gears. Sponsored by the ASM Heat Treating Society, the event will be held Sept. 24-25 at the Radisson Hotel at Milwaukee Airport.The program was organized by Scott MacKenzie, Houghton International; […]
August 5, 2008

Makino Introduces New Member to the MAG Family

Makino’s MAG series of five-axis horizontal machining centers are specifically suited to meet the just-in-time manufacturing needs of the aerospace industry. The newest offering in this series is the MAG1, a five-axis machining center designed to handle quick, high precision aluminum production of parts up to 1500 mm. See this and other new technologies in […]
August 5, 2008

Earth-Chain Workholding Products at IMTS

Working together, EZ-Lift material handling magnets and MagVISE magnetic workholding systems are proven to reduce setup and part changeover times by 50 percent or more compared to traditional material handling and workholding methods, including clamps and vises. Thousands of customers use its magnetic products to lift, move, and hold their material more quickly and efficiently […]
August 5, 2008

Sunnen to Feature New SV-310 at IMTS

Sunnen’s new SV-310 vertical CNC honing system combines multi-spindle machine configurations with wide tooling choices and 762mm/30" stroke for bore sizing of small and medium-sized gas/diesel engine blocks, large gears, air compressors, aerospace parts, refrigeration compressors, and similar small or large multi-bore parts. A work envelope of 1016mm x 1778mm/40" x 70" and weight capacity […]
August 5, 2008

Unique Spindle Finisher from ALMCO at IMTS

Precision deburring of metal parts at speeds up to 480 pieces per hour will be demonstrated by ALMCO, Inc., at IMTS booth #6846 with a unique, automated, double-spindle finishing machine. The world’s only manufacturer of such equipment, ALMCO has designed the robot-adaptable machine, Model 2SF-48RA, to handle complex pieces with up to 16-inch diameters and […]
August 5, 2008

MAG Cincinnati’s FTV 5 Provides High-Uptime Productivity Solution

The MAG Cincinnati FTV 5 vertical machining center meets IMTS searches for high productivity, versatility, and earnings capacity at five-axis machining. Heavy-duty fixed table/traveling column design—available in 1800 mm, 2500 mm and 3700 mm X-axis models—performs high-output cutting of a wide range of materials from aluminum to today’s hardest metals, particularly titanium alloys.Precision five-axis/five-sided processing […]
August 5, 2008

New GMX 400 Universal Gear Tester from Mahr Federal

At IMTS 2008 Mahr Federal will introduce the GMX 400, a new Class 1 Universal Gear Tester that provides fast, accurate analysis for a wide range of gear and gear tool applications on gears with ODs up to 400 mm (15.75 in). The company will also feature its new MarSurf® WS 1 Optical Surface Metrology […]
July 25, 2008

SME and EMCIT Address Engineering Management Certification

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces that it has signed an agreement to establish a partnership with Engineering Management Certification International (EMCIT), a certification program that both facilitates and maintains competence in engineering management among qualified engineers, scientists, and technologists. This new collaboration continues the creation of unifying a standard for this in-demand certification.Effective […]
July 25, 2008

Philadelphia Gear Purchases Majority of GE Marine Gear Product Line

Philadelphia Gear Corporation (PGC) has announced the purchase of the majority of General Electric Corporation’s (GE) marine gear product lines. With the completion of this transaction PGC will acquire intellectual property, equipment, and transition assistance to broaden its existing capabilities to manufacture main reduction gear assemblies. The purchase does not include the “CVN-78” nuclear aircraft […]
July 25, 2008

Conicity Introduces SXM-50 Saw Blade Edge Prep Machine

Conicity Technologies, LLC, the leader in cutting tool edge preparation technology, recently introduced their new SXM-50 saw blade edge preparation machine. The SXM-50 is the latest in Conicity’s line of machines developed for edge preparation. This machine will reduce chipping of saw blade tips and provide a significant increase in saw blade life.The SXM-50 is […]
July 25, 2008