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January 2008


Company Profile: Larson Forgings

Now celebrating its 113th year in business, this fourth-generation, privately-held company is the culmination of a Swedish immigrant's American dream.

In the late 1800s a blacksmith left Sweden and traveled to America, settling in Chicago, where he planned to build a new life. He set up shop downtown, beside the Chicago River, and immediately picked up work making horseshoes and forging gears and replacement parts for ships plying the Great Lakes. His family’s size kept […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

A Revelation in Advanced Software Technology

Here are details on a new software package that increases productivity, decreases programming, setup, and cycle times, and leads to greater profitability.

Bryant Grinder has always been at the forefront of grinding machine technology. Founded in Springfield, Vermont, in 1909, the company has the distinction of having introduced the first computer numerically controlled (CNC) grinding machine. Today, Bryant is leading the machine tool industry again with the introduction of its REVELATIONS™ CNC software. REVELATIONS is intelligent, easy-to-use […]
George Nelson

Low-Cycle Bending Fatigue of AISI 9310 Steel Spur Gears

This investigation—by members of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, NASA’s Glenn Research Center, and the QSS Group, Inc.—examines a raw material for steel spur gears.

An investigation of the low-cycle bending fatigue of spur gears made from AISI 9310 gear steel was completed. Tests were conducted using the single-tooth bending method to achieve crack initiation and propagation. Tests were conducted on spur gears in a fatigue test machine using a dedicated gear test fixture. Test loads were applied at the […]
Timothy L. Krantz, Christopher S. Burke, Bradley A. Lerch, Dr. Robert F. Handschuh

Natural Frequencies & Modal Properties of Compound Planetary Gears

All vibration modes can be classified into one of three types—rotational, translational, and planet modes. In this article the author provides a detailed description.

This paper presents the structured vibration mode and natural frequency properties of compound planetary gears of general description, including those with equally-spaced planets and diametrically opposed planet pairs. The vibration modes are classified into rotational, translational, and planet modes and the unique properties of each type are examined and proved for general compound planetary gears. […]
Robert G. Parker, Ph.D.


Q&A with Scott Lynch

President and Secretary American Bearing Manufacturers Association.

When was the organization founded, and who was involved? The first meeting of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association was held in 1917 in New York City. At the time it was an informal committee formed to aid the production of bearings during World War I. While most of the companies represented were based in the […]
Kevin Chou, Raymond G. Thompson, Jianwen Hu

Terry McDonald:Site Safety

Now is the time to make sure your safety paperwork is current and readily available, so set some time aside to make an in-depth review of these important documents.

I’ve got a question for you: Was GEAR EXPO what you expected? Did you use any of your time there to explore safety issues? I often wonder if the ideas suggested in this column are actually acted on, because I really do hope that the information that I provide is of value to you. If […]
Terry McDonald

Part 1: Epicyclic gearing — when it works, where it doesn’t, and why that is

Epicyclic gearing is a fascinating and useful system, but it’s important to understand how these gears act with—and on—one another. Read on to learn more.

A dictionary description of epicyclic gearing is as follows: “A system of gears in which one or more gears travel around the inside or the outside of another gear whose axis is fixed. ” Epicyclic gearing can have a fixed or rotating annulus, while a planetary unit always has a fixed annulus. Such drives have […]
William P. Crosher


Media Solutions Announces Promotion

Media Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce the promotion of Russ Willcutt to executive editor. Formerly managing editor of Gear Solutions magazine and Gear Solutions China, he will now serve as editor of those publications while overseeing all editorial aspects of the company’s growing project base. “We’ve been a team since we began planning the […]
January 1, 2008

Gear Solutions Congratulates Winners of GEAR EXPO Raffle

Hundreds of GEAR EXPO 2007 attendees signed up for a chance to win Nike golf clubs in Detroit last October. The winners of a Nike Sumo driver were Doug Fellman of Engineered Abrasives; Ken Keller of Engineered Tools Corporation; and Thomas Beach of Peening Technologies. Todd Sakai of YMT International won a Nike putter. According […]
January 1, 2008

CORE Filters Available on Philadelphia Gear Web Site

Officials of Philadelphia Gear Corporation have announced the online availability of the company’s proprietary Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment, or CORE. Launched as an alternative to traditional barrier filtration techniques, the CORE is available in two models and filters metallic particles as small as one micron (one-millionth of a meter). Unique to Philadelphia Gear, these filters […]
January 1, 2008

Niagara Gear Announces Plant Expansion

Niagara Gear Corporation has announced an 8,000 square-foot expansion that features an upgraded Gear Cutting Center, new manufacturing-engineering offices, and an expanded Gear Grinding Department. The recently completed expansion brings Niagara Gear’s total plant size to over 30,000 square feet. The expanded facility allows Niagara Gear to install a time-efficient inventory system aimed at improving […]
January 1, 2008

Bodine Expands Inverter Duty Gearmotor Selection

Bodine Electric Company announces that it has expanded the Pacesetter™ family of AC inverter duty, three-phase gearmotors and motors. Inverter duty gearmotors are now available with Bodine’s newest gearheads: the types 3RD, HG, and CG. Typical applications for these gearmotors include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, medical equipment, and factory automation. The new gearheads each […]
January 1, 2008

FMA Elects New Chairman, Directors

Steve Heim, president of Brenco Industries, British Columbia, Canada, was elected to a one-year term as board chairman of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), at the group’s recent annual meeting. Also, R. Bruce Benedict, Edwin Herbert Stanley, and Al Zelt were elected to the organization’s board of directors and will serve three-year terms […]
January 1, 2008

Street Crane Announces New Appointment

One of the most respected people in the North American crane industry, Dick Davidson. is to spearhead Street Crane Company’s sales drive in the United States and Canada. The largest independent crane maker in the U.K., Street has invested heavily in developing a new generation of advanced hoists to set new standards in flexibility, performance, […]
January 1, 2008

Encore Group Joins Ranks of Dura-Bar Distributors

Dura-Bar, the only North American producer of continuous cast iron bar stock, announces that it has expanded its Western U.S. and Canadian distribution network by adding the Encore Group Limited of Edmonton, Alberta. The Encore Group—which consists of Encore Metals and Team Tube in Canada—is a subsidiary of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company. “We’re […]
January 1, 2008

Advanced Heat Treat Opens New Facility

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is growing to better service its customer base. In order to meet customer needs, AHT has expanded its resources by opening a fourth full service UltraGlow® facility in Cullman, Alabama. The new facility will include one of the world’s largest vacuum ion nitriding vessels, with a 60,000 pound capacity and an […]
January 1, 2008

New Dimensional Metrology Catalog From Mahr Federal

Mahr Federal has issued a new catalog covering the full range of the company’s dimensional metrology instruments. At over 530 pages, and printed in full color, the catalog provides complete specification and ordering information on the company’s precision gages; metrology systems; and repair, training, and calibration services. In addition, the catalog incorporates a wealth of […]
January 1, 2008

Sunnen to Demonstrate New Machine at WESTEC

Sunnen’s new SV-1015 series vertical CNC honing system with integrated air gaging system will be demonstrated at WESTEC booth No. 2916. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 31-April 3, 2008. Matched with Sunnen’s diamond-plated CGT Krossgrinding® tools or MMT TurboHone® multi-stone mandrel, the air-gage-equipped machine can automatically control hole […]
January 1, 2008

Makino Announces Webinar Schedule

Makino has released its 2008 first quarter webinar schedule, kicking off the new year with topics such as EDM for Aerospace and Automated Five-Axis Machining. “Machinists today need an arsenal of knowledge to tackle difficult and complex parts,” says Mark Rentschler, Makino’s marketing manager. “We’re always excited to share our innovative technologies and applications expertise […]
January 1, 2008

SKF Specialty Coatings for Bearings

Specialty coatings for SKF rolling bearings offer solutions to resist wear or to insulate against stray electric currents. Most bearing types can be coated to promote longer bearing life and increased machinery uptime. Promoting wear resistance, a patented NoWear® coating applied on contact surfaces can withstand severe operating conditions due to sudden load and speed […]
January 1, 2008

Cutting Tool Edge Preparation

Conicity Technologies, the world leader in cutting tool edge preparation technology, has an informative, user–friendly Web site, listed below. The site contains a wealth of informative material including an introduction to edge preparation, case studies, lab evaluations, an edge prep image library, edge preparation equipment and supplies available for purchase and technical information on Conicity’s […]
January 1, 2008

Flanged Linear Ball Bushings from Misumi

Misumi USA, Inc., offers round, square, and compact flange style, single or double linear ball bushings for a variety of industrial applications. These products are available standard in 52100 bearing steel (with or without electroless nickel plated surface) or 440C stainless steel cylinder and ball construction, with resin or stainless steel retainers, Nitrile rubber seals […]
January 1, 2008