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December 2007


Barit International Corp.

With expertise in both gear manufacturing and the tools required to make them, this company places a premium on delivering quality to its customers.

It’s the story of two men who met years ago in their home country of Russia — then the Soviet Union — and eventually joined forces to build a successful company in the United States. The company? Barit International. And the men? “Alex Polevoy and I worked together for a short time at a gear […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Direct Design for High-Performance Gear Transmissions

For demanding applications where custom gearing is required, the Direct Gear Design method may be just the approach you’re looking for. This article presents an in—depth explanation of this exciting process.

This paper presents a unique methodology for designing gears to enhance strength and life while allowing size and wear reduction. This new approach, trade named Direct Gear Design (DGD), optimizes the gear geometry to impart superior drive performance versus traditional gear design methods. This paper explains this alternative approach and demonstrates its effectiveness for high […]
Dr. Alexander Kapelevich

Straight Bevel Gears on Phoenix Machines Using Coniflex Tools

A world-renowned expert on bevel gearing who is with The Gleason Works, the author describes an exciting advance in the manufacture of straight bevel gears.

Manufacturing of straight bevel gears was in the past only possible on specially dedicated mechanical machines. Such machines are by nature difficult to set up, with limited ability to precisely repeat the setup. Mechanical machine setup has been historically slow and time consuming. New developments allow the use of the straight bevel gear cutting system […]
Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The Team Approach to Precision Plastic Gearing

When should plastic gears be used? What’s the optimum design and manufacturing approach? Which materials work best in what applications? Ticona has the answers…

Since antiquity, gears and gear systems have constantly been developed and improved. This continuing process includes the evolution of plastic gears, which started out as a curiosity 60 years ago and today are an industrial mainstay. Found initially in many small applications, plastic gears are now found in a variety of new, larger, and higher–power […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

All managers should know the best way to get employees onboard with any plan is to get them involved. By asking for their input, not only have you gained their support, but valuable suggestions as well.

I’ve got a question for you: Was GEAR EXPO what you expected? Did you use any of your time there to explore safety issues? I often wonder if the ideas suggested in this column are actually acted on, because I really do hope that the information that I provide is of value to you. If […]
Terry McDonald

‘Sounds’ can be good, such as the hum of a well-designed gearbox. It’s ‘noise’ you don’t want.

“Sounds” can be good, like the hum of a well-designed gearbox. It’s “noise” that you don’t want. Here’s a detailed description of the differences, and how to gauge them.

Many seminars and papers are conducted and written under the title of “gear noise” when the full subject is sound. Sounds can be pleasant, such as an orchestra or a fine–tuned engine. Noise, on the other hand, is always unpleasant. Sound waves are formed by millions of air molecules colliding and vibrating with one another. […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Peter Paulin

President and CEO 300 Below, Inc.

Tell us a little about your background and how you came to launch the company. I’m a graduate of Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, which is sometimes referred to as “the Harvard of the skies.” I was president of the student body while I was there, and then a member of the board of trustees afterwards. Some […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


New KAPP KX 500 FLEX Gear Center from KAPP

The KAPP Group has introduced the KX 500 FLEX Gear Center, an efficient and economic machine built on a shared modular platform, offering application-specific production solutions that can be configured using process technologies such as continuous generating grinding, discontinuous profile grinding, or a combination of both methods. The KX 500 FLEX Gear Center grinds external […]
December 1, 2007

New Company Launched by Advent Tool & Manufacturing

Advent Tool & Manufacturing announces the creation of a new company; TMFM, LLC, an Advent Tool affiliate formed to specialize in spline, form, and custom milling tools. Due to recent progress with new and innovative designs—including their recently patented spline form milling tools—TMFM, LLC, is going forth with personnel and equipment dedicated to the further […]
December 1, 2007

ANCA Appoints New CEO

Australia–based CNC grinder manufacturer ANCA has appointed Jeroen Schmits as its new CEO. He will be responsible to ANCA’s Board of Directors for all global business operations and will relocate from the United States to ANCA’s head office in Melbourne, Australia. Schmits began his new role at ANCA in November of 2007. With an extensive […]
December 1, 2007

Announcements from Bison Gear & Engineering

Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation has been selected by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity as a recipient of the Business Leadership Award. The award was presented at the Illinois Workforce Development Conference in October. Bison was chosen for this award because of the successful leadership demonstrated and the significant contributions made to workforce/ […]
December 1, 2007

MPIF Opens International Design Competition

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has opened the 2008 International PM Design Excellence Awards Competition. The competition recognizes outstanding achievements in the commercial production of powder metallurgy (PM) components. Entries in each category (automotive, aerospace, lawn & garden/off-highway, industrial motors/controls & hydraulics, hardware/appliances, medical/dental, and electronic/electrical) are eligible for a grand prize and awards […]
December 1, 2007

Spindle Deburring Literature Available from ALMCO

A new high–production spindle–finishing machine for deburring small gears and machined parts is described in literature now available from ALMCO, Inc. The Model S2–30, requiring just 15 square feet of floor space, finishes up to 480 pieces per hour with extreme uniformity and consistency. Parts measuring up to 2–l/2 x 3 inches are loaded on […]
December 1, 2007

Renishaw Offers Wide Range of Inspection Styli

Inventor of the touch trigger probe, Renishaw brings highest precision to part measurement, starting right at the touch with a comprehensive range of CMM and machine tool styli meeting every measurement challenge. Maximum stylus rigidity and tip sphericity are vital to probe measurement accuracy. To achieve this, Renishaw styli stems are created on CNC machine […]
December 1, 2007