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Machine Tool Builders, Inc.

Over the past 12 years this company has experienced steady growth, reinvesting its proceeds internally to become a remarkably agile rebuilder, retrofitter, and software designer.

Whether it be in your personal or professional life, sometimes you’ve got to follow your instincts. You can gamble and lose everything, or you just might win — and win big. That’s the position Ken Flowers was in 12 years ago, in 1995, when he found himself with an opportunity to embark on a whole […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Surface Hardening: Hard Turning or Grinding?

In order to determine which produces the best results, a detailed comparison is presented here to help you make the right decisions between these finishing processes.

Hard turning and grinding are competing finishing processes for the manufacture of precision mechanical components such as bearings, gears, cams, etc. Surface hardening at gentle machining conditions has often been reported and is attributed to strain/strain rate hardening and size effect. However, some studies have reported surface softening in the near surface of components by […]
Y.B. Guo, A.W. Warren

Heat Treating Heavy-Duty Gears

Allow “The Heat Treat Doctor” and his colleague to take you on a tour of the heat-treating processes you need to understand in order to achieve your gear manufacturing goals.

Whether required to pace the movement of a precision watch or a giant wind turbine, gears play an essential role in the performance of the products that we rely on in our everyday lives. Gears fall into two general categories: motion-carrying and power transmission. Motion-carrying gears are generally non-ferrous or non-metals such as plastic, while […]
Daniel H. Herring, Gerald D. Lindell

Synthetic Lubricants for Real Results

DOW Chemical knows its lubricants, and here provides an analysis of why PAGs are rising to the top of the synthetic market—especially in gearbox applications.

For centuries lubricants have been utilized as a way to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. In 2005, approximately 40 million tons of lubricants were produced globally by the industry [1]. While natural mineral oil-based fluids represent the majority of the market demand, many technological advances in equipment and machinery would not be possible […]
Martin Greaves, Daryl Beatty

Estimating Gear Fatigue Life

Using the strength-life theory can help avoid gear fatigue failure, and the resulting disruption of whole manufacturing systems.

Fatigue failure of gears can lead to the catastrophic failure of equipment, taking into account that gears are important elements in the power transmission systems of many modern machines. Because of this, effective procedures and information to evaluate the load capacity and useful life of gears are needed by specialists in several fields of engineering […]
P. Frechilla Fernández, Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez Rey, R. José Garcia Martin

A Solid State of Affairs

This article explains how a solid—state sensor can be used to monitor the viscosity of lubricants in your operation’s fixed assets, leading to longer gearbox life.

Testing for the Evaluation of the Oils Lubricants are essential in maintaining the condition of fixed or mobile assets. Any degradation in the lubricant’s properties impairs its ability to protect the equipments’ dynamic components. By having the ability to monitor oil condition in real time and on equipment, the user can change the oil at […]
Kerem Durdag


Adhesive wear caused by fusing of the parts in contact, and even shearing, is worst-case scenario

Adhesive wear can be caused by many factors, but the worst-case scenario involves fusing of the parts in contact, and even shearing. Here’s what you need to know.

The basis for a major part of gear research is the study of the wear phenomena, especially between two metal rubbing surfaces. Wear is a complicated subject. As early as the late 1920s the German Office for Technical Sciences had formed a Wear Research Institute in Stuttgart that by 1945 had the most complete library […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with George Shturtz

Division Sales Manager-Metal Powder Products Co.

I understand that the MPP Ford Road Division is the company’s gear specialist. Tell us a little about its history and capabilities. MPP Ford Road was originally a company called Carbon City Products, which was founded in 1957 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, so we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. Metal Powder Products was launched […]
Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez Rey, R. José Garcia Martin, P. Frechilla Fernández

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

It has been shown that vision is the sense people most fear losing, so the few cents saved on safety eyewear that does not meet ANSI standards is not worth the risk of harming your most valuable asset—your employees.

  Well, it’s finally here—GEAR EXPO! This is the premier show for our industry, and I hope that you are planning to attend. I will admit that for the last two columns I have been shamelessly promoting the event as an ideal opportunity to improve your safety acumen. I do stand by this, however, because […]
Terry McDonald


Koepfer Launches New KFS250 Large-Capacity CNC Hob Sharpening Machine

Due to demand for a larger capacity, heavy-duty CNC hob sharpening machine, Koepfer has developed the new KFS250 based off its popular KFS100 series. Like the current KFS100, the KFS250 series has a high-speed direct drive grinding spindle and the ability to sharpen to AGMA “AAA” quality. What really distinguishes the KFS250 series is the […]
October 1, 2007

Drake Demonstrates Gear-making Expertise at GEAR EXPO

Drake Manufacturing Services invites customers and friends to their booth #468 at GEAR EXPO October 7-10 at Cobo Center in Detroit. Manufacturers are encouraged to discuss their unique gear production challenges with Drake application engineers who will be on hand to offer solutions using a variety of Drake machines and automation systems: • Linear Motor […]
October 1, 2007

Koepfer Launches New KFS250 Large-Capacity CNC Hob Sharpening Machine

Due to demand for a larger capacity, heavy-duty CNC hob sharpening machine, Koepfer has developed the new KFS250 based off its popular KFS100 series. Like the current KFS100, the KFS250 series has a high-speed direct drive grinding spindle and the ability to sharpen to AGMA “AAA” quality. What really distinguishes the KFS250 series is the […]
October 1, 2007

SME Launches Really Simply Syndication (RSS) Online Resource

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces the launch of society-related news in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) on its Web site. RSS is a labor-saving tool which allows Web users to tune into information sources that interest them and makes it possible for them to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated […]
October 1, 2007

M62 Gear Measurement System by Marposs at GEAR EXPO

Marposs will present its advanced M62 Turret-type OBD Gauge at GEAR EXPO 2007 in booth #316. The M62 turret-type gauge allows measurements of major diameter, minor diameter, and over-the-ball diameter (OBD) to be completed using a single gauge. Only one mastering of the gauge is required for a part and it is unnecessary to re-master […]
October 1, 2007

New Vertical CNC Honing System from Sunnen

Sunnen’s new SV-310 vertical CNC honing system combines a wide choice of tooling options, large work envelope, and 762mm/30" stroke for bore sizing of small and medium-size gas/diesel engine blocks, large gears, air compressors, aerospace parts, refrigeration compressors, and similar small or large multi-bore parts. A work envelope of 1016mm x 1778mm/40" x 70" and […]
October 1, 2007

Boeing Projects $70 Billion Market for Russia and the CIS

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will require 1,060 new airplanes worth about $70 billion over the next 20 years, according to The Boeing Company’s updated annual forecast for the commercial airplane market. The complete forecast, known as the "Boeing Current Market Outlook," is available on the Boeing Web site. This year marks […]
October 1, 2007

Philadelphia Gear Releases New White Paper on Cooling Tower Drives

Officials of Philadelphia Gear announce the availability of a new white paper entitled "The Cooling Tower Gear Drive Dilemma: Why Applying Commodity Products to an Engineered Solution Can Cause Premature Failure." The document, available at no cost from the company, provides insight to operators of cooling tower gear drives on how to simplify maintenance of […]
October 1, 2007

World’s Largest Isothermal Forging Press Being Built

Doug Currie, president of Erie Press Systems, reports that production of the world’s largest Isothermal Forging Press is underway for Ladish Co., Inc., of Cudahy, Wisconsin. The unique design of the press, rated at 12,500 tons, will allow it to forge larger–diameter, close tolerance forgings required for today’s high efficiency jet engines. The unit will […]
October 1, 2007

SKF Spherical Roller Bearings Accommodate Heavy Radial and Axial Loads

SKF® spherical roller bearings offer a self-aligning capability to compensate for misalignment between shaft and housing or shaft deflection without increasing friction or reducing bearing life. An optimized internal design further enables these bearings to accommodate heavy radial loads and axial loads in both directions. These bearings are particularly advantageous in industries such as paper, […]
October 1, 2007

Trico Streamliner Grease Dispensers Save Time and Money

Trico’s new line of Streamliner grease dispensers are cost effective and a reliable alternative to manual lubrication. These units are designed for applications where it is essential to have a precise amount of grease delivered to critical machine parts. Streamliner grease dispensers save time and money, and machine and plant downtime due to critical component […]
October 1, 2007

Highly Configurable Single-Axis Actuators from Misumi

Misumi USA, Inc., announces the introduction of its single-axis actuators, available in 208 configured styles and a standard manufacturing time of 11 working days from receipt of order. These new actuators are compatible with most servo motors and are designed to provide precision linear motion in a variety of general industrial assembly as well as […]
October 1, 2007

Overton Gear Unveils New Look, Web Site, Capabilities

Overton Gear Corporation has recently completed a high–tech makeover of its brand to better reflect its state–of–the–art facilities, high–tech processes, and global capabilities. The makeover includes a shortened name, a new logo, and an updated Web site. "The need for a new identity was one of the action items that came as a result of […]
October 1, 2007

Gleason Introduces Opti™Cut Gear Cutting Tools

Gleason Corporation has announced the introduction of Opti–Cut™, a new family of cutting tools for gashing, shaping, and hobbing of gears. Employing the latest in replaceable, indexable insert technology, the new line is targeted for larger gears, particularly for the wind energy, truck, tractor, and power generation markets. Opti–Cut is being offered through a cooperative […]
October 1, 2007

Machines Available from Bourn & Koch, Star SU

Star SU is offering a pre-owned Samputensili RI372 CNC external and internal gear grinder. The high precision machine was originally delivered to a U.S. customer in 2001 for producing high precision finish ground gears. The U.S. customer is replacing it with a new grinder from Star SU. Machine availability is November 2007. To request detailed […]
October 1, 2007

Parlec, Inc., and Mahr GmbH Announce Partnership

Parlec, Inc., headquartered in Fairport, New York, and Mahr GmbH, which is headquartered in Göttingen, Germany, have announced a bilateral partnership agreement to market and sell each company’s tool measurement and inspection products. Products covered under the agreement are Parlec’s P1500 and P2500 Presetters and Mahr’s MarVision Tool Inspector lines. Mahr will market and sell […]
October 1, 2007

Disc Brushes from Weiler for In-Machine CNC Deburring

Weiler Corporation, the leading manufacturer of power and abrasive nylon brushes for the manufacturing industry, offers a line of Nylox® Disc brushes for in-machine deburring of flat parts. Easily adapted to automated equipment such as CNC machining centers, Weiler’s Nylox brushes are especially well-suited for deburring complicated parts on which all the burrs lie in […]
October 1, 2007

AMT Unveils IMTS 2008 Logo and Theme

AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology—announces a new theme and logo for IMTS 2008. The theme, "Connecting Global Technology," is meaningful as IMTS brings together the worldwide manufacturing community to showcase the latest innovative technologies in metalworking equipment and services. The logo, which features a subtle image of a globe with a spark on the horizon, […]
October 1, 2007

TRS2 Broken Tool Detection System from Renishaw

Renishaw halves the hardware and applies unique tool recognition electronics in the new, second–generation TRS2 broken tool detection system, making precise laser checking affordable and practical for all kinds of machine tools. Industry–first "one box" design combines the laser source and detection electronics in a single compact unit just 83mm high x 38mm wide x […]
October 1, 2007