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August 2007


Oliver Gear

For more than a century this company has worked to build a solid reputation based on innovation, excellent customer service, and a commitment to quality.

Although Oliver Gear is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year — it was incorporated in 1907 as a gear-manufacturing company — it’s actually much older, having been founded as a machine shop by A.F. Oliver in 1892. Would he recognize the company today? “I think he’d be surprised by how much we’ve grown,” according to […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Turbo – Abrasive Machining for Edge and Surface Finishing

In addition to mechanical deburring, turbo-abrasive machining provides benefits including isotropic surfaces, improved profiles, and beneficial compressive stress.

Turbo-Abrasive Machining [TAM] is a mechanical deburring and finishing method originally developed to automate edge finishing procedures on complex rotationally oriented and symmetrical aerospace engine components. Since its inception this method of utilizing fluidized abrasive materials has facilitated significant reductions in the amount of manual intervention required to deburr large components. Additionally, the process has […]
David A. Davidson, Michael Massarsky, Ph.D.

Bending Fatigue of Surface Densified Gears

A technical paper discussing the effect of root densification depth and tooth loading mode on fatigue life.

Surface densified powder metal gears and conventional wrought steel gears were tested using a pulsator and a back-to-back gear tester to develop bending fatigue data. Two types of powder metal spur gears (wheel and pinion) were manufactured by pressing and sintering followed by surface densification using the DensiForm® process. Reference wrought steel (AISI 8620) gears […]
Salvator Nigarura, Juan R. L. Trasorras, Rajesh Parameswaranand


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Reasons for attending GEAR EXPO include networking with colleagues and potential customers, but it also presents an opportunity to view new equipment and ask questions about its safety features.

In this issue of the magazine there is a special section devoted to GEAR EXPO. This, as we know, is the leading event for all of us in this industry. It is also the ideal location to expand your knowledge of common concerns for safety in the gear industry. Nowhere will you have a better […]
Terry McDonald

Electrical erosion is a factor to take into account when conducting a failure analysis

When conducting a failure analysis, electrical erosion is yet another factor to take into account. This installment provides helpful insights into this phenomena.

With the rapid advance in gear technology, new hitherto unforeseen failures can occur, and typical among them are failures due to electrical discharge. Such failures are scantily dealt with in most literature, if at all. Even current technical association documents tend to gloss over the phenomena. Electric motor and bearing manufacturers are aware that, although […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Tom Forsyth

General Manager – Dayton Machine Tool Co.

Give us a snapshot of Dayton Machine Tool. The company was founded 58 years ago in 1949, specifically to rebuild machine tools. This was just after World War II and business was booming, so it was a great time to launch a company like ours. Although the automotive industry once made up about 75 percent […]
Juan R. L. Trasorras, Rajesh Parameswaranand, Salvator Nigarura

NEWS Announces Web Video Integration for Listing, a leading business-to-business online marketplace for the machine tool industry, now offers users the ability to upload and show videos of machines for sale. Sellers on can now post videos demonstrating machine tool capabilities and features. Videos are loaded through YouTube and can be played directly on “As the Web continues to […]
August 1, 2007

DNV Certifies Abundant Manufacturing to ISO 9001:2000

Det Norske Veritas Certification, Inc., is pleased to announce the ISO 9001:2000 certification of Abundant Manufacturing, Inc. It is one of a few companies to meet the new ISO 9001:2000 certification requirements. By achieving this certification, the company demonstrates its commitment to quality for the manufacturing of gearing for on- and off-road vehicles. In accepting […]
August 1, 2007

Mitsubishi Gear Center Hosts Technical Seminars

Owing to the success of Mitsubishi’s Gear Technology Center, it has decided to give back to the industry by providing a day packed with free informative technical seminars. Designed to benefit all customers ranging from beginners in the industry to the seasoned professional, these seminars will be held August 21, 2007, and given by top […]
August 1, 2007

KAPP RX 59 Uses High-Precision Grinding Process to Manufacture Rotors

Rotors used in air compressors can now be manufactured on KAPP grinding machines by using a high-precision grinding process that not only optimizes and enhances the production process, but also provides quality uniformity not attained before. On the KAPP RX 59 machine, the rotors are ground with KAPP CBN (cubic boron nitride—a diamond-like synthetic cutting […]
August 1, 2007

Paulo Recognized in Quality Leaderships™s Top Five

Paulo Products Company is among the top five in over 800 participating companies in this year’s Quality Leadership 100, as published in Quality magazine. Companies were surveyed on criteria such as scrap and rework as a percentage of sales, rejected parts per million shipped, contribution of quality to profitability, the number of quality programs in […]
August 1, 2007

Heavy-Duty Model 300 CNC Gear Hobber from Koepfer

The heavy-duty Model 300 provides for a bigger part diameter, coarser diametral pitch, and bigger hob capacity than traditional Koepfer hobbing machines. The biggest advantage is that it is equally suited to handle both traditional Koepfer parts as well as new increased capacity workpieces. The Model 300 has nine axes of CNC control with the […]
August 1, 2007

Strategic Alliance with SME will Strengthen and Support Canadian Manufacturing

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) have developed an alliance to strengthen the competitive skills, knowledge, and innovation capabilities of the Canadian manufacturing community through joint efforts in membership development, event planning, professional and workforce development activities and programs. This alliance brings a full complement of resources to Canadian […]
August 1, 2007

Burr-Rx Disc Brushes for In-Machine Deburring from Weiler

Weiler Corporation’s Burr-RxTM abrasive nylon disc brushes for in-machine deburring are more aggressive than conventional abrasive nylon brushes, allowing a faster feed rate that translates into getting the same job done in a shorter cycle time. Burr-Rx disc brushes also remove larger burrs than do standard abrasive nylon brushes. Burr-Rx disc brushes increase labor productivity, […]
August 1, 2007