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June 2007


Hydra-Lock Corporation

As the originator of hydraulic work- and tool-holding devices, this company has spent the past 60 years earning a reputation for creativity, innovation, and quality.

According to Merriam-Webster innovation is defined as a new idea, method, or device, so a reference to the Hydra-Lock Corporation certainly wouldn’t be out of place. Founded as the result of a patent awarded for the first in its line of hydraulically expanding arbors and chucks, it has continued developing new work- and tool-holding designs […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Surface Enhancement: The Mikronite Process

Not only can this process make your gears stronger and longer lasting it can be applied to cutting tools for major savings in operating costs.

Friction and wear can be found in every moving object, from the cars we drive to the lifesaving devices used to keep our blood pumping. When the efficiencies of these machines fall short of their theoretical design, it falls upon coatings and surface treatments to make up the difference. In manufacturing they are used to […]
Daniel Manning

Gaining the Edge in CBN Tool Performance

EMG edge preparation, developed by Conicity Technologies, can be applied to nearly any material to improve the performance of a wide variety of cutting tools.

Users of “superhard” materials such as CBN (cubic boron nitride) in cutting tools commonly believe that chamfering — also known as applying a “T-Land” or “K-Land” — is necessary for extending tool life. For example, an article published a few years ago in Modern Machine Shop states that “to protect the cutting edge from chipping, […]
William Shaffer

Coating Applications for Spur Gears

The following paper describes details concerning the increased surface fatigue lives of spur gears by application of a coating.

Introduction The power density of a gearbox is an important consideration for many applications and is especially important for gearboxes used on aircraft. One factor that limits gearbox power density is the need to transmit power for the required number of cycles while avoiding gear surface fatigue failure (micropitting, pitting, or spalling). Effective and economical […]
Clark V. Cooper, Dennis P. Townsend, Timothy L. Krantz, Bruce D. Hansen

Improving Energy Efficiency with the Proper Gear Oils

According to Klüber Lubrication, OEMs who choose the right gear oil will realize lower wear rates and operating temperatures, and greater energy efficiency.

Many factors come into play when selecting gear oils, including the projected life of a gearbox, its seals, and the desired performance of the gearbox within an application. Typically, end users rely on their OEMs to determine the best gear oil, so it is important for OEMs to value gear oil as a machine element […]
Mark Crombie


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

It's not always easy to get employees to comply with your company's safety regulations, but it's best to behave professionally and explain the reason for the rule.

Go Team! This is the time of year when teams are very much in our thinking. How is our favorite professional baseball team shaping up, or how is our fantasy team doing? How is our kid’s little league or soccer team doing? How did our favorite football team do in the draft? But, more to […]
Terry McDonald

When things go wrong, conducting a detailed failure analysis is the best way to remove bugs from a manufacturing system

When things go wrong, conducting a detailed failure analysis is the best way to eradicate bugs from your manufacturing system.

A gear designer must consider the most economical solution that will avoid failure within the design life. The usual result will be a gear of minimum weight and size for the anticipated loads and will have included an allowance for the service factor. In order to avoid any problems in the gear’s operation, the affect […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Ed Steiner, Jr

President, OEM Industries, Inc.

GS: This year marks your company’s 60th anniversary. Tell us about its founding. ES: My father was an engineer who worked at aircraft plants all around the country during World War II, for companies like Wright Aeronautical, where he was a superintendent overseeing the efforts of men involved in engine design. After the war he […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Reishauer Gear Grinding Technology on Display at Gear Expo

Reishauer Corporation will exhibit a high performance hard gear grinding machine at Gear Expo booth 670. The RZ150 High-Performance Gear Grinding Machine utilizes the continuous generating method which incorporates many new technology features such as two direct drive work spindles, acoustic sensing for alignment of dressing diamonds, automatic fine balancing of the wheel on the […]
June 1, 2007

Gleason Opens Machine Manufacturing Operation in Suzhou, China

Gleason Corporation has announced the grand opening and dedication of Gleason Gear Technology (Suzhou), Co., Ltd., in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The dedication of the facility was attended by approximately 100 people representing customers, suppliers, trade associations, and local government and other organizations. Gleason Gear Technology (Suzhou), Co., Ltd., (GGTS) represents another step in Gleason’s […]
June 1, 2007

Koepfer Offers Newly Designed Lambert-Wahli W100 CNC

The Lambert-Wahli W100 is an eight-axis CNC fine pitch hobbing machine that has been designed for small motor applications, watch making, and micro-technical industries. The simple automation and electronic synchronized high-speed direct drives create great time savings in setup and changeover. The flexibility of this machine is further increased with the Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX […]
June 1, 2007

Philadelphia Gear Corporation Extends Reach to Latin America

Philadelphia Gear Corporation is increasing its international presence. Company officials promoted Jorge Flores to regional sales manager for the Latin American region, including Mexico, Central, and South America. With more than 30 years experience, Flores has distinguished himself as a strong customer relations and technical advisor for an elite client base. Reporting to him will […]
June 1, 2007

Bison Gear & Engineering Announces Skilled Workforce Initiative

Bison Gear—a manufacturing company with 220 employees—is working with colleagues to implement a solution which remedies the shortage of qualified entry-level workers in manufacturing. Manufacturing leaders, educational institutions, and economic and workplace organizations have come together to create a talent pool of better-qualified employees with plans to offer long-term, stable employment. The decision to invest […]
June 1, 2007

New Online Video Provides Snapshot of FMA

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), has developed a three-minute online informational video that highlights the association’s mission and member benefits. “In today’s visual world, oftentimes seeing is believing,” says Gerald Shankel, president and CEO of FMA. “This segment provides busy metalworking executives with a quick snapshot of our association and visually depicts some […]
June 1, 2007

United Gear & Assembly Names New Director of Sales and Marketing

Paul Kaufer joined the United Gear & Assembly (UGA) staff in early 2007 as director of sales and marketing. He brings with him strong big business know-how, excellent communications skills, and the ability to plan, lead, and execute strategies for growth. Kaufer has held top positions with Toro Corporation, North American Communications Resource, and 3M. […]
June 1, 2007

KAPP Group Shows the KX300P Machine at the Gear Expo 2007

Gear grinding center featuring two grnding processes, two tool concepts, on board balancing and gear inspection, will showcase at the Gear Expo 2007. The KAPP KX300P gear grinding center, with its full range of flexibility including the ability to dress wide ranges of gears without changing dressing disks, and (optional) ring-loader automation, will be displayed […]
June 1, 2007

New Rockwell Hardness Tester from Newage Testing Instruments

Newage Testing Instruments, Inc., has developed a new Rockwell hardness tester for automatically performing hardness traverse sequences on larger and unmounted test samples with reduced labor costs and operator influence. A major advantage of the Rockwell test compared to other test methods is that the system has less mounting and less surface preparation requirements compared […]
June 1, 2007