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March 2007


Butler Gear

Everyone encounters obstacles, but the real challenge is in whether you cave in or carry on. This profile tells the story of a man who chose the latter—time and again.

Hilton Treuden was not a man who allowed a setback to get him down for long. When one road ended, he simply forged a new course of his own. Strangely enough, the first obstacle he encountered actually involved a road. “He’d started a greenhouse operation in Milwaukee straight out of high school, selling plants and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Art and Science of Broaching

To truly understand the benefits of broaching it’s important to take many things into consideration, including the various methods, materials, and machines involved.

Broaching is one of the most productive and precise metal-cutting operations performed today. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Broaching resembles planing or shaping, in that the broach tool presents a sharp cutting edge to the workpiece and moves across it, removing a predetermined amount of material. What primarily distinguishes broaching from other metal-cutting […]
Chris Van De Motter

Maximizing Gearbox Performance

By choosing the proper lubricant, gearbox performance is improved. Read on to learn about ExxonMobil’s special formulation for gearbox applications.

Introduction Gearboxes are one of the most widely used types of industrial equipment in the world. They are used as vital power transmission sources for nearly every kind of business operating in the broader industrial market sector. Today, as industrial gearbox applications continue to become more advanced, manufacturers are responding by producing an increasingly wide […]
Jeff Biamonte, Tim Nadasdi, Ph.D.

CASE STUDY: Advent Tool & Manufacturing Inc.

The following case study describes the development of an involute spline form milling tool for prototype and production applications in standard CNC milling machines.

Well known for its specialization in indexable and solid carbide thread and form milling tools, Advent Tool and Manufacturing has developed an involute spline form milling tool for prototype and production applications for use in standard CNC milling machines. Utilizing our patented insert locking and locating system on a standard shell threadmilling platform, James Hartford, […]
Ross Wegryn-Jones

Determining Gear Efficiency

By analyzing certain parameters, the authors present an original method for determining the efficiency of gears.

Abstract: This paper presents an original method for determining the efficiency of the gear. The originality of this method relies on the eliminated friction modulus. In the following pages we analyze the influence of a few parameters concerning gear efficiency. These parameters are: z1 — the number of teeth for the primary wheel of gear; z2 — […]
Relly Victoria Petrescu, Narcisa Popescu, Florian Ion Petrescu


The five standardized worm gear tooth forms produced by milling or grinding operations

This installment addresses worm gear tooth forms, including descriptions of the five standardized forms produced by milling or grinding operations.

There is a wide choice in tooth forms, each form with its own share of merits and demerits depending on the application. Several forms are associated with a trade name. Under the optimum conditions for any worm gear tooth profile, only line contact is present when two gears of finite diameter mesh and are rotated. […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Q&A with Bill Moore

Senior Vice President of Sales Development & Channel Management SKF USA

GS: You have an interesting job title. What does your position entail? BM: I’ve been with SKF for almost 25 years now, and I’ve worked in nearly every division we have, from automotive to our OEM and aftermarket businesses, and I’ve been everything from a salesman to a manager in each of those divisions. My […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Sometimes it's even more important to put safety rules in place regarding equipment and processes that you don't often perform than it is to address more familiar activities and tasks.

I hope that you all had a very happy Valentine’s Day and are looking forward—as I am—to warmer weather. Remember to ask your employees to drive carefully this time of year. One of the spotlights in this issue of Gear Solutions is lubrication. We have previously discussed the importance of proper lubrication on machines from […]
Terry McDonald


Gleason Corporation News

Gleason’s latest addition to its line of advanced, highly productive grinding machines is the 300TWG Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine, designed to deliver the industry’s fastest floor-to-floor times for grinding of cylindrical gears up with a diameter up to 300mm. The new 300TWG uses high-speed direct-drive spindles and advanced Siemens CNC controls with Gleason software to […]
March 1, 2007

Bison Gear Appoints New President

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., a leading manufacturer of fractional horsepower gearmotors and electric motors, has announced the appointment of Martin Swarbrick as president and chief operating officer. Most recently Swarbrick was vice president and director of business excellence for Motorola. He led the path to national recognition for performance excellence when Motorola was awarded […]
March 1, 2007

New Tool Presetting Systems from BIG Kaiser

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., introduces the new STP-35 Basic and STP-35 EzVision System. The system matches the superior accuracy and T.I.R. of the STP-34, and has an extended z-axis height to accommodate tools up to 20 inches in length. The system has display resolution of .001mm (.00004”) for added precision. The EzVision system’s quick […]
March 1, 2007

Paulo Adds Surface Treatment Capabilities

Paulo Products Company announces the addition of two surface treatments at its St. Louis, Missouri, facility. Paulo-St. Louis now has the capability to perform gas nitriding. Gas nitriding is carried out in a sealed retort with an ammonia atmosphere at temperatures at or near 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Typical cycle times range from 24 hours to […]
March 1, 2007

Bodine Announces Important Internal Promotions

Bodine Electric Company has announced important changes to its leadership team. The company has promoted Michael Gschwind to vice president of sales and marketing. Additionally, Edmund Glueck has been promoted to marketing and product development manager, and Terry Auchstetter has been promoted to business development manager for custom products. Gschwind, who has been with the […]
March 1, 2007

INDEX Offers Single-Spindle CNC Bar Machine

With the new C65 CNC Single Spindle Bar Machine, INDEX continues a 90-year tradition of successful single-spindle bar automatics. The C65 can include a heavy-duty counter-spindle and Y-axis for extended machining flexibility and increased speed. According to Index, the new model offers new levels of both productivity and flexibility for work done from bar stock. […]
March 1, 2007

Ball and Roller Screw Assemblies from SKF

SKF® ball screws and roller screws are available in a variety of cost-effective types and designs to promote precise positioning in linear-actuation applications for the automotive, aerospace, injection molding, instrumentation, medical, and machine tool industries, among others. The extensive product line includes rolled ball screw and ground ball screw assemblies and planetary and recirculating roller […]
March 1, 2007