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February 2007


Riverside Spline & Gear, Inc.

More than four decades after their father founded the company, three siblings are continuing the legacy of a true American success story.

Born in Tilbury, Ontario, his mother sent him to the United States at 17, hoping he’d have a better life there. He became a U.S. citizen, and a year later that bond was tested when he was sent to fight for his new country in World War II. He traveled throughout Europe, managing to survive […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Acoustic Properties of Industrial Machinery: Part II

The manufacturing environment can be a fairly noisy place, and these sounds can both cause and signal problems. The following provides a greater understanding of this issue.

In the early 1970s the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) generated more awareness, concern, and a need to control industrial noise (sound levels). This in turn created a need to advance technical knowledge on industrial product sound generation and to set sound standards on all types of equipment. However, the complexity of the subject […]
Bill Bradley, Richard Schunck, Jules DeBaecke

New Technologies in Analytical CNC Gear Inspection

Both hardware and software have improved drastically in recent years, leading to inspection machines that are more accurate and versatile than ever before.

The value of analytical gear measurement grows as advances in technology allow gears to be measured in ways that help diagnose complex manufacturing problems. Is it enough to measure just index, helix (lead), and involute profile on a gear? Manufacturing engineers want information to help them determine why these three key gear attributes are not […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Gear Inspection: Troubleshooting Tips

You inspect your gears to make sure you’re producing the best product you possibly can. Should you detect a problem, this checklist will help you quickly determine the source.

In the June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions we presented an article titled “An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection,” which was followed by “A New Standard in Gear Inspection” in October. Then, in the February 2006 issue, “Guarding Against Gearing Deviations” was published. These articles can be downloaded from the magazine’s web site In […]
Dennis Gimpert


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Using hand tools in ways they are not intended for can lead to injuries that could easily be avoided, and replacing worn tools is relatively inexpensive when compared to accident-related downtime.

Many times this column has addressed the safety hazards associated with gear cutting and hob sharpening machines. I would feel remiss if we did not spend some time addressing the safety hazards associated with the hand tools. Every one of us commonly uses a variety of hand tools every day that we work, but if […]
Terry McDonald

The more you know about proper lubrication, the smoother your operation will run

Proper lubrication—as well as the right type of lubricant—is central to many manufacturing applications. The more you know, the smoother your operation will run.

It has been said by Ernest Rabinowicz, professor emeritus at M.I.T., that three things terminate the life of a machine: obsolescence, accidents, and surface degradation. We know as in the latter case that gear life is dependent on the effect that rubbing and sliding has on the tooth flanks. Prior to the 1950s, research concentrated […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Dwight Smith

President and CEO Cole Manufacturing Systems, Inc.

GS: Tell us a little about your own background, and how you came to join the company. DS: I joined Cole Manufacturing Systems about 17 years ago. Prior to that I was a systems engineer for EDS, where I gained my computer experience, and then I was vice president of a measuring company that was […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Tom Lang Retires from Kapp Technologies

Thomas J. Lang, vice president and general manager of Kapp Technologies for the past 15 years, retired from the company at the end of 2006 in order to pursue personal interests. Lang, who is 54, launched Kapp Technologies’ Boulder, Colorado, facility in 1991 and has been instrumental in the growth of Kapp and Niles products […]
February 1, 2007

New Genesis 130TWG High Speed Threaded Wheel Grinder from Gleason

Gleason’s new Genesis™ 130TWG High Speed Threaded Wheel Grinder features a revolutionary new design that significantly reduces floor space requirements and greatly improves cycle times for the finishing of hard spur and helical gears with diameters as large as 130 mm. The 130TWG is the latest in a new family of gear production equipment from […]
February 1, 2007

New Appointment at Reishauer

Reishauer has announced the appointment of Jeff Hocevar to the position of national sales manager for diamond and CBN tools. He previously held positions in customer service and sales engineering in the super abrasive division of the Greenlee Diamond Tool Company. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin and holds a Six Sigma […]
February 1, 2007

Makino Introduces G5 Grinder

Today’s capital equipment must be more flexible and capable than ever. With this in mind, Makino has introduced the G5 Grinder horizontal machining center, capable of grinding, drilling, boring, and milling all on the same machine. “The biggest advantage of a machine like the G5 is the ability to eliminate non value-added time in the […]
February 1, 2007

Boeing Sets Records for Airplane Orders in 2006

The Boeing Company recorded 1,044 net commercial airplane orders during 2006, and for the second year in a row set a Boeing record for total orders in a single year. The 2006 total surpasses the previous Boeing record of 1,002 net orders in 2005. Gross orders in 2006, which exclude cancellations and conversions, totaled 1,050. […]
February 1, 2007

Two-Position VMC from STAMA America

STAMA America introduces System 8 Milling-Turning Centers with one (MT) or two (MT-TWIN) milling spindles and one or two turning spindle(s) for the complete machining of semi-finished and saw sections on one machining center. STAMA has merged its TWIN-Technology with its Milling-Turning Technology, creating a new high-grade technology. A multi-functional swiveling and rotating unit with […]
February 1, 2007

New Fullcut Mill FCR Type from BIG Kaiser

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., introduces Fullcut Mill FCR Type, a new indexable insert endmill that tests conclude has five times greater DOC capability and lower cutting resistance than three competitor’s tools. The new FCR’s geometry expands capabilities in multi-functional milling, achieving supreme performance for ramping, helical-, shoulder-, and plunge-milling operations. The sharp cutting edges […]
February 1, 2007