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September 2006


Company Profile: Gear Motions, Inc

Embracing technology, and engaging its employees, has led this company through hard times to remarkable success in recent years.

Back in the late sixties a successful power transmission supply salesman struck up a friendship with one of his customers. The owner of the company was a brilliant scientist, but not quite as adept as a businessman. The salesman began giving him marketing pointers, and one day the company’s owner turned to him and said […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

A Green Light to the Future

Ecology Coatings has developed liquid nanotechnology utilizing UV-light curing, providing a glimpse into a greener and more efficient future for coatings application.

Imagine curing the coatings on your gears with the flip of a light switch, and being able to handle and examine the end results only a few moments later. Think of the time savings, and also the increased throughput you’d be able to achieve. Sound like the stuff of dreams? Well, thanks to the efforts […]
Dan Kondritz, Markus Raabe

Case Study: Conicity Technologies

Interested in increasing its cutting tool life, the Getrag Axle Plant has utilized Conicity Technologies’ Engineered Micro-Geometry (EMG), resulting in major gains in productivity.

With a reputation for manufacturing some of the strongest and quietest automobile axle assemblies, production at the Getrag Axle Plant in Newton, North Carolina, has grown steadily over the years. Since 1999 production has increased from 68 axle assemblies to 1,800 per day, with the plant supplying high-end products for an expanding set of vehicles […]
Brenda Hogan

Grinding Gears for Automotive Excellence

Kapp has a number of surprises in store for visitors to its IMTS booth in Chicago, including the KX300P Gear Center with ring loader automation.

Designing and manufacturing custom gearboxes for the automotive industry requires the careful combination of opposing criteria if the manufacturer is to increase torque while simultaneously reducing gear noise. An automobile gearbox requires final gears, and also final pinions. In the automobile industry noise characteristics are directly influenced by process technology, therefore transmission gears are ground […]
Susanne Reinhardt

Calculating Tooth Form Transmission Error

Modifications to KISSsoft’s gear design software has resulted in an incredibly versatile tool for eliminating the transmission errors responsible for unwanted vibration.

The variation of the tooth meshing stiffness is a primary source of noise. In production lines for gear manufacturing in large volumes, such as for the automobile industry, a gear is produced using many different tools with up to three pre-cutter processes and a finishing process (grinding, honing). Today calculation programs allow the entry of […]
Markus Raabe, Dan Kondritz


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

When it's hot, tempers can flare, so everyone must go the extra mile to make sure they're interacting with their coworkers in a productive and rational way.

Last month we discussed the importance of safety meetings and related materials. Since then I have come across a company that maintains a portfolio on safety meetings. The company is named Business & Legal Reports, Inc., or BLR, and it may be a source that you want to look into. The Web site is [], […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

The following is the second installment on worm and work wheel materials-Part I appears in the August 2006 issue of the magazine.

Bronze Bronze Forgings and Castings Gear bronzes are designated according to their major alloying element. Only the aluminum and beryllium copper bronzes can improve their mechanical properties by heat treatment because, in other bronzes, the hard delta phase dissolves at 1,000 degrees F. If lower temperatures are used it becomes possible to relieve the segregation […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Dara Childs

Director, Texas A&M University TurboLab

Tell us about your own research at the Turbomachinery Lab. Most of my work has to do with stability problems in high-performance rotating machinery, and that includes pumps, turbines, rocket engine turbopumps, things of that nature. In recent years most of it has centered on injection compressors, and a big part of that has to […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Conicity Offers Radial Edge Preparation for CBN Tools

Conicity Technologies, the world leader in cutting edge preparation technology, is now offering a radial edge preparation advantage for cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools. Conicity’s unique Engineered Micro-Geometry™ (EMG) process provides a superior alternative for removing defects on CBN tool edges. The T-Land has traditionally been the method used for removing defects found on tool […]
September 1, 2006

Overton Gear and Klingelnberg Announce Alliance

Klingelnberg GmbH of Germany and Overton Gear and Tool Corporation of the United States have formed a strategic alliance for the manufacture and supply of high quality large spiral bevel gears for the worldwide market. Through this cooperation customers can anticipate greater availability of high-quality large spiral bevel gears. Customers should continue to contact their […]
September 1, 2006

Adjustment-Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder from Slater

Slater Tools, Inc., announces the release of a new adjustment-free rotary broaching tool holder designed for Swiss-type machines. These tools are increasingly popular due to their use in aerospace and medical applications, such as orthopedic bone screws and other micro-fastener products. Slater’s new adjustment-free design allows the operator to use the tool holder without the […]
September 1, 2006

Media Solutions Announces the Launch of Gear Solutions China Magazine

Media Solutions, Inc.—publisher of Gear Solutions magazine—is poised to launch its latest offering, Gear Solutions China magazine. Sponsored by the China Gear Manufacturers Association (CGMA), the magazine will be produced quarterly and sent via e-mail directly to members at all levels of the gear manufacturing industry in one of the hottest emerging economies in the […]
September 1, 2006

New Display Technology at IMTS 2006

Thousands of attendees pouring into IMTS—the International Manufacturing Technology Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place September 6–13, 2006—will get a novel opportunity to explore an award-winning, interactive display. HypoSurface™, the world’s first digital architecture, will make its North American debut at IMTS 2006. The piece will be exhibited at the entrance to McCormick Place, level 2.5. […]
September 1, 2006

Philadelphia Gear Introduces Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment (CORE)

Philadelphia Gear Corporation announces the availability of a new ferrous metal filtration product called CORE to aid in continuous gearbox maintenance. According to President Carl Rapp, the company has exclusive marketing rights for the new product at power plants throughout the United States. The proprietary filter is unique to Philadelphia Gear Corporation. Installation of CORE […]
September 1, 2006

NUM Software on Display at IMTS

NUM offers a family of cost-effective control systems well suited to address all aspects of gear manufacturing. Configured with a state of the art CNC, motors/drives, and user-friendly software, these ìoff the shelf solutionsî can be used in new machines or to re-control existing machines. The embedded machining cycles for gear hobbing, shaping or grinding, […]
September 1, 2006

MJC Engineering to Debut SP-7260 CNC Spin Machine at IMTS

MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc.—a leading manufacturer of custom-built CNC metal spinning equipment—will exhibit its new highly advanced SP-7260 CNC spin machine at IMTS booth #B-6030. The SP-7260 features a teach-in joystick and MJC’s advanced “SpinCAD”™ CNC programming software. It boasts a 72” swing, 60HP spindle, and a four-station automatic turret designed to handle multiple […]
September 1, 2006

$2.6 Trillion Market for New Commercial Airplanes Projected by Boeing

Boeing forecasts a $2.6-trillion market for new commercial airplanes over the next 20 years. Strong market demand for new airplanes will lead to a world fleet with significantly improved environmental performance. These new airplanes will accommodate a forecasted 4.9-percent annual increase in passenger traffic, and a 6.1-percent annual increase in air cargo traffic. The Boeing […]
September 1, 2006

Renishaw to Launch New CMM Scanner

Inventor of touch-trigger probing, Renishaw again revolutionizes part inspection with Renscan5™ ultra-high-speed, five-axis part scanning. Receiving national roll-out at IMTS, the new system uses breakthrough technologies to jump coordinate measuring machine (CMM) scanning speeds by 10-20 times and more. The Renscan5 system integrates advanced five-axis machine control with an ultra-high speed, infinite-positioning REVO™ measuring head, […]
September 1, 2006

Drake Upgrades Gear Grinders to Linear Motor Platform

Drake is expanding the linear motor drive technology, already successful on its thread grinders, to its line of GS:G2 profile gear grinders. Linear motors provide improved positioning accuracy and reliability.At IMTS booth # B-7407 visitors will be able to view a full size model of the work table and head stock of the new GS:G2 […]
September 1, 2006

Chick Extends Invitation to Help Design CNC Vise

Chick Workholding Solutions, Inc., a leader in workholding innovation, has officially invited the CNC machining marketplace to become a part of history in creating the future of CNC workholding. Chick plans to implement a program that allows the consumer to contribute to the design of a new CNC Vise before it is released. Since the […]
September 1, 2006

DMTG to Show Broad Product Line at IMTS

Dalian Machine Tool Group (DMTG), China’s largest machine tool builder, will introduce a broad line of productive, highly economical CNC lathes and vertical and horizontal machining centers at IMTS. DMTG machines on display will include CNC lathes designed for high rigidity, efficiency and reliability, easy operation, and highly affordable pricing. The new VDL-1000 Vertical Machining […]
September 1, 2006