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June 2006



With an outstanding team of technicians, and a singular software design system, this company is poised to penetrate the global market.

Every young company has its own set of challenges, usually involving such things as available capital, market awareness, employee recruitment, and product development. Farm animals wreaking havoc on the home office isn’t often found on that list. But KISSsoff — which is located just outside of Zurich, Switzerland — isn’t your average company. “We’ve been […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Defeating Tooth Flank Deformation

Torque can take the shine off of your careful design, resulting in unwanted distortion. Certain modifications can be made to avoid such an outcome.

Every gear is subject to torque, resulting in elastic deformation of the toothed parts as well as the entire rotor body. Individual teeth bend, the pinion and wheel bodies twist, bend, and expand under the effect of the torque, load, and centrifugal forces. Special consideration must be taken to compensate for the forces on gear […]
John Amendola, Sr.

Steeling Savings with P/M Materials

Cr-Mo powder-metal steels can be a cost-effective replacement for traditional Ni-Mo P/M steels. Here’s the lowdown on the strengths of this impressive material.

Recent advances in powder manufacturing and processing have made chromium an attractive element in P/M manufacturing. In addition to chromiumís positive affects on strength and hardenability, it is also a cost effective alternative to traditional alloying elements, such as nickel and molybdenum. The purpose of this paper will be to demonstrate how a Cr-Mo alloy, […]
Suresh Shah, David Milligan, Jerry Falleur

Proven Processes for Improving Parts

The Iosso-FE and ZN coating processes lend themselves to a wide variety of parts, with gears being chief among them, leading to long life and economic benefits.

It’s rare to come across a manufacturing process or method that first promises multiple increases in productivity, and then delivers even more. One such method is known collectively as the Iosso metal processes, the first of which was developed and patented more than 30 years ago. As can be expected, quite a few refinements and […]
Don Ortmann

Gear Mesh Misalignment

In this feature the subject is defined, corrected, and analyzed for stresses and noise by the widely acknowledged experts at The Ohio State University.

Gear mesh misalignment may result in shifts in the load distribution of a gear pair that results in increasing contact and bending stresses, moving the peak bending stresses to the edge of the face width, and might also increase gear noise. This paper will discuss the sources of misalignment and show some examples of how […]
Dr. Donald R. Houser


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

The problem with being exposed to loud noise is that hearing loss doesn't occur till years down the road, but the solution is simple—provide your employees with hearing protection, and tell them why it matters.

In the October 2005 installment of this column we talked about being prepared for natural disasters. Well, it’s that time of year again, and I would like to reiterate that we must be prepared for this type of problem. We all know that the parties affected by the storms of 2005 are still trying to […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

The following is the second in a two-part series on adapting to standards and new technologies for quality.

Continuing our conversation from the May issue, “Sigma” is a statistical measure of standard deviation. It is accomplished by a manufacturer’s close coordination with their customers and suppliers. Global manufacturers adopt “Six Sigma” throughout the entire company worldwide. Properly trained people are the essential part. The leadership Champion, Master Black Belt, Green Belt, and Breakthrough […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Mark Hill

President, Institution Solutions, Inc.

What would you point to as the main benefit that your product provides? That would be the fact that the Intelligent Can—or “iCan”—seals off fluids completely and protects them from exposure to the many contaminants found in the industrial environment. These are mostly airborne materials such as dust, but they also include sand, dirt, and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


New Genesis 130SV Shaving Machine from Gleason

Gleason’s new Genesis™ 130SV CNC Shaving Machine features a revolutionary new design that significantly reduces floor space requirements and greatly improves cycle times for the finishing of soft spur and helical gears with diameters as large as 130 mm. The 130SV Shaving Machine is the latest in a new family of gear production equipment from […]
June 1, 2006

Drake’s New MINI Thread Grinder Targets Small Parts Makers

With a work envelope of just 100mm x100mm, Drake’s new GS:TE-MINI Thread Grinder is aimed at higher volume, precision threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment industries. A recently shipped MINI with a Drake fast-cycling autoloader was configured to grind M0.8 – 0.25 taps for threading holes in cell phone […]
June 1, 2006

KAPP Group to Showcase New Machines, Tools at IMTS 2006

The KAPP Group will highlight two machines and display a variety of CBN and DIA plated tools at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) September 6-13 in Chicago. The KAPP KX300P is a compact, affordable, and versatile machine occupying only 65 ft2 of floor space. It can use either dressable or non-dressable worms and […]
June 1, 2006

Briney to Demo Shrink-fit Toolholding System at Eastec

At Eastec Booth 3000, Briney Tooling Systems will demonstrate the capabilities of the powerful, affordable tabletop induction heating unit designed to shrink-fit H-6 tolerance high speed steel and carbide cutting tools from .125-1.00 in. (3 mm-25mm) diameter into V-flange and HSK Shrinker tool holders, tool lengths to 18.75 in. The preprogrammed 7.5 kw Briney Thermax […]
May 1, 2006