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May 2006


Company Profile: Moore Gear & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

This company is a unique combination of old and new, proud of its long history while constantly updating its equipment in order to embrace evolving technologies.

Moore Gear is definitely a family operation, despite the fact that there hasn’t been anyone by that name on the premises for nearly half a century. “My father bought the company from Mr. Moore’s widow in the late fifties, and since it had been around for decades by then, he decided to keep the name,” […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Forging Foundations

The more you know about processes related to gear manufacturing, the more sound your decisions will be. The following is presented thanks to the Forging Industry Association.

In past issues we’ve featured forging companies serving the gear-manufacturing industry in our profile and Q&A sections, and talking with them piqued our curiosity. We wanted to learn more, so we went straight to the source and contacted the Forging Industry Association, which agreed to allow us to publish a bit of the information they’ve […]
The Forging Industry Association

The Methodology of Metallurgy

As provided by a metallurgical consultant, an understanding of the makeup and characteristics of the materials you work with can improve your bottom line.

The study of metals (metallurgy) address material selection, failure analysis, heat treating, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, metallography, and material characterization. Small and large manufacturing companies can design and build better products by understanding and implementing these processes. This paper will discuss manufacturing specifications, machining techniques, welding techniques, verifying product integrity, measuring performance, and determining end-of-life […]
Wayne Reitz, Ph.D., PE,

The Pressure’s On for Decreased Distortion

The goal is to do it well, and do it once, so it’s both disheartening and expensive to discover a flawed product. That’s why you should know about the benefits of LPC.

Many manufacturers [1] have reported that low pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC) has resulted in less distortion on gears than atmosphere carburized gears when accurate comparison tests were done. The LPC process has been applied to gears, cams, and other components for reduction in machining time (reduced stock allowance) and reduced heat treat distortion (scrap or […]
Gerald D. Lindell

Special Report: A Firsthand Look at Buying Rebuilt

Shorter lead times, and savings of 50 to 60 percent, make purchasing reconditioned and remanufactured equipment an attractive alternative to buying new.

A company was bidding on a project and soon realized it couldn’t win if it had to buy new equipment due to the expense, so it took an in-depth look at rebuilt machines—what they would cost, whether they were dependable, what the lead times were—and decided to incorporate those figures into its quote. It won […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

In addition to keeping your employees on the job by providing them with a safe work environment, an added bonus might be avoiding a costly, demoralizing, and time-consuming visit from OSHA.

Well, spring has finally sprung. What kind of safety concerns will this spring bring to our workplaces? One that immediately comes to mind is an increase in allergy problems. It seems that allergies have become an ever-increasing concern in recent years. I don’t know it to be a fact, but I wonder how much of […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

The following is the first in a two-part series on adapting to standards and new technologies for quality.

The gear industry faces a constant challenge in keeping abreast of regulations, standards, and customer requirements. Governments around the globe impose regulations, and our customers specify their quality requirements. Customer satisfaction is a function of delivering their quality, combined with price and on-time delivery. There are three elements to quality: manufacturing, suppliers, and commercial processes. […]
William P. Crosher

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

Aimed at providing information on national standards projects that could make 2006 a year of opportunity for gear engineers.

This column typically discusses developing and revising ISO or AGMA standards projects and related technologies. However, there are other products, activities, and services supplied by AGMA. These include computer software, technical seminars, interpretations of standards, finding information, and answering questions submitted from the general public. Here are a couple of samples, along with our replies—the […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Gene Kasten

President, Repair Parts, Inc.

How did you get into this business, Gene? Well, I was a truck driver before, and when I lost my job I had the chance to start a business with a couple of other guys in 1983. Then, in 1994, Chuck Schulz and I decided to buy everyone else out and we became the sole […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


BIG Kaiser to Showcase Newest Precision Tooling at Eastec

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., will showcase a number of tooling product lines at Eastec 2006. Visit BIG Kaiser at Booth #3033 to find out what is new from Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more. At the show—to be held May 23-25 in West Springfield, Massachusetts—BIG Kaiser will introduce the Kaiser Integral 112 […]
May 1, 2006

New Digimatic Indicators from Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of two new Digimatic Indicators. Both the ID-N Slim Type and the ID-B Back Plunger Digimatic indicators are IP66-rated and set new world standards for performance in applications that require taking accurate digital indicator readings in harsh manufacturing environments. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66 signifies that the new […]
May 1, 2006

Toyoda Presents New Vertical Pallet Pool at Eastec

Toyoda Machinery will showcase a new pallet storage system at Eastec. The compact Vertical Pallet Pool (VPP) is an economical option for expanding storage and automating production on one machining center. It will be shown with an FH450S horizontal machining center. Also on display will be Toyoda’s SelectG universal grinder.Pallet pools can greatly increase manufacturing […]
May 1, 2006

Weiler Offers New Abrasive Nylon Disc Brush for In-Machine Deburring

Weiler Corporation—the leading manufacturer of power and abrasive nylon brushes for the manufacturing industry—now offers the Burr-Rx™ line of abrasive nylon disc brushes specifically designed for in-machine deburring applications. These brushes can be implemented into CNC machining centers or custom-designed machines for immediate bottom-line results.Burr-Rx disc brushes are more aggressive than conventional abrasive nylon brushes, […]
May 1, 2006