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April 2006


Overton Gear and Tool Corporation

Bolstered by capital investments and its entry into the production of large-diameter, high-precision bevel gearing, this company has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years.

It’s an interesting proposition to consider: one company purchases another, thereby increasing its capabilities and product offerings in one fell swoop. The challenge, however, involves incorporating the purchased company’s capital assets into the existing structure — as Overton Gear found when it acquired Illinois Gear in May of 2005. “In addition to moving in the […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Holding the Line

Whatever your product line, there is a work holding device to fit your particular application. Here’s a guided tour by a recognized authority.

As chief designer for Speedgrip Chuck, Inc., I have a fascinating job. I’ve been involved in the design and building of work holding devices for more than 25 years. There have been lots of changes during that time, and ever-increasing requirements: parts that used to be ground are now turned, formerly turned and machined parts […]
David A. Stokely

A Revolution in Hobbing Technologies

Known for its commitment to innovative technologies, LMT-Fette, Inc., announces enhancements to its products, services, and physical footprint in the United States.

In a market that has not seen any truly revolutionary changes in decades, LMT-Fette is pushing the long overdue evolution of hobbing. LMT demonstrates their North American commitments with facility improvements, including the new LMT Detroit Automotive Technical Center and the start up of U.S. hob production. These commitments allow LMT to provide their automotive […]
Darryl Witte

Calculating the Inverse of an Involute

In many variations on a central theme, the involute tooth form is used in a vast array of product designs. Read on for a discussion of two useful functions.

The involute tooth form is the only tooth form that provides true conjugate action normal to the tangency of the tooth curves passing through the pitch point. The ramifications of this property give the involute gear family the ability to transmit constant angular acceleration without slippage. In a special case of the straight sided rack: […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

It’s a given that sharp tools can be dangerous, but dull tooling can cause injuries as well. Keeping edges sharp–and operators protected–is central to workplace safety.

I have to admit it, I’m a Food Channel junkie. The reason I bring this up is that the other day, while I was watching TV, I saw an episode concerning knife sharpening which had a graphic stating that dull knives are the leading cause of accidents in the kitchen. This reminded me of my […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

The following is the second of a two-part column on the importance of factoring backlash into your gear mesh designs.

In the present day a precision reducer's backlash is typically three to six arc minutes, and on an eight inch pitch diameter that is a deflection of 0.0035 to 0.0070. What applications such as indexing may require is an inclusive assessment of the total deflections. Backlash in precision drives should include the no-load portion of […]
William P. Crosher

Q&A with Jeff Myers

General Manager, Schwartz Precision Gear Co.

I’ve read that the company was founded in 1959, is that correct? Yes, by a man named Frank Schwartz. As the story’s been told to me, he owned a company called Schwartz Boring, which landed a contract from NASA to provide guidance systems for the Redstone Missile Program. Well, he was buying the precision ground […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Free Shrink-Fit Unit Offer from LMT-Fette

LMT-Fette, Inc., is rewarding its frequent tooling and toolholder customers with the opportunity to receive a new Induction Shrink-Fit Unit free. For a 24-month period, customers can apply 5 percent of their LMT tooling and toolholder purchases toward the cost of a new Shrink-Fit Unit. During that time customers are offered the unit "interest-free." Based […]
April 1, 2006

New Genesis 130H CNC Vertical Hobbing Machine from Gleason

Gleason’s new GenesisTM 130H CNC Vertical Hobbing Machine features a revolutionary new design that optimizes dry machining, significantly reduces floor space requirements, and greatly improves cycle times. The 130H Hobber is the first in a new family of gear production equipment from Gleason called Genesis. All of the Genesis machines share a common platform: a […]
April 1, 2006

New Holding Concepts from Hydra-Lock

Conform-A-Chucks and Conform-A-Arbors are a revolutionary new concept in holding devices. Hydra-Lock Corporation has extended the practical use of hydraulically expanded chucks and arbors into applications previously considered beyond the limits of this proven holding system. Conceived, developed, and patented by Hydra-Lock, these new arbors and chucks truly are the problem solvers for thin walled […]
April 1, 2006

New Five-Axis Rotary Table from Makino

The dynamic 1-Series horizontal machining centers (HMCs) from Makino are now available with a five-axis rotary table (5XR) designated option. This 5XR option is ideal for manufacturing applications that require maximum throughput and reliability. The versatile 5XR control specification is currently available on the Makino a51, a61, and a71 machines. It can help any size […]
April 1, 2006

Drake Introduces Larger Capacity Universal Thread Grinder

Since its introduction at IMTS 2004, Drake’s GS:T-LM Linear Motor thread grinders have been configured to grind external threads up to 150mm diameter. Now a larger universal version, the GS:T-LM2, is available with a work envelope of 350mm diameter with lengths up to 2 meters. It can be equipped with a power wheel helix (A-axis) […]
April 1, 2006

BIG Kaiser Offers New Integral Shank Boring Heads

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., introduces a new integral-shank design for the popular EW2-50XL precision boring head. The new boring heads will be available for CAT40, BT40, HSK-A63, and Capto C6 size spindles and provide a shorter tool than the modular shank/boring head combination. In the case of the CAT40 taper, the tool is shorter […]
April 1, 2006

IMTS 2008 Shifts to New Time Schedule

The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has announced that beginning in 2008 it will adjust the schedule of IMTS–the International Manufacturing Technology Show–held every even numbered year in Chicago. IMTS 2008 will become a six-day event, opening Monday, September 8, and running through Saturday, September 13. IMTS–which will continue its traditional schedule of opening the […]
April 1, 2006

English Seminar in Switzerland by KISSsoft

Seminars to be held May 8-11 in Rapperswil, near Zurich, will be of great relevance to every person interested in machine design and calculations using KISSsoft, as well as for clients who have recently started to use KISSsoft. The gear calculation seminar is extended over two days, and Dr. Kissling–who is a member of the […]
April 1, 2006