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March 2006


Broaching Machine Specialties

As both an OEM and a remanufacturer, BMS has acquired a vast knowledge of broaching machines and tooling over the past 60 years.

On his desk Matt Egrin keeps a weathered old entry book. It’s an accounting journal used by his grandfather, Al, a first-generation immigrant who founded the family company as Machinery and Equipment Exchange just outside of Detroit in 1946. “One of the entries is for an anvil, which he bought for a dime and sold […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Cylindrical Gear Conversions: AGMA to ISO

The following is an in-depth examination of the conversion of cylindrical gears in the AGMA system to ISO standards with the addendum modification coefficient.

The rational use of the addendum modification coefficient is one of the topics better known by specialists of gears working in the metric system (ISO). This non-dimensional parameter, also well-known as rack shift coefficient x, allows gear designs with very good adaptability of the teeth profile in practical applications. Unfortunately, the gear specialists with designs […]
Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez Rey, P. Frechilla Fernández, R. José Garcia Martin

Motion: Impossible – Without the Right Lube

Water is everywhere in the manufacturing–and operating–environment, and minuscule amounts can foul gearbox action. Choosing the right lubricant can minimize downtime.

In a recent survey conducted by Shell of U.S. industrial companies, 50 percent of respondents said that industrial gearboxes were one of their most critical components, while 30 percent said that they had experienced a lubricant-related gearbox failure within the last 12 months. The following is a discussion of the main causes of gearbox failure […]
Dennis Woodley

A New Trend in Broaching Technology

An increase from around 2,500 to 7,500 parts between tool sharpenings is just one of the improvements provided by an innovative new design for broaching machines.

With regards to broaching, is making new technology investments profitable? We see customers making choices based on capital investment costs verses long-term cost per part and quality capabilities every day. As we all consider program capital constraints and build return on investment models, there are necessary choices to be made. In broaching, one company is […]
Ken Nemec

SPECIAL SERIES | Layout Guides Part 3: Hypoid Gear Teeth

This series is Intended to provide design engineers working on right angle geared applications with the knowledge necessary to further their work in-house with minimal input from inside or outside gear specialists.

This is the third of a three-part series of instructions to assist engineering designers and detailers with the process of correctly laying out bevel and hypoid gear teeth. Each guide assumes that the basic gear tooth design information is already at hand (for hypoids these items would be the shaft angle, offset, hand of spiral, […]
Russell Beach


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

It’s obvious that lubricants can create safety challenges in an industrial environment, and the best way to ward off potential injury is to post clear-cut instructions regarding their usage–as well as the reasons for the rules.

Can lubrication be a safety issue? Sure, because the right lubricant and the correct amount of lubrication in your machinery must be carefully monitored. If a machine is not properly lubricated, it can lead to catastrophic failure of the machine which can, in fact, lead to all sorts of unpleasant results, including such things as […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: William Crosher

Factoring backlash into gear mesh design is an important consideration. The following is the first of a two-part discussion of this issue.

Among the many considerations when considering the gear mesh, backlash is high on the list of misunderstandings. Backlash has a cyclically fluctuating value between minimum and maximum values. If there is zero backlash, then there is no room for the ingress of lubricant and temperature expansion. Backlash is a function of tooth thickness tolerances, run-out, […]
William P. Crosher

Joel DeKock, Ph.D.: Laser’s Edge

With past columns addressing design concerns, this month’s installment asks–and helps you to answer–whether laser welding is feasible for your particular application.

For the past few months the goal of this column has been to discuss the design requirements for laser welding. With an understanding of the basics for the designing of laser welded products, and some process knowledge, the engineer is able to decide if laser welding is feasible for an application. This month the feasibility […]
Joel DeKock, PhD,

Q&A with Steve Mueller

President, Ty Miles, Inc.

Tell us about the company’s founder and namesake. Tyrus H. Miles was my grandfather, and he was born in 1911 and grew up in Detroit. I believe he was named after Ty Cobb, who played for the Tigers. Ty Miles was a broach engineer who worked for Colonial Broach in the late thirties, and then […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Fairfield Manufacturing Purchased by Saurer AG

Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc., announces that it has been purchased by Saurer AG. Based in Switzerland, Saurer is a global leader in textile machinery and power transmission solutions with over $1.8 billion in annual revenues and 8,800 employees worldwide. Fairfield will become part of Saurer’s Transmission Systems segment, which also includes Graziano Trasmissioni, a world […]
March 1, 2006

New “Intelligent Can” for Smart Fluid Delivery

Institution Solutions, Inc., has been chosen as the exclusive distributor of iCanÅ brand industrial fluid containers for North America. iCan is a family of fully sealing, heavy duty plastic containers that offer users a better way to store, identify, and dispense industrial fluids. World-class companies realize that how industrial fluids are handled has a very […]
March 1, 2006

AGMA Regional Gear School Dates

The AGMA School for Gear Manufacturing Technologyãpresented by the Gear Consulting Group of Richland, Michigan will be hosted by SU America at their Hoffman Estates, Illinois, facility June 5-7 and will be hosted by Liebherr America at their Saline, Michigan, facility August 7-9. The three day course is concentrated on the relationships between the basic […]
March 1, 2006

Philadelphia Gear Announces Promotion

Philadelphia Gear Corporation, a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, announces the promotion of Nels Mitchel to general manager for the company’s Midwest Regional Service Center. As GM, Mitchel oversees activities at Philadelphia Gear’s Mokena, Illinois, facility, which is located near Chicago. He is responsible for all operations within the 20,000 square-foot service […]
March 1, 2006

New Secondary Deburring Model from OTEC

To meet stringent industry demands for smooth surfaces of workpieces subject to mechanical stress in miniaturized assemblies, OTEC Precision Finish, Inc., is introducing a new type of centrifugal disc finishing machine to the U.S. market. Applying tribology, the study of friction, lubrication, and wear on surfaces, OTEC engineers developed a secondary deburring process that preserves […]
March 1, 2006

See Toyoda’s Newest Technology at Westec

Toyoda Machinery is gearing up for Westec. The booth will showcase the newest machines and latest technology in grinding and horizontal machining. Products on display will include Toyoda’s GE4 and SelectG grinders and FH550S horizontal machining center. SelectG is an economical universal grinder designed for flexible, precise, small-lot work. The machine’s wheelhead rotates from 90 […]
March 1, 2006

Briney Introduces Special Toolholders at Westec

CNC tool holders with customer-specific features or details to meet a growing need for special toolholders will be introduced at Westec Booth 2245. Briney special tools can incorporate such special details as unusual gauge lengths, pilot diameters, ID diameters, taper styles, and other nonstandard features, including special mill work such as slots, notches, holes (such […]
March 1, 2006