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February 2006


Clifford-Jacobs Forging Co.

Just past the turn of the last century two men combined their intellectual and financial assets to form a company, and 87 years later the results are readily apparent.

It was the beginning of the Great Depression, and the American economy had sunk to an abysmal depth. Desperate for business, David Jacobs called all of his contacts and managed to get an order from Chevrolet. Time was of the essence, so he called in one of his employees and together they fired up the […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Case for a Common Standard

Every company creates its own environment, but when that hinders productivity, everybody loses. Read on for a convincing argument on embracing a common standard.

This article is an open invitation to all gear designers and others who specify gear manufacturing tolerances, and those who put nomenclature on drawings to work toward the use of a common standard for gear geometry tolerances and nomenclature. To ask for a “common standard” sounds redundant. After all, a standard by definition is common. […]
Dwight Smith

Hard Choices: Diamond or CBN?

A careful examination of the inherent properties of diamond and CBN will allow you to choose the best superabrasive for your particular grinding application.

A careful comparison between diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) will eventually result in a clear decision when it comes to choosing an appropriate abrasive for grinding. This determination, though, can be made only after weighing many aspects of each grinding application. First of all, let’s look at the mechanical action of grinding with superabrasive […]
Pavel Brazda Dpl. Ing.

Guarding Against Gearing Deviations

Learn about the new AGMA Gear Inspection Standard 2015-1-A01, with additions addressing profile and lead inspections including total, form, and slope deviations.

In the June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions magazine we presented an article entitled “An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection,” which was followed by “A New Standard in Gear Inspection” in October. In this article we will focus on additions to the new AGMA Gear Inspection Standard, 2015-1-A01. These additions in this current standard for […]
Dennis Gimpert

SPECIAL SERIES | Layout Guides Part 2: Spiral and Zerol Bevel Gears

This series is intended to provide design engineers working on right angle geared applications with the knowledge necessary to further their work in-house with minimal input from inside or outside gear specialists.

This is the second of a three-part series of instructions to assist engineering designers and detailers with the process of correctly laying out bevel and hypoid gear teeth. Each guide assumes that the basic gear tooth design information is already at hand (shaft angle, pinion and gear pitch diameters, outer cone distance, face width, pinion […]
Russell Beach


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Sometimes you have to ask your employees to work a few extra hours. Make sure they’re rested and alert, or they may be an accident just waiting to happen.

Do you consider overtime to be a safety issue? Actually, it is a safety concern, and one that is usually overlooked. We tend to look at overtime work as a necessary evil that adds to costs. Not only does overtime increase the cost of doing business, it can also create a much higher incident of […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Nick Sudzum

The sixth installment in this series addresses the proper assembly and testing of replacement gearing, including the possible challenges that may be encountered.

After a replacement set of gears have been properly manufactured and thoroughly inspected in a tester to insure that the proper contact pattern has been established in both the drive and coast directions, the gear set is now ready for installation into its respective housing–which has also been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for line bore […]
Nick Sudzum

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

Aimed at providing information on national standards projects that could make 2006 a year of opportunity for gear engineers.

This year there are national standards projects that are being developed, revised, and balloted that afford opportunities for participation in many areas of gearing. Individually each project may only be of interest to a relatively few number of people within the related industry segment, but collectively the many projects continue to advance gear technology in […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Tom Ott

Sales Manager, Proceq USA

What were the company’s origins, and how did it get into metal hardness testing? Proceq was founded by Antonio Brandestini in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1954. The company originally concentrated on developing and selling special equipment for pre-stressed concrete engineering, but it eventually branched out into areas including metals and paper and wood hardness testing. Gear […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Loctite Adhesive for Bonding Galvanized Steel and Other Substrates

Henkel Corporation has introduced LoctiteÆ H8600TM SpeedbonderTM, a structural adhesive designed for superior bond strength on difficult to bond galvanized steel. The product also offers excellent results bonding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite, and Gelcoat. For manufacturers Loctite H8600 Speedbonder reduces assembly time and costs and increases connection strength of […]
February 1, 2006

Mitsui Seiki to Demo New 5X VMC at WESTEC 2006

Mitsui Seiki is showing its newest, precise, five-axis vertical CNC machining center at WESTEC 2006, March 27-30 in Los Angeles, in North-South Machinery’s booth 3532. Specifications of the "Vertex 550-5X" include a compact footprint of about 7 feet wide by 11 feet long (2,000 mm x 3,300 mm). The X, Y, Z-axes work envelope is […]
February 1, 2006

ANCA Announces New Office in Brasil

Effective November 2005 ANCA do Brasil, Sorocaba, Brasil–a branch of ANCA USA–provides factory sales and service in South America for all ANCA tool and cutter grinding machines and accessories, according to Russell Riddiford, ANCA vice president. The new branch will include a machine demonstration center and three staff initially. Riddiford says the new office will […]
February 1, 2006

Philadelphia Gear’s Houston Facility Completes ISO-9002 Certification

Philadelphia Gear announces the completion of ISO-9002 (2000 Standard) certification of its new Houston Gulf Coast Regional Service Center’s quality management systems standards. In the past 18 months, all five of PGC’s regional service centers throughout the country have undergone NQA audits, leading to independent ISO certification or recertification at each individual facility. This is […]
February 1, 2006

FKI Logistex EASY pick GoKart Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

FKI Logistex®, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, introduces the EASYpick® GoKartTM mobile picking cart. The GoKart provides an ideal solution for the long and unproductive walks necessary to pick low-velocity items from distant break-pack picking areas. EASYpick GoKarts streamline picking operations, enhance picker productivity, and increase order accuracy by allowing batch or […]
February 1, 2006

2006 Fastening Technology and Bolted Joint Design Seminar Dates Announced

Seminars For Engineers USA, a division of Sensor Products LLC USA, announces in association with Clemson Edupro, Inc., its 2006 Fastening Technology and Bolted Joint Design seminar schedule. Focusing on proper tightening methods, selecting optimal fasteners for design, calculating safety factors and limitations, and evaluating dissimilar materials for thermal expansion and galvanic properties, Fastening Technology […]
February 1, 2006

New CoolantLoop Model from SmartSkim

Universal Separators, Inc., introduces a new model of its highly successful CoolantLoopTM coolant recycling system for small machine shops and cellular manufacturing. The CoolantLoop is a proven fluid management process for plants with individual coolant sumps. Incorporating the award-winning, multi-patented SmartSkim® technology, the SmartSkim CrossFlow Separator removes oil and solids by gravity only, without filters […]
February 1, 2006