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December 2005


Mohawk Machinery, Inc.

For half a century this company has been buying and selling all manner of gear-manufacturing equipment, building strong and lasting relationships along the way.

It’s one thing for a company to survive — and thrive — as a family owned business for half a century, but when two families are involved, that surely deserves a category all its own. Such is the case with Mohawk Machinery, though, which was founded by the Harpenau and Molloy families in 1956, and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Reverse Engineering the Right Way

It’s an old machine, but it still works… until that crucial piece breaks down and the original drawings have been lost. Here’s how to overcome that obstacle.

Reverse engineering — the deconstruction and analysis of an object for the purpose of constructing a copy or replacement of the original component when the original design or drawing is unavailable — is especially helpful in making repairs or in improving old designs. For example, let’s say you need to manufacture a replacement for a […]
Jim Marsch

Coming Clean on Washing Technologies

As the gearing industry moves away from solvents, new technologies get parts cleaner, improving product quality and production efficiency.

The techniques for manufacturing gears and gear components do not differ dramatically from other industries. Precision cutting, grinding, polishing, and buffing are all part of the process. But manufacturing is not complete until the gear assemblies and other gearing components are cleaned and thoroughly prepped for shipment. Gears’ blind holes, threaded holes, and precision teeth […]
Frank Pedeflous

Control Solutions for Maximized Manufacturing

An accessible user interface, along with a host of flexible features, makes ProCAM control software an asset to your operation.

American gear manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to maximize productivity while reducing cost and obtaining consistent quality parts in order to compete with less-expensive foreign products. This is a complex problem that can be approached from many different directions. One approach is to elevate manufacturing efficiency and quality through better technology, encompassing innovative products […]
Ralph G. Fernandez

The Geometry of Full-Form Grinding

Although other methods exist, advancing a carefully formed wheel along a helical path when grinding helical gear teeth is both an accurate and flexible process.

Grinding helical gear teeth or other helical forms such as drill flutes by the method of advancing a grinding wheel along a helical path is one of the most accurate methods of producing a given profile. This motion is achieved by rotating the part while advancing the grinding wheel axially. For gear teeth, this method […]
William C. Smith


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Everyone thinks about how accidents could’ve been avoided once they’ve occurred, but the smart worker factors safety into his responsibilities in advance.

How often do we seriously contemplate safetyãboth in our workplace and in our homes as well? I suspect that the answer to this is that we only do so once an accident has occurred. Of course, I hope that when you read this column every month the subject of safety enters your thoughts, but I […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Nick Sudzum

This month’s column is the fourth installment of six on bevel gearing. This series began by discussing the possible failures determined through vibration and will end with new finished products.

Regardless of type or style, when bevel gears need to be replaced and manufacturing drawings are no longer available, your gear can still be reproduced or manufactured through reverse/inverse engineering by supplying your samples no matter whether they're worn, damaged, or broken. Upon receipt of the sample gear set, the first item to be checked […]
Nick Sudzum

Joel DeKock, Ph.D.: Laser’s Edge

The more you know about basic joint designs for laser welding operations, the better your outcomes will be.

This column covers joint design for laser welding. Last month joint access and restraint were discussed, and next month material considerations are to be presented. After completion of this series on design, columns relating to the weld process will follow. The basic joint designs for laser welding are similar to those for other welding processes, […]
Joel DeKock, PhD,

AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

Aimed at providing up-to-date information on gear drive design and application, this installment takes a look back in time… with some surprising revelations.

The June 2005 column covered standards development and highlighted ANSI/AGMA 6123-BXX "Design Manual for Enclosed Epicyclic Gear Drives." Because of the use of epicyclic arrangements in diverse applications including automatic transmissions, mill drives, and high-power wind turbines, the continual development and refinement of this standard is still occurring in one of the most active AGMA […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Norman Lazarus

Senior Vice President, National Bronze & Metals, Inc.

Could you tell us a little about the company’s history and background? National Bronze & Metals, Inc. (NBM), was established in Houston in 1983, and our sister company–Non-Ferrous Metal Works, Pty, Ltd. (NFM)–was founded by my grandfather in 1947 in Durban, South Africa, where it’s still based. NBM represents NFM throughout the North, Central, and […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Shop Air Conservation System Available from Edmunds

With rising utility costs, many manufacturers are seeking ways to cut energy consumption, which includes the use of compressed air. To conserve this particular glutton of energy use, Edmunds Gages has developed Auto-AirT, an automatic air valve that switches on and off during air gaging applications and non-gaging time. The new optional Auto-Air package, available […]
December 1, 2005

January Software Training Class by KISSsoft

KISSsoft, USA, LLC, has scheduled a KISSsoft Software Training class to be held January 10-11, 2006, at the MicroTek Oakbrook Training Facility in Downers Grove, Illinois. The price for this two-day training class will be $1,250 per person. Each person will be supplied with a computer and training documentation, and lunch is included in this […]
December 1, 2005

Boeing, Ford, and Northwestern University to Launch Technology R&D Alliance

The Boeing Company, Ford Motor Company, and Northwestern University have announced their intent to form an alliance to conduct nanotechnology research on projects of mutual interest and potential benefit to the companies’ current and future products. The agreement was announced at the dedication of the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center on Northwestern University’s Evanston, […]
December 1, 2005

Tusk Introduces Teflon and Ceramic Plane Bearings for Food and Pharma Processing

Tusk Direct, Inc., has introduced a new line of ceramic- and Teflon-lined plane bearings designed as drop-in replacements for ball bearings in linear motion applications in harsh environments and to meet the special requirements of the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. They are designed to solve the problems posed by applications where lubricants must be […]
December 1, 2005

Drake Announces Reciprocal Service Agreement with Saikuni of Japan

Drake Manufacturing has reached an agreement with Saikuni Manufacturing of Japan to service its line of rack milling machines in the United States. Saikuni will provide field service in Japan for Drake’s new line of linear motor thread grinders. Saikuni has machine installations in several U.S. plants including Dana Corporation, Innovative Rack & Gear Co., […]
December 1, 2005

Inductoheat Announces INDUCTOFORGE(TM) System

The Inductotherm Group’s Forging Team (Alpha 1, IHS, Newelco, and Radyne) has developed a new concept in induction billet heating systems for forging. The INDUCTOFORGE modular design concept utilizes standard product concepts to reduce costs while at the same time providing unheard of flexibility in control, operation, and maintenance. The nominal 400kW modules can be […]
December 1, 2005

Trenton Forging Completes Re-certification to ISO/TS 16949:2002

Trenton Forging Company, the first forging company to achieve QS-9000 in early 1996, has finalized re-certification to the new industry standard ISO/TS 16949:2002. Trenton Forging makes product for a wide variety of industries including automotive, truck, construction, mining, and others. TS 16949 certification is a technical specification that aligns existing automotive quality systems standards within […]
December 1, 2005