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October 2005


The Broach Masters, Inc.

Three brothers learned the business at their father’s knee, and in starting their own company they developed the motto that “efficiency is everything.”

When Mark Vian and his brothers, Chris and Scott, decided to purchase the broaching assets of their father’s gear-tool company in 1978, it came with something that no amount of money could buy — his blessing. “All three of us grew up working for dad, spline grinding and OD grinding and engineering the cutting tools […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

A New Standard in Gear Inspection

AGMA’s new 2015 gear inspection standard is quite different from its predecessor. Read on to learn about the changes, including tips on their easy implementation.

In the June 2005 issue of Gear Solutions magazine we presented an article entitled “An Elementary Guide to Gear Inspection.” This article will introduce the new AGMA Gear Inspection Standard that will be the base to expand upon the topic of gear inspection. Some material contained in this paper is extracted from AGMA ISO 10064-2 […]
Dennis Gimpert

The Straight Track on Gear Racks

To learn about gear racks, Moore Gear & Manufacturing may well be one of the best sources. Here’s their take on the current state of the gear-rack art.

In some cases the pinion, as the source of power, drives the rack for locomotion. This would be typical in a drill press spindle or a slide out mechanism where the pinion is stationary and drives the rack with the loaded mechanism that needs to be moved. In other cases the rack is fixed stationary […]
Bill Haag, Sr.

Allaying Failure with Nitrogen Alloy Bearings

Better wear reduction and corrosion resistance are just a few of the benefits of using miniature and small-size ball bearings made of new nitrogen alloy steels.

This study shows that a clear reduction of wear and the probability of bearing failures can be achieved for miniature and small-size bearings by utilizing nitrogen alloy steel for rolling bearings. This is the result of tests that were carried out to study corrosion resistance and wear performance during dry running and working life under […]
Andreas Kopf, Dipl.-Ing

Gearing Up for Improved Performance

An advanced gearbox prototype and a niche-manufacturing success story underscore the advantages of taking the high-quality approach.

Innovative engineering design, advanced materials, and top of the line components can yield significant improvements in gearbox efficiency, reliability, and performance. Consider two recent examples: The first involves the design and development of a high-concept gearbox that represents a leap forward in gearbox performance. The second describes the remarkable success of an Italian manufacturer of […]
Dan Snyder

The Good Life for Reconditioned Thread Grinders

Wipe the grime off of that “old metal” sitting on your shop floor for a glimpse of the treasure that may lie beneath–thanks to a machine makeover by Drake Manufacturing.

How many times can a thread grinder be reincarnated? So far, four–but stay tuned. Twenty-eight Jones & Lamson thread grinders at Delphi Automotive have undergone quite a transformation in their 60-plus years of service life. And now, due to complete machine makeovers by Drake Manufacturing, they’re operating as “like-new” machines. Drake is a mid-sized manufacturer […]
Jim Vosmik

An Animated Approach to Plotting Profiles

Animated simulations of trochoid spiral and epitrochoidal spiral curves are an elegant and useful means of displaying geometrical properties.

Trochoid Spiral (TS) and Epitrochoidal Spiral (ETS) curves and special flash animations were developed by the author in 2004 and 2005 for nonintersecting and intersecting right angle axis gear drives involving R/L (rotary-to-linear) and L/R motion conversion, and for parallel shaft R/R motion conversion, respectively. The design of TS and ETS profile gears is based […]
Sandor J. Baranyi


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

Whether they’re weather related or otherwise, catastrophes can–and will–occur. Have you conducted a Vulnerability Assessment or developed an Emergency Management Plan? Maybe it’s time to do so.

Inlight of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, I can’t help but think of the business owners who lost all of their assets in this terrible event. However, this is not the only weather-related hazard that can and will happen at some point, and keep in mind that there are fires, hazardous-materials incidents, and technological […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Nick Sudzum

This month’s installment is the third of six on bevel gearing, which began with the possible failures determined through vibration and will end with new finished products.

Bevel gears are predominantly manufactured using low carbon alloy materials and then carburized and hardened, or case hardened, with an effective case depth of 10-12 percent of the tooth thickness at the addendum line to create a surface harness of 58-62 R"C" on the Rockwell "C" Scale, as stated in my last installment. There are […]
Nick Sudzum

Joel DeKock, Ph.D.: Laser’s Edge

Understanding two basic design principles–“line of sight” access and “restraint minimization” in fusion zones–are essential to successful laser welding.

In the first two columns the concept of lasers as an industrial tool was introduced and general considerations were presented. Although the complexity of a laser may seem overwhelming, by choosing an experienced laser system provider much of this burden can be shared with those who are knowledgeable in this field. Over the next several […]
Joel DeKock, PhD,

Q&A with Lou Ertel

President and CEO, Overton Gear & Tool Corporation

I understand that you joined Overton Gear three and a half years ago. What were you involved in before that time? I spent almost 25 years with Philadelphia Gear Corporation, where I was manufacturing manager, and then I was vice president and general manager of the Foote-Jones/Illinois Gear division of Regal-Beloit Corporation for five years. […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Gear Solutions Applies for BPA Worldwide Membership

Gear Solutions magazine has applied for business publication membership in BPA Worldwide. Gear Solutions is published by Media Solutions, Inc. BPA Worldwide will track circulation for Gear Solutions based on business/distribution, demographics, and geographic coverage. The magazine will have 12 months to complete its initial circulation audit. "The magazine’s strong growth has made this a […]
October 1, 2005

New Coolant from T&L Specialty Company

A growing number of machine shops and industrial metalworking facilities are enjoying a more-efficient and pleasant workplace environment after introducing a new, uniquely biostable coolant into their operations. Shur CoolÆ 4055, recently developed by T&L Specialty Company, is a heavy-duty, semisynthetic metalworking fluid that is specially formulated to provide excellent corrosion control, rust protection, and […]
October 1, 2005

New Twin Spindle VMCs from CHIRON

The latest twin spindle VMC in CHIRON America’s line-up is the DZ15WM IWW, featuring an 800mm trunnion bridge plate with a swing circle of 450mm. Other recently introduced twins include the DZ 15 KW MAGNUM IWW high speed vertical machining center with an envelope of 15.75" x 15.75" x 16.75" (400 x 400 x 425mm) […]
October 1, 2005

New CINCOM L-720 Lathe from Marubeni Citizen-Cincom

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Inc., is proud to introduce CINCOM L-720, the fastest and most efficient seven-axis L20 series Swiss type lathe ever developed by Citizen. The new CINCOM L-20 series lathe must be seen to appreciate its speed and tooling flexibility. Its productivity is dramatically increased over that of other conventional lathes. This latest, seventh generation […]
October 1, 2005

New Industrial Gear Oil Range from Shell

Shell lubricants companies have launched a revitalized range of mineral and synthetic industrial gear oils for the U.S. market. Shell Omala, Shell Omala HD, and Shell Tivela S gear oils have been specially formulated to help prolong gear life and reduce unscheduled downtime, which can help industrial companies reduce their overall operating costs. The revitalized […]
October 1, 2005

Boeing to Contribute $1 Million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief

The Boeing Company has announced that it will donate $1 million to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and will match employee and retiree contributions to that organization through the company’s Employees Community Fund. The match is dollar-for-dollar for employees and 50 cents on the dollar for eligible employees retired from Boeing. […]
October 1, 2005

LMT-Fette Invests in U.S. Market

The Leitz Metalworking Technologies Group (LMT), one of the finest providers of high end tooling solutions and services for the metalworking industry in Europe, is taking its next step in the U.S. market. Enhanced local engineering, production, service, and new management will ensure customized, high end tooling solutions for U.S. automotive, aerospace, and metalworking industries. […]
October 1, 2005

New Tool Measurement System from ANCA Works Inside Grinder

Users can rapidly measure the shape, profile, and outer diameter of a cutting tool while it is clamped in the grinding machine, and then compare measurements to ideal tool geometry with ANCA’s new iView system. The benefit is that discrepancies can then be addressed immediately without the need to remove the tool and measure off-machine. […]
October 1, 2005