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September 2005


Transmecanica, S.A.

Over the past 32 years this company has established a solid reputation, which is now enhanced by its new U.S. branch office—TSA America, LLC.

Although he was born in Spain, Jose Maria Cunill founded and built his company in Argentina, where he’d moved when he was seven years old. “My father started out making gears for Leyland buses,” according to his son, Mariano Cunill, “but he soon found out that it was very complicated and expensive to get gear […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

Case Study: KAPP Technologies

New orders meant that fulton precision need a better machine, and it chose the niles ZE 400 for its quality, versatility, and speed in producing parts. Here are the details…

The Challenge Fulton Precision Industries, Inc., operates a 78,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Since 1995, Fulton has been providing contract-machining services for companies such as Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, and Mack/Volvo. Fulton is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has incorporated Caterpillar’s Six Sigma Quality Methodology. Recently the company received several large orders and its capacity […]
Tom Lang

Motor City Magic

The results of a half-billion dollar renovation project will be readily apparent to those attending GEAR EXPO in Detroit next month. Read on to get a sense of what’s in store.

When my flight landed at 4:30 that afternoon, Carla Conner-Penzabene — who is director of sales for the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau — was already waiting for me at the terminal’s entrance. She then whisked me away to our car, where the chauffeur loaded my bags into the trunk. On the way into […]
Gear Solutions Magazine

The Fundamentals of Honing Filtration

Clean fluids lead to longer tool and equipment life. Learning about filter media and methods will help to bolster your bottom line.

In today’s manufacturing environment it is essential that every process be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Operating costs must be minimized in order to compete. Parts must be produced at a faster rate, with more-consistent quality, and productivity must be maximized. The honing process is no exception to the rule. The goal, therefore, […]
Christopher J. Erato

No Tools? No Problem.

Its involvement in major hobbing, shaping, and shaving operations

Over the past few years we have seen several trends in the gear-manufacturing industry, to which we supply our line of precision workholding devices. A good portion of these trends are driven directly by the end user, and for all intents and purposes they always seem to point to the fact that “time is money.” […]
David E. Jones


Terry McDonald: Site Safety

In addition to price and productivity, be sure to factor safety into your considerations while viewing all the new equipment on display at GEAR EXPO next month.

Next month we will be attending GEAR EXPO in Detroit with the expectations of seeing and learning about the latest and greatest technologies for the gear industry. I sincerely hope that it proves to be a successful time for you. I feel that I must issue my usual request for your participation in GEAR EXPO. […]
Terry McDonald

Tooth Tips: Nick Sudzum

The second of six installments on bevel gearing, this month’s column focuses on the potential causes of catastrophic failure, and how to avoid it.

As described in last month’s column, gear tooth problems are usually recognized at higher frequencies with exact multiples from your readings on your gearbox. Non-synchronous multiples usually reflect bearing problems. This Figure 1 is a reference showing acceptable, useable, and dangerously high levels of vibration caused by gear and/or bearing failures, providing all other variables […]
Nick Sudzum

Bill Lawson, P.E.: Laser’s Edge

When considering introducing laser technology into your manufacturing process, be sure to marry the right laser to the application being performed.

Lasers have become a common tool in some manufacturing applications. Almost any sheet metal fabricator has at least one CO2 laser cutting flat sheet, for example. But applications such as welding, heat treating, and cladding of gears and other powertrain parts are just getting started. Except for high-volume automotive applications, there are currently very few […]
Bill Lawson,P.E.

Bill Bradley: AGMATech

Beyond having up-to-date information on gear design and application, today’s gear engineer needs knowledge of all the components that are required in a gearbox.

In past columns, geared products have been discussed as to how they relate to the development and refinement of gearing standards to supply designers with reliable tools for today’s requirements. However, the design of a complete gearbox for a power transmission system requires knowledge of all its components. The design of such items as bearings, […]
Bill Bradley

Q&A with Dave Wilson

Director of Marketing and Sales

Could you give us a brief description of the company? Sure. The Hawk Precision Components Group, or HPCG, is basically the powder metal operation for Hawk Corporation. We’re made up of four conventional P/M houses in the United States, as well as a metal injection molding operation, and we have a wholly owned P/M operation […]
Gear Solutions Magazine


Gleason Celebrates 140-Year Anniversary

This year The Gleason Works celebrates its 140th anniversary. William Gleason founded the company in 1865 to manufacture a general line of metal working tools and machines, with special emphasis on engine lathes and planers. In 1874, he invented the first bevel gear planer. This development proved to be the beginning of a new industry–the […]
September 1, 2005

New Lynx Turning Center from Daewoo

The new Lynx 220 packs speed and power in an economical O.D. turning center. Three models are available: the 220A with a 6.5" chuck, the 220C with an 8.25" chuck, and a 220LC with an 8.25" chuck and elongated bed. All are powered by a 20 Hp motor that provides the muscle to power through […]
September 1, 2005

Drake Adds Auto-Load Option to its New Line of Thread Grinders

Drake’s GS:TE-LM thread grinders can now be ordered with a sophisticated robot load/unload system that provides maximum throughput for high volume production of ground threads. The auto load system consists of an infeed conveyor, robot with dual grippers, and an exit conveyor. The infeed conveyor and grippers allow fast changeovers on families of parts. During […]
September 1, 2005

New Single-Spindle CNC Bar Machine from INDEX

INDEX Corporation introduces its C65 CNC Single Spindle Bar Machine, continuing a 90-year tradition of building successful single-spindle bar automatics featuring a heavy-duty counter-spindle and Y-axis for extended machining flexibility and increased speed. With optional 42mm (1 5/8 inch), or 65mm (2 1/2 inch) bar capacity, a maximum spindle speed of 6300, respectively 5000 RPM […]
September 1, 2005

Sunnen SV-1000 Masters Small-Bore Honing Tasks

The SV-1000 Vertical Honing System from St. Louis-based Sunnen Products Company delivers precision honing performance to medium- to high-volume small bore applications, 3 mm to 65 mm (.120" to 2.56"). The SV-1000 features a new tool stroking system that delivers more control and higher accuracy in bore geometry, size, and finish. Typical applications include fuel […]
September 1, 2005

New DEFORM-HT Heat Treating Simulation Software

The new DEFORM-HT heat treating simulation software provides quantitative information on critical process and part-specific variables that has previously been unobtainable before, even with shop trials. It is the first heat treating simulation package that can fully integrate its results with related predictions for upstream/downstream operations, such as material production, forming, and machining. DEFORM-HT can […]
September 1, 2005

Specialty Greases For Demanding Applications from Jet Lube

From food grade applications to high temperature kilns, a complete line of EP greases is now available from Jet Lube. These are not standard automotive grade greases. Each grease is specifically formulated to extend the service life and maintenance intervals associated with the most demanding industrial, processing, manufacturing, and construction equipment applications. For extreme temperature, […]
September 1, 2005

Philadelphia Gear Names Swearingen General Manager, Gulf Coast and Southern Regions

A full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, Philadelphia Gear Corporation announces the promotion of Boyd Swearingen to general manager for the company’s Gulf Coast and Southeast regions. As GM, Swearingen will oversee activities at Philadelphia Gear’s Gulf Coast and Southeast regional service centers–located in Houston, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama, covering 11 states–and will […]
September 1, 2005